New JUUL Pod Flavors and Color: The Best eCig Gets a Makeover

Your favorite e-cig just got a new look, the JUUL ($49.99 from JUUL Vapor) just received a navy blue makeover and three new JUUL pod flavors. The new menthol and tobacco JUUL pods offer some familiar flavors to former smokers, while the cucumber flavor is a fun new option for new and veteran JUUL users.

The new JUUL pod flavors aren’t available with the JUUL autoship program but they are each available in 4-packs like JUUL’s other flavors: mango, creme brulee, cool mint, virginia tobacco, and fruit medley. Keep reading for more details on all these new options.

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The iconic e-cig gives users great flavor and great flavor variety


JUUL Background

You can check out the JUUL review for all the details on why it’s one of the best e-cigs, but here’s a quick refresher. It’s draw activated system closely mimics traditional cigarette smoking, which makes it easy for smokers to switch to e-cigs.

Recharging is easy if have a USB port available, if you don’t, then you have options like the Hydra JUUL Charging Case. The JUUL’s convenience, ease of use, and great flavor options, make it one of the Best E-cigs around.

Juul Review
The sleek design and easily removable, swappable JUUL Pods are appealing features of the JUUL (pictured w/ the Mango JUUL Pod).

JUUL New Color

The JUUL was already the most attractive ecig in the game in dark grey, but the new navy blue finish adds a nice pop of color that’s a striking contrast against the black mouthpiece of the JUUL pod. The new navy blue finish is an elegant color that new and veteran JUUL users are already pining over.

JUUL e-cigarette navy blue
The black mouthpiece of the JUUL pod contrasts nicely with the navy blue finish.

JUUL New Flavors

Each new JUUL pod flavor is available in a 4-pack that costs $15.99 from JUUL Vapor, here are your options:

Cool Cucumber

If you’ve been to a spa where they give you cucumber water and put cucumber slices over your eyes then you know how refreshing cucumber can be. No time for a spa treatment? Try the new cool cucumber JUUL pod flavor; it’s cool and refreshing with just a hint of mint.

The cool cucumber JUUL pod might not compete with your weekly massage, but it’s one of the most invigorating e-liquid flavors available so check it out!

new JUUL pod flavor cucumber
The cool cucumber JUUL pod is a refreshing option for all users.

Classic Menthol

Smokers know that nothing can compare to the cool feeling of a menthol cigarette. Until now. The classic menthol JUUL pod provides the menthol hit that smokers desire.

It’s a remarkably authentic flavor that’s as close to a menthol cigarette as possible with an e-cigarette. If you’re a former or current smoker who doesn’t want to give up that cool menthol feeling, then give the classic menthol JUUL pod a try.

JUUL classic menthol new flavor
The classic menthol JUUL pod delivers the smooth feeling of a menthol cigarette.

Classic Tobacco

The authentic flavor of the classic tobacco JUUL pod makes it easier for smokers to make the jump to e-cigs. Current and former smokers get the tobacco flavor without the cigarette smoking drawbacks. If you’re ready to choose e- cigs over regular cigarettes, the classic tobacco JUUL pod is the perfect first step.

JUUL classic tobacco new flavor
The classic tobacco JUUL pod provides the pure tobacco flavor that smokers want.

 New JUUL Pod Flavors and New Color: Final Thoughts

Should you get the navy blue JUUL or the limited edition JUUL pod flavors? The navy blue color is a stylish option for all users but the new flavors are the bigger attraction here. Cool cucumber is great for users who want a refreshing experience while the menthol and tobacco flavors are perfect for smokers progressing to e-cigarettes. These flavors and color are only here for a limited time so get them while they last. To see how the JUUL compares to other e-cigs, check out the Best e-cigs list, thanks for reading.

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