MONQ Review: Will This Essential Oil Diffuser Provide the Stress Relief You Need?

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The MONQ essential oils diffuser delivers a dose of calm to anyone with an anxious mind and a restless spirit. Each diffuser contains a mix of three plant extracts designed to provide relief from anxiety and stress via personalized aromatherapy. The diffusers are portable, simple to use, and last for a long time. If you need or want a quick dose of stress relief each day then try the MONQ essential oils diffuser.

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MONQ Background

The MONQ ($20 from Vape-Smart or Amazon, use coupon code TVG10 at Vape-Smart to save 10%) is an essential oil diffuser that can provide personalized aromatherapy to anyone who uses it. It’s not really a vaporizer, even though it uses similar technology. It doesn’t contain any nicotine, cannabis, or tobacco, just plant-derived oils.

There are 11 different blends, each of which provides a variety of effects. They are technically disposable, but you can send empty diffusers to MONQ to be refilled. Clearly, their heart is in the right place, but how does this device affect your head? Keep reading my MONQ review to find out.


Each kit only includes the diffuser, nothing else is necessary. They do come in various quantities, and here are the variations you can choose from, with their accompanying prices:

  • $20 – 1 Diffuser
  • $55 – 3 Pre-selected Diffusers
  • $69 – Any 4 Diffusers
  • $119 – 7 Diffusers
  • $169 – 10 Diffusers
Monq Ten Pack
You can choose a maximum of ten MONQ diffusers.

Key Features of the MONQ

  • Each diffuser uses essential oils
  • They are disposable or refillable (but only by MONQ)
  • Draw activated
  • Each diffuser can last for two weeks to a month
  • Retails for $20 from Vape-Smart or Amazon, Vape-Smart coupon code TVG10 provides a 10% discount
Monq Essential Oil Diffuser
Each MONQ diffuser has a simple draw activated operation.

MONQ Design

The MONQ is about the same size as most vape pens, the main difference is that it’s a perfect cylinder. It looks and feels like a high-end device because of excellent build quality and the gem like light on the base that illuminates as you inhale. Each unit feels solid, not heavy, but there is some heft to it.

The plants used in each mixture are listed on the side of the diffuser and each diffuser has its own unique color that is appealing without being garish. They are draw activated so there are no power button or temperature settings to worry about. Since they are disposable, you don’t have to worry about recharging either.

Monq Gem Light
The diamond like light on the base of each MONQ diffuser is a nice touch.

How to Use the MONQ

  1. Inhale from the MONQ, hold the vapor in your mouth for a second or two, then exhale through your nose.
  2. Take up to three inhales at a time, two or three times per day.

It is safe to inhale the vapor into your lungs but it will not be as effective as the mouth to nose technique.

Monq Flavor Selection
The draw activation means that each MONQ diffuser is very easy to use at any time in any location.

Performance of the MONQ

I can’t attest to the anxiety-relieving effects, but for relaxation, it’s pretty good. I felt a nice sense of calm each time I used it. The flavors come through strongly in each diffuser, but the inhalation technique takes some getting used to.

I should mention that the naming scheme of the diffusers is pretty strange, some like Zen, Happy, and Sleepy are clear enough, but then you have Mountain, Forest, and Ocean. Are you supposed to feel like a mountain or forest after using the corresponding diffuser? Kidding aside, they are all pretty relaxing regardless of the name. It’s just the flavors that are different.

I should emphasize that these diffusers are not meant to cure or suppress anxiety disorders, that’s what medications like anxiolytics are for. The MONQ diffusers are meant to provide a brief island of calm in a sea of stress—they are not intended as a permanent solution to anxiety disorders.

Monq Zen Flavor
The Zen flavor imparts a nice sense of calm to the user.

MONQ Review: Conclusion

The MONQ ($20 from Vape-Smart or Amazon, use coupon code TVG10 at Vape-Smart for a 10% discount) is a high quality diffuser that provides a nice sense of calm and relaxation using essential oils. The MONQ is an efficient and cost effective device because its effects feel good and last for a while.

It’s easy to carry around with you and take an inhale every now and then, that’s because it’s a great device even if you don’t suffer from any anxiety disorders. It helps you feel calm and relaxed throughout the day, which is something we all need in this turbulent world.

Thanks for reading my MONQ review, it’s an interesting device that’s pretty useful, even if you’re not a regular vaper.

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