Pax 2 Review

UPDATE 9-22-2016: PAX 3 Was just released! Pax 2 price dropped to $174.99 (and save extra 10% with coupon thevapeguide581).

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Pax 2 Design:

The first thing that strikes you about the Pax 2 Vaporizer is its aluminum finish which makes it a more elegant handheld vaporizer.  It is 25% smaller and 10% lighter from the older Pax.  The new features like a deeper oven and the lip sensing technology add to the overall appeal of this vaporizer.  Given the kind of features the Pax 2 offers, the price of $174.99 is definitely not the deal breaker.

Pax 2 has 2 major competitors in the “luxury-vaporizers” class- the Crafty (full review) and the Firefly 2 (full review). You can also check out my list of the Best Weed Vaporizers of this year for Herb and Wax.

8.9 Total Score
The "Go To" Vape for Herbs

The Pax 2 lives up to the reputation of the older brother - the original Pax. What makes it so good is how everything comes together- from the design to performance, and reliability. It is ultra stealth and delivers the best tasting vapor at it's class.

Recommended store: Buy directly from PAX official store.

I recommend buying the Pax 2 directly from its manufacturer, Pax Vapor. To ensure the safety of warranty and services.

Biggest problem addressed

The look and feel of Pax 2 is very impressive and its smaller size makes it all the more desirable.  With the new unit, the manufacturer has addressed one of the biggest concerns of the users – cleaning.  The new mouthpiece is very easy to clean and so is the herb chamber.  The manufacturer has gone an extra mile in designing this device. The mouthpiece has been changed completely and it sits flush along the top. There’s basically no way that you could tell what it was because it doesn’t have a mouthpiece. Cleaning this mouthpiece is much easier as there are no clicking components in the top to gunk up.


The innovative features like redesigned mouthpieces, lip sensing technology, and temperature regulation put the Pax 2 in the league of high-end vaping devices.  However, the fact that it still uses the conduction technology gives it a slightly lower ranking in terms of efficiency.  Still, the vapor quality it produces is far better than its predecessor.  It is very smooth even at lower temperatures and you can get big clouds of vapor without having to draw real hard.


In terms of dimensions, the Pax 2 is 3.87” tall, 1.21” wide and .08” deep which makes it a great portable device.  It only weighs 90.2g that makes it about 10g lighter than the original unit.  These changes might seem to be meager, but they make the Pax 2 one of the smallest vaporizers that you can lay your hands one.  If you want anything smaller, you will have to move down to vaping pens.


The Pax 2 offers four different temperature settings ranging from 360 to 420 Fahrenheit.  It enables you to break a single oven pack into multiple vaping sessions without compromising the vapor quality or the flavor.  About this new feature, their CEO says, “We redesigned the PAX 2 to have both the lip-sensing, and a new heating algorithm that adjusts temperature dynamically based on how you use it. We also focused the temp algorithm on the materials themselves, rather than the oven temp, to make sure the draw was consistent from first to last.”

Pax 2 Oven

The Pax 2 comes with a stainless steel oven similar to the original Pax; however, it is slightly deeper and not so wide.  This simple adjustment in the dimensions of the heating unit greatly enhances your vaping experience.  The deeper oven vapes your herbs more evenly and thus generates quality vapor with each draw.

Pax 2 Battery life

On the battery and charging front, the Pax 2 is a bit of a mixed bag.  No doubt it gives you a longer usage with each charge, but it takes three good hours to charge this battery.  While the earlier version gave one hour of usage with a charging duration of the same time, the Pax 2 enhances the usage just by 30 more minutes with a charging duration of 3 hours.  The charger uses a cool magnetic charger that simply gets attached to the device, so nothing to plug in on your vaporizer.

Overall Vaping experience

The benchmark of the performance of a vaporizer is the vaping experience it offers.  On this front, the Pax 2 does not stop to delight you. When the vaporizer is clean and fresh, it gives you vaping sessions at par with any convection device.  The Pax 2 gives little or no resistance and the draws are rich in quality and flavor.  However, to maintain this rich experience you have to clean the screens regularly to remove any residue buildup.  For best results, clean the screens after every 3 to 4 vaping sessions.  Even the manufacturer says, “A clean Pax is a happy Pax.”

Pax 2 Review

Pax 2 Review

Given the innovative features and the vaping experience offered by the Pax 2, it justifies every penny of its price.  Add to this a full 10-year warranty, and you get all the more reason to be a happy and satisfied user.

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