Pax 3 App Update: The Smartest Dry Herb Vaporizer Just Got Smarter

The Pax 3 is already one of the smartest Dry Herb Vaporizers but the new Pax 3 app update has given it another IQ boost. The new app update improves the user interface by adding more information to the home screen. It also allows you to monitor the heating status of your Pax 3 and check which of the five dynamic modes is active. Keep reading for the details about the app’s big changes.

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PAX 3 Vaporizer

A stylish advanced weed vaporizer with an impressive feature set


Improved User Interface

The Pax 3 update makes it easier to switch between light and dark color themes and Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature settings. You also get a live temperature display that shows the heating status in the app’s control center preview. You can even monitor the temperature from the app’s control center and settings menu.

Too much information? Nope, dedicated users always want to know when their dry herb vape is ready to go and the Pax 3 app update displays that information loud and clear.

Pax 3 app update
The Pax 3 app update provides more customization options.

Fool-proof Video Tutorials

The Pax 3 is pretty intuitive but every new device requires a learning curve, the updated app provides video tutorials that give a crash course in Pax 101 to new users. Here’s what they teach you:

  • How to operate the Pax 3 – It can be difficult to remember what those little petals mean. This tutorial gives you a refresher course on loading, using and cleaning the Pax 3.
  • How to play the Pax 3 games – You can enjoy the Pax 3 even when you’re not vaping, the tutorial shows you how to play PAXsays, PAXrun, and PAXspin.

Improved Options Menu

This should really be called the options and services menu because of all the things you can do with it. It’s like having your own customer service representative on tap, take a look at some of the functions:

  • Order replacement parts
  • Search for authorized dealers in your area
  • Check the status of an order
  • Register a new device
  • Call up a Pax representative for warranty information

Monitor Pax 3 Dynamic Modes

Pax 3 boost mode
Each dynamic mode clearly indicates its function on its respective screen.

You can now monitor and change dynamic modes through the updated app. Here’s a brief reminder of the dynamic modes’ functions:

Standard Mode

The default Pax 3 experience and the most balanced mode. First time users should stick to this mode until they feel like they’re ready to experiment with the other modes.

Boost Mode

If you want to increase vapor production, then this is the mode for you. Oven temperature increases faster and cools down more slowly. The battery drains faster in this mode though.

Efficiency Mode

Oven temperature increases automatically in this mode. This setting will override your custom temperature setting. You can’t change the maximum ramp temperature in this mode, only the starting temperature.

Flavor Mode

This mode is all about flavor preservation through increased temperature boosting and cooling which helps to keep a lower temperature throughout the whole session.

Stealth Mode

For when you want to keep it discreet. This mode dims the LED lights, speeds up cooldown time and keeps your session on the down-low.

Pax 3 App Update: Final Thoughts

The smartest dry herb vaporizer around just got smarter. The Pax 3 app update makes everything more streamlined and easier to use. Now it’s like having an entire support staff in your phone. The app update is worth downloading whether you’re a new or a longtime owner.

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