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MyVapors MyJet Wismec eCig Review

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MyVapors MyJet Wismec e-Cig Review - 4k Video

The MyJet is a new micro eCig released by Wismec and MyVapors. It comes as a direct competition to Juul by Pax and the Vertx Plus by V2. In this video, we'll go over unboxing, compare the MyJet vs Juul vs V2. I'll also show how to fill and use the MyJet and do a vaping session and talk about the actual vapor.

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MyJet eCig Review Bottom Line

MyJet is the collaboration product produced by Wismec and MyVapors. A micro e-cig for those users who are looking for an alternative yet inexpensive way of smoking without loosing a lot of money on their pocket. With it's efficient fillable cartridge, there's no need to buy prefilled cartridges which can cost time and extra money.

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In-Depth MyJet Express Kit Review:

Wismec in collaboration with MyVapors releases a micro e-cig that captured my attention for its inexpensive ($30 at VaporDNA) yet sleek and appealing design. The Wismec MyJet eCig is a plug and play device that has several features that will stand out from its competitors- VERTX Plus and JUUL. The MyJet biggest difference is that the pods come empty, and you will need to use your own e-liquid to fill them. With the JUUL and the VERTX, pods are prefilled with liquid. Let’s have a closer look at the MyJet.

MyJet vs VERTX Plus vs JUUL

From Left to Right: MyJet vs Vertx Plus s Juul

When I first look at the MyJet, what comes first in my mind is how much it will cost on replacing the cartridge/pod of this unit? I instantly think that replacing the cartridge of MyJet would be expensive like the cartridges of VERTX Plus and JUUL that I previously reviewed. But I was wrong, for this device uses fillable pod meaning the users can buy empty cartridges and coils for a reasonable price and fill them up with their favorite e-liquid over and over again. Although, Wismec promises to release prefilled cartridges from several e-liquid brands soon.

What’s on the box?

The MyJet Express Kit includes two fillable cartridges featuring a 1.2ml e-liquid capacity, two coils wicked in an organic cotton which surely provides a clean and tasty vapor production, the 350mAh battery with no buttons to press and LED indicator. The MyJet features also a Draw Activated Firing Mechanism same system you find on JUUL by Pax which eliminates the fire button when vaping.

Specs for the Myjet eCig by MyVapors

Dimensions: 115mm*15mm*7mm
E-Liquid Capacity: 1.2ml
Battery Capacity: 350mAh
Estimated Output: 20W
Estimated Run Time: At least, 3-5 hours of continuous vaping
Material: Aluminum Alloy

350mAh Built-in Battery

The rechargeable 350mAh built-in battery of MyJet can be charge using a strong magnetic charger that comes with this starter kit. Other variation like the MyJet Full Kit (which is not yet released, coming soon) uses PCC “Personal Carrying Charger” a portable charger that runs on 18650 battery. Perfect for an on-the-go sesh and small enough to keep it in your pocket while charging.

How to fill and use the MyJet

Unlike other e-cig brands which the coil is inside the cartridge and can’t be open easily. MyJet’s coils are separated from the cartridge straight from the box. To fill up the cartridge, drop it with your fave e-liquids into its sides (Be sure not to drop any liquids in the center pipe of the pod to prevent spit back). Fill it half way or full and snug the coil in place until you hear a snapping click signifying it’s safely sealed. For best results, leave the pod for a couple of minutes to let the entire cotton soaked nicely with e-liquid.

After filling the pod with e-liquid, insert it on the MyJet battery. The battery has a magnetic joint on both ends for easy retracting of the pod from the battery and the battery from the charger. As I mention earlier, the MyJet has an Automatic Activation System, so no fire button needed. Just take a draw and MyJet will start working.

Vapor Production

I’m totally impressed with this device when it comes to vapor production. The amount is pretty surprising for its size. It produces more clouds than VERTX Plus or JUUL which are both under the same category as MyJet. It’s everything you can ask for an e-cig.

Final Thoughts

The Wismec MyJet has a lot of captivating features that will stand out from the rest of its competitors such as the fillable cartridge which for me is really efficient at a reasonable price. Also, the 2 variations available (Express Kit and Full Kit) makes the unit more appealing, especially with the PCC accessory. All in all, I highly recommend this device for those users who are looking for an alternative yet efficient way of smoking without costing a lot of money on their pocket.

Where to buy the MyJet Express Kit?

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Wismec/MyVapors MyJet Express Kit

Buy the MyJet Express Kit from VaporDNA and get Free Shipping over $49.


MyJet Express Kit Review
  1. How about how long the coils last? I’m a very experienced caper and got this for my girlfriend and used 50/50 juice in it since the coil Isprings so tiny. Neither coil lasted longer than a day. And that was with her just taking a puff here and there.

  2. stopped working properly after 2 nd day not happy

  3. M79 is a caper? Wow finally a different lifeform we can talk to!

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