My Von Erl Review

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My Von Erl Review
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The My Von ERLs four-inch-long body is made of high-quality aluminum and contains a draw-activated mechanism with 350mAh battery power. It is slightly larger than the JUUL but it’s sleeker and more rounded. The larger size of the Von ERL gives one major advantage, its PODS, which are much bigger than the JUUL’s. Each one contains 1.6ml of liquid with 50/50 PG/VG blend and they come in 18mg nicotine strength. That means each puff hits hard but you get a lot of cloud production.

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In-Depth My Von Erl Review:

Inspired from the portability of a cig-a-like electronic cigarette, the My Von Erl Kit ($29.95 from Vape-Smart) is a great device for those who like small, easy-to-use e-cigs. Similar in style with JUUL and MyJet which I previously reviewed, this small, but perfectly formed e-cig is crafted from high-quality aluminum. The My Von Erl manages to offer excellent durability while being incredibly light, making one of the most promising e-cig available. Check out my top picks for best e-cigs of early 2017.

My Von Erl ecig pod

The Von Erl features a full black chassis with softly rounded edges and a modernist design. With its anodised aluminum build and textured matte finish, you’ll leave no marks or fingerprints.

My Von Erl’s Design and Features

Ease of use is the name of the game for My Von Erl, its “push-fit” refill system means there’s no mess when it comes to refilling this device; simply discard the used cartridge/pod and replace it with a new one. With an approximate dimension size of 103mm in height by 17mm in width. The compact size of this device is appropriate to carry in any pocket or bag. And if you’re worried about the accidental firing issue in some devices. You don’t have to worry about this one for it utilizes draw-activated mechanism. A similar feature found in the JUNO Kit and much other advanced e-cig units. This means there’s no button that can be accidentally pushed when not in use. Simply take a draw and this device will fire up automatically. The only disadvantage I notice with this device is that you have to take deeper and much harder draw to activate its draw-activated feature. This is a little bit of a disappointment especially if you’re into MTL (mouth-to-lung) and are new to vaping.

My Von Erl’s Battery Life

My Von Erl Charging port

Inside the chassis is a 350mAh rechargeable battery that can be utilized for about 3-4 hours of vaping. On its bottom is a micro USB port.

It may only contain a small 350mAh battery but the My Von Erl will last around 4 hours of regular vaping – possibly even longer! We’ve found out that you can get up to 8 hours of use when having to limit yourself due to work or other commitments.

How to Set Up and Charge the My Von Erl

The My Von Erl couldn’t be simpler, just charge the device using the standard Micro-USB cable provided in the kit. You’ll then know when the battery is fully charged and when the light on the device turns green. There are 3 color indicators that determine the level of charge remaining:

  • Green – fully charged
  • White – around 50% charge left
  • Red – it’s about to run out (approx. 5 mins vaping time remaining)

Once fully charged, simply connect back the cartridge/pod and inhale.

My Von Erl Pods

The My Von Erl Pod ($8.95 from Vape-Smart) flavors are available from classic Tobacco and Tobacco-Menthol to a unique blend of Ginseng Ginger and Pina Colada. Each pod contains 1.6ml of e-liquid and a 1.5ohm Kanthal coil. Once your pods have run out, simply discard and swap with a fresh one. Keep in mind that the pods are not refillable like the MyJet does. But some reviewers like VapingWithVic will show you how to refill its pods in easy and quick tutorial steps. Check out his video here.

Von Erl Pods

My Von Erl pods ($8.95 from Vape-Smart) are pre-filled cartridge refills exclusive to the My Von Erl Vaporizer Kit. There are a variety of flavors available: Tabak (Tobacco), Tabak Menthol, Tabak Vanilla, Ginseng Ginger, Eucalyptus Lemon, Cafe Latte, Blue Ice, Cherry, Green Apple, Bourbon Caramel, Mango Apricot and Pina Co Chi. There are also other flavors from different collections including Cuttwood, Frisco Vapor, Taffy Man, Velvet Cloud, Space Jam, Halcyon Vapors, B. Eliquids and Smith & Baxter. Each flavor is available in a variety of strengths ranging from 36mg down to 0mg (nicotine free). Each Liquidpod features a push-fit design that easily attaches to the My Von Erl battery.

A quick advice thou, if you experience dry hits at first used. This perhaps due to the bubbles formed inside the pods (I have similar experience back when I first use the JUUL and MyJet). To get rid of this just try to vigorously tap the pods with your finger until the bubbles will rise up and disappear. Afterward, try to insert the cartridge/pods back to the battery and start to inhale again – that simple!

According to its manufacturer, each pod will approximately last for 300 puffs – in traditional cigarettes this translate to 30 puffs. The transparent tank of the cartridges/pods allows you to easily notice how much e-liquid was used.

My Von Erl vs JUUL vs MyJet

The Von Erl is twice as thick as a JUUL ($49.99 from JUULVAPOR), but it is still pretty small. The good thing about the Von Erl which gives it an upper edge to its competitor is its 18mg pods that hit as hard as the JUUL 50+ mg pods. Although I’m not an avid fan of strong nicotine punch, this is great for those users who just begun vaping and are still having hard time ditching smoking cigarettes. The cloud production is also better than the JUUL and MyJet since each pod has 50/50 VG/PGratio. For me alone, the only big drawback on the My Von Erl is the lack of refillable pods.

Overall, you’ll have to make the choice that fits you best, but for me, the clear winner here is the My Von Erl, which is good when it comes to value, performance, and ease of use. In terms of flavor it loses to the MyJet ($29.99 from VaporDNA) only because it does not allow you to use your own juice, but with the price of the LiquidPods available in Vape-Smart, that isn’t too much of an issue.

Where to buy the My Von Erl Kit?

I recommend purchasing the My Von Erl Kit from an Authorized Dealer, that would ensure warranty coverage.

  • Vape-SmartOnly $29.95, offers Free Shipping and use coupon code TVG10 to save 10% OFF
  • VaporDNAOnly $29.99

My Von Erl eCig


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  1. how long does the battery last

  2. Von Erl is the absolutely worst product, only last for a month before the charger breaks. I’ve been through four of them almost exactly a month apart. Probably still cheaper than a Juul though.

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