O.pen Vape 2.0 Battery Review: The Best Partner for any 510 Oil Tank

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O.pen Vape 2.0 Battery Review Bottom Line

A good tank of CBD or THC oil needs a good battery. The O.pen Vape 2.0 is just such a battery. It pairs perfectly with any 510 compatible tank like peanut butter and jelly, or like peanut butter and chocolate, or like peanut butter and . . . everything. If you have a lonely pre-filled or refillable oil tank lying around, give it the perfect companion with the O.pen Vape 2.0 battery.

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O.pen Vape 2.0 Battery Background

The O.pen Vape 2.0 ($39.50 from VapeActive, use coupon code TVG10 for a 10% discount) is a 510 compatible battery without a tank included. It’s a great choice for anyone who likes to use the prefilled THC oil and CBD oil cartridges that are so popular these days.

It can also use 510 threaded refillable tanks so it’s a pretty versatile device. Can it serve as a backup—or even as a replacement—for any of the Best Oil Vaporizers on the market? Can it use wax cartridges? All those questions are answered in my O.pen Vape 2.0 battery review.

O.pen Vape 2.0 Battery Kit

  • O.pen Vape 2.0 Battery
  • USB Rapid Charger
O.pen Vape 2.0 Battery Kit
The O.pen kit just includes the USB charger (top) and the battery (bottom).

O.pen Vape 2.0 Battery Key Features

  • Compatible w/ 510 threaded oil and wax tanks
  • Simple stylus operation
  • Can charge in only 30 minutes
  • Four LED indicated voltage settings: 2.4V (Purple) | 3.2V (Red) | 4.0V (Green) | 4.0V (Blue)
    • Blue setting is for vaping wax concentrates
  • Retails from VapeActive for $39.50, coupon code TVG10 provides a 10% discount

O.pen Vape 2.0 Battery Design

The O.pen has a standard cylindrical design that’s stealthy and portable. It’s metallic finish looks and feels good but won’t attract too much attention. It fits 510 threaded tanks so perfectly that you would never guess that the tank and the battery didn’t come together.

The stylus control is convenient and easy to use, it feels as natural as using a pen clicker and the LED indicator lights are useful without being too conspicuous. The USB rapid charger fits snugly in any USB port and you never have to worry about the battery falling out of it.

O.pen Vape 2.0 Battery with cartridge
The O.pen Battery is a perfect fit for any 510 threaded oil tank.

How to Use the O.pen Vape 2.0 Battery

  1. Firmly screw the 510 threaded tank onto the battery.
  2. Press the stylus tip 5x to turn on the battery.
  3. Press the stylus tip 2x to cycle through the voltage settings.
  4. Activate the battery by inhaling from the tank’s mouthpiece in all modes except for wax.
    1. Activate the battery in wax mode by pressing down on the stylus tip.

O.pen Vape 2.0 Battery Performance

The O.pen Vape 2.0 is a great battery for oil cartridges, I tried it out with a variety of tanks like the Hemp Bombs CBD oil cartridges as well as tanks from other oil vaporizers. It’s a perfect match with the Hemp Bombs cartridges, it feels like they are made for each other. With tanks from other oil vapes it works as well as the original battery.

I found that with oil, it works better on the bottom two settings, they provide a nice, smooth vapor. The green setting is a little harsh but it’s great if you want bigger clouds or you’re taking a huge rip. The O.pen is not really great for wax vaping despite the wax setting. It never feels like it gets hot enough to vaporize the wax properly. You’re better off getting a quality vape pen instead.

Hemp Bombs Prefilled CBD oil cartridges review with battery
Hemp Bombs CBD oil cartridges fit perfectly on 510 compatible batteries like the O.pen Vape 2.0.

O.pen Vape 2.0 Battery Review: Conclusion

The O.pen Vape Battery ($39.50 from VapeActive, use coupon code TVG10 for a 10% discount) is an excellent battery for vaping oil. It works extremely well with both pre-filled cartridges and refillable cartridges and the rapid charging is a godsend for all the impatient vapers out there.

It’s easy to use, discreet, and convenient and is a good alternative to even the Best Oil Vaporizers. It’s not a great alternative to wax vaporizers but that’s hardly a deal-breaker considering all of its other top qualities.

This is the end of my O.pen Vape 2.0 Battery review but it’s not the end of my using the O.pen battery, I’ll be hanging on to this one for a while.

Where to Buy the O.pen Vape 2.0 Battery?

O.pen Vape 2.0 Battery

A 510 threaded battery that is the perfect match to any compatible mouthpiece


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