Myblu E-Cig Review

Bottom LineThe myblu stands out from all of the other e-cigarettes on the market because of its great flavor and unmatched vapor production. It has all of the qualities you would expect in an e-cigarette like portability and convenience, but it’s not as stealthy as other e-cigs because of that impressive vapor. The liquidpods used with the myblu are available in a wide variety of flavors and many of them come in different nicotine levels. Those levels are fairly low, but that just makes the myblu more accessible to a wider variety of users.


$19.99 directly from

Vapor Quality
Ease of Use
  • Wide variety of great-tasting flavors
  • Big vapor production
  • Solidly built
  • Affordable price
  • Convenient viewing port
  • Big clouds mean that it’s not very discreet

Myblu e-Cig Review

Myblu E-cig Background

The myblu is an entry level closed system e-cig, so it can only vape pre-filled pods rather than any type of e-liquid that you want. Which means that these types of e-cigs very simple to use, but at the cost of a relatively limited array of flavors. Myblu comes with its own line of e-liquids so this myblu review is essentially a review of their e-liquid—aka, their liquidpods—as well.

There are a wide variety of those liquidpods, so you have a good choice of flavors to choose from. The myblu has many similar attributes to all of the best e-cigs, like convenience, portability, and ease of use, so I’ll take a closer look at what sets the myblu apart from the competition.

Inside the Starter Kit

  • Myblu battery
  • One Gold Leaf 2.4% liquidpod
  • USB charger

How it is Designed

The myblu has your standard long, skinny, rectangular e-cig design, only with rounded edges that feel good to grip. The mouthpiece on each of the liquidpods is rounded too and feels nice and comfortable when you’re vaping from it. It’s a little bigger than other e-cigs, but it still slips easily into any pants pocket.

The build quality is very good too, it feels nice and solid and each liquidpod slips into the battery with a nice, firm click. There is never any worry that the liquidpod will slip out, but it is simple to remove when it’s time for a replacement. It’s easy to tell when you need a replacement too because there is a handy portal that allows you to view the level of liquid without having to remove the liquidpod, a practical design choice that is much appreciated.

Battery and Vapor Performance

The vapor produced by the myblu is impressive, each liquidpod produces great flavor that is highly reminiscent of its label. Even though you are limited to the liquidpods, there are a wide variety of flavors to choose from, ranging from various tobacco flavors to various fruity flavors, and more. They are also available in various nicotine concentrations ranging from 0% to 1.2% to 2.4%.

Anyone who wants a stronger nicotine hit can try the myblu Intense line, which are nicotine salts with concentration levels of 2.5% and 4%. These concentration levels are fairly low, so former smokers, or anyone used to higher nicotine e-liquid, might find them to be too mild. However, they are perfect for newer users or anyone who doesn’t need a massive nicotine hit.

The liquidpods produce a surprisingly large amount of vapor, far more than other e-cigarettes. Cloud lovers will like it, but it does mean that stealthy vaping is right out the window. Draw resistance is similar to an old-fashioned cigarette so the myblu should feel comfortable to smokers making the transition to vaping. I never experienced any dry or burnt tasting hits or any leaking while I used it, which is definitely a good thing.

Battery: The 350 mAh battery lasts for four to five hours and charges very quickly, in just under half an hour, not to mention that pass through charging is available, which is always a nice bonus.

The Last Word

The myblu is easily one of the better e-cigarettes around. It is perfect for both former smokers and for anyone who has never smoked in their life. It has all the convenience you would expect from a closed system e-cig, with vapor production that might remind you of a vape mod. This means that it’s not the most covert e-cig around but the flavor quality makes up for it.

The nicotine levels are not too high, which might be disappointing to vapers used to strong nicotine hits, but it is perfect for newcomers or anyone who wants to ramp down their nicotine usage. Overall, the myblu will satisfy any e-cig user who values flavor quality and convenience—which, I’m guessing is most e-cig users.

If you fall into that category, then you can get the myblu Starter Kit directly from for $20.

Myblu E-cig vs KandyPens Rubi vs JUUL

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