OG Four 2.0 Review

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OG FOUR 2.0 Review

8.7 Total Score
OG Four 2.0 Review Bottom Line

The all new OG FOUR 2.0 Vaporizer Kit features a patented Lava-Quartz Coil Technology and a Strong 6500mAh battery to deliver the ultimate "Rig Like" experience. For a great price, this vape pen is must-have for vaper enthusiasts alike. Very recommended.

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In-Depth OG Four 2.0 Review:

The OG Four Vape Pen Kit is a perfect vaping device for those who appreciate consistent flavor and a “Rig Like” vaping experience. It is a high quality and reliable Dab Vape Pen that brings a lot of innovative features and a sleek design to the table. The unique Quartz coil of the OG Four not only preserves the natural aroma of your concentrates but also vaporizes them most evenly to bring out the ultimate vaping experience. The Calibrated Coil produces the purest flavors even while you vape on low temperature. What really add to the appeal of this vape pen is its patent pending Deep Dish Design with a Lava-Quartz Coil, Large Polycarbonate heating chamber, and a direct quad airflow system. Having heard so much about this vaporizer kit, I couldn’t wait to try the OG Four Vape Pen. So, I spared time to vape with this vape pen on the very first day it arrived. Before giving my detailed review on the OG four Vape Pen Kit, I must say that it is as good in vaping as it looks on paper.

OG Four 2.0 Design

Given the kind of features and technology the OG Four 2.0 Vaporizer Kit offers, I was expecting it to be a big device. But to my surprise, I found it to be really compact and handy vape pen. The manufacturer claims that the OG Four has been designed to give you a “Rig Like” vaping experience and from the looks, one would be skeptical about such an assertion.  Vaping with the OG Four 2.0 not only vaporized my favorite wax like a Rig, but my skepticism also evaporated. That said, the OG Four neither looks too smart nor talks too wise, as they say. The beauty of this highly efficient kit is that it looks like a simple and vape pen that you can easily carry in your pocket. It is the simplicity and compactness of the OG Four that impressed me the most. The polycarbonate heating chamber adds a touch of class to this vaporizer. Whether it is the battery, the atomizer or the mouthpiece, every part fits so well into one monolithic structure that you carry the OG Four as a proud possession.

How to use the OG Four 2.0

OG FOUR 2.0 KitJust like its design, the OG Four is pretty simple to use. The whole unit can be dismantled with a few turns and twists and the assembly is equally user-friendly. The mouthpiece pops out of the unit with a single pull and you can load your favorite concentrate with the stainless steel dab tool that comes with the kit. The polycarbonate heating chamber allows you to see your vapor building up as you vape. The whole experience of assembling the OG Four 2.0 is simple and engaging. I must say it is a user-friendly vaporizer.

OG Four 2.0 Vaping Experience

OG FOUR 2 Lava Quartz Coil

What I found really commendable about vaping with the OG Four is that the vapor starts building up almost instantly. It is the strong 6500mAh battery and the Lava-Quartz Coil at work. The vapor produced is pure and rich in flavor. The flavor stays a long time and is consistent throughout the vaping session. The direct quad airflow system ensures that you get big clouds of vapor every time you take a draw. The coil is calibrated at low temperature, so the vapor you get is rich and mellow. I personally like the fact that the vapor does not have that slightest hint of harshness, no matter how hard you vape. I got the perfect rips at low temperature without losing an iota of taste. This is one of my best vaping experiences and I give full credit to the OG Four for this.

OG Four 2.0 Battery

The OG Four 2.0 comes with a strong 6500mAh battery that never lets you down even on long vaping sessions. It can be charged on the go with the convenient USB charger that comes with the kit. If you are an ardent vaper, this is the battery that will surpass all your expectations.


The OG FOUR 2.0 Vape Pen Kit is perfect for those looking for a high quality and reliable Dab Vape Pen. It features high-quality parts, quartz coil and is built to preserve your concentrates natural aroma. If you’re looking where to buy this, try at Vape-Smart, they have fast shipping time and its FREE. Did I mention it’s ON SALE! Use the coupon code thevapeguide581 to get even more discount and save 10% off.

  1. Reply
    Jason August 21, 2016 at 5:08 pm

    This thing does not do what it says! It hits like a pen not like a rig! My single coil hits as good as this thing. Not worth the money!!!!

  2. Reply
    Trent January 3, 2017 at 11:59 am

    I just bought this unit, both lava Quartz coils already burned out, only a week, I’m not happy

  3. Reply
    Josh March 20, 2017 at 2:36 pm

    I just bought one of these after my R2 broke in half. I think its really great for what it is. There are pens that get hotter but that just burns and ruins the flavor. Its true, low temp is the way to go. Also, you wont have to be refilling after every hit. I like being able to take it with me all day. Because it looks like a regular pen, I can leave it on my desk at work and no one know the difference. The only issue is that the battery(on the R2 at least) is not sealed together and will break in half. This happened to me twice while it was in my pocket. The third time the two wires became disconnected and will need to be soldered back together. I hope this doesnt happen with the OG. Ill update if it does.

    • Reply
      Josh March 27, 2017 at 12:27 pm

      The bowl in the OG is huge. So much so that the coil doesnt get all of the concentrate you put in. It is also very hot and will produce a burned taste if held for longer than a second. Best to tap the button in short bursts. I get that the atomizer uses quartz “technology” but all it amounts to is a piece of quartz wrapped in the same wire that everyone else uses. Once the wire is glowing, the temp has reached over 1000 degrees which is much too hot for proper vaporization. Still get the metallic taste as with others. I was able to solder the R2 back together and prefer it for its lower temps and smaller bowl.

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