Oumier WASP Nano RDA Review – A Flavorful Single Coil RDA

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Oumier WASP Nano Review: Bottom Line

The Oumier WASP Nano RDA is a very compact RDA with a dimension of 22mm diameter. This RDA is capable of converting into a bottom-feeding atomizer or what they call as Squonker. It has large poles and a good building deck design for easy and hassle-free custom coil rebuilding.

Oumier WASP Nano RDA Review: Background

As a Bottom Feeder/Squonk lover, I was looking for a good bottom feeder atomizer to put in my Geekvape Athena Box Mod. Then I stumbled upon with the Oumier WASP Nano RDA ($19.90 from Heaven Gifts), I immediately do my quick research, when I saw its build deck and its cheap price I bought it right away in my nearest vape store.

Oumier wasp nano rda background
Squonk 510 protruding positive pin

What’s in the Box?

What will you get on Oumier WASP Nano Package?

  • 1x Oumier¬†WASP Nano RDA
  • Spare Kit
  • Organic Cotton
  • Extra 510 Positive Pin
Oumier wasp nano rda review package

Key Features of the Oumier WASP Nano RDA

What are the key features of Oumier WASP Nano RDA?

Oumier WASP Nano RDA

  • Easy Airflow Control –¬†The Oumier WASP Nano RDA has an easy air flow control, adjusting the air intake is very easy with its smooth combination of o-ring and its top cap.
  • Squonk Ready¬†– The package you will get will include an extra 510 positive pin, you can swap it for the original pin to use its bottom feeder function.
  • Deep Juicewell¬†– This RDA has a very deep juice well that is great to avoid e-liquid leaking to catch the excess, this kind of juice wells are also great when using it as a bottom feeder.
  • Resin Top Cap¬†– You may also get a top cap that is made up of Colorful Resin Material, which adds a really nice aesthetics to the Oumier¬†WASP Nano RDA, a marble-like¬†with different color combinations.
  • Large Poles¬†– Large positive and negative poles with a good deck design for easy rebuilding your custom resistance coils.
Oumier wasp nano rda feature
Large poles of Oumier WASP Nano RDA
Oumier wasp nano rda juice well
Depp Juice Well of Oumier WASP Nano RDA

Design: Oumier WASP Nano RDA Review

The Oumier¬†WASP Nano RDA has a fairly simple design, keeping all the important parts rather than doing all that fancy stuff. It has 22mm diameter size which is very compact and can be considered using for ‘Stealth Vaping’. You can choose different color options from Heaven Gifts, like the Ultem and the colorful marble-like Resin Material.

I chose to get the gold Ultem Top Cap because it is durable compared to Resin material that is very fragile, also I really its transparent feature where I can see some little clouds forming inside, for me it looks really awesome. One more benefit that I got from this Ultem top cap is it doesn’t get really hot on my Sub-Ohm builds, but I would really suggest that do not go really low on your builds.

Oumier wasp nano rda design
Colorful Top Cap Resin Material

Performance: Oumier WASP Nano RDA Review

The Oumier WASP Nano RDA is designed for Single coil resistance builds, I suggest using clapton wires for this type of RDA to keep the strong and powerful vapor that most of us want and keeping the production of good flavors. Any Custom Sub-Ohm resistance coil builds will have no problem with its large poles, any size of wire will fit in this RDA.

Oumier wasp nano rda
Clear Top Cap for Oumier WASP Nano RDA

Oumier WASP Nano RDA VS Atomizers

What is the key difference of Oumier WASP Nano RDA to other Atomizers?

  • Geekvape Athena RDA vs Oumier¬†WASP Nano RDA¬†– Both of these atomizers are great as a bottom feeder/squonk RDA and also as a regular atomizer that can be used in any Box Mods. The Oumier WASP Nano RDA is more compact with just 22mm in diameter.
  • Psyclone Entheon RDA vs Oumier¬†WASP Nano RDA¬†– These RDA’s are both interchangeable into a bottom feeder Atomizer. They have a similar build deck that is designed for Single Coil Resistance Builds, the only difference would be is their size, the Oumier WASP Nano RDA is more compact with its smaller size compared to Entheon RDA.

Final Thoughts: Oumier WASP Nano RDA Review

Getting the Oumier WASP Nano RDA ($19.90 from Heaven Gifts) for my bottom feeder Box Mod was a good idea, the overall performance will be great even if it’s just for a Single Coil Deck.

The airflow design that runs under the large poles and goes directly to the coil area will give a great flavor. The simple and small concave design of the top cap is very comfortable on my lips, it is also easy to adjust the airflow with this top cap. With a cheap price, great performance, flavorful vapor, and a good color option that this RDA has, it is definitely worth it to compete with our Best Atomizers of 2018.

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  1. Which is better in terms of flavor: WASP Nano or Wismec Tobinho BF RDA?

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