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The Otto herb grinder is an auto weed grinder that will make your life a lot easier. At least if you use your grinder for joints, as for how it works with dry herb vapes? That’s still an open book but even with that question lingering, the Otto is still an impressive device. Check out the Otto weed grinder preview for more.

Otto Weed Grinder Background

The Vape Guide crew made it to the Champs conference in Las Vegas where we were invited to a party thrown by Greenlane, the company that owns the Vape World web store. A great time was had by all, especially when we realized that it was also the release party for the Otto weed grinder.

There are lots of electric weed grinders around but this one is pretty special. This is just a preview based on the demo showed to us but after seeing, and experiencing, what it can do, we can’t wait until the Otto weed grinder release date gets here so we can try it out for ourselves. Until then, here are our impressions of this auto weed grinder.

Otto Weed Grinder Kit

  • Otto grinder
  • Fresh seal cone tube
  • 20 premium cones
  • Measuring cup
  • O funnel
  • 4 in 1 tool
  • USB cable

This info is based on the packaging as well as what we saw on display during the demo.

Otto Grinder box back
The Otto has a list of all its kit and features on the back of the box.

Otto Weed Grinder Key Features

  • Automatically adjusts grind based on the material being used
  • It funnels ground material directly into a cone that is ready for smoking
  • Sealed tube prevents weed smell from escaping
Otto Grinder custom cone
The herb is funneled directly into the fresh seal cone tube. Joints ready made!

Otto Weed Grinder Design

At first glance the Otto kind of looks like one of those fancy home assistant speakers and it’s just as useful and simple to use since it does everything for you. The operation is mess free since the weed is funneled directly into the cone. This happens inside a sealed glass tube that masks the smell of the weed and keeps any detritus from escaping.

Based on our observations, the Otto could need regular cleaning because the grinding chamber might end up getting sticky with herb residue. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Otto Grinder and funnels
The Otto has a stylish minimalist look even though it's larger than most other electric grinders.

How to Use the Otto Weed Grinder

We never got to use the Otto ourselves but here is what we saw:

  1. First you place one of the cones inside the cone tube.
  2. Next, you drop your weed into the Otto and place it over the cone tube.
  3. The ground up weed gets funnelled right into the cone.
  4. Remove the grinder, take your pre-rolled joint out of the cone tube, and well, I’m sure you know what comes next.

Did we miss any steps? Maybe, it was, understandably, pretty crowded during the demo but when we get our hands on it you’ll get a more detailed write-up. We can tell you that it was clearly very easy to use.

Otto Grinder demo
The Otto seems to be pretty easy to use based on the demonstration we observed.

Performance of the Otto Weed Grinder

The Otto made both the perfect grind and the perfect pre-roll, two tedious jobs quickly taken care of. The spliff was perfect and we even got to try it out. Of course we managed to maintain our usual balanced demeanor and poise even after taking a huge rip from the joint. Since there’s no video or photographic evidence to prove otherwise, we’re sticking to that story.

We do have some lingering questions though; can you use your own paper or do you need to re-order more cones when they run out? And, since this is the Vape Guide and not the Spliff Guide, can the Otto work on dry herb vaporizers? Those questions will be answered once the Otto weed grinder release date arrives and we get to try it out.

Otto Weed Grinder Preview: Final Thoughts

Based on what we saw (and smoked), the Otto could well be the best auto herb grinder around. We’ll have to test it out ourselves but it’s already impressive based on observations alone. If the automatic grind feature is consistent and if it works well with weed vapes, it could end up as the all time best grinder ever made.

We’ll just have to wait until the Otto weed grinder release date arrives before we can say that for sure, until then, the review score is just preliminary. Until then, thanks for reading the Otto weed grinder preview and keep reading the Vape Guide for all the latest reviews, previews, news, and more from the vaping world.

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