Micro Nectar Collector Review

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Micro Nectar Collector Review

9.1 Total Score
Micro Nectar Collector Kit Bottom Line

Micro Vaped and Nectar Collector have collaborated to bring you the Micro Nectar Collector Kit with a new Switch-Hit Technology. The Micro Nectar Collector can be used as a standard wax vape pen with the included 110V battery, or as a nectar collecter by using the titanium nail tip which then heats up using a torch that allows you to take hits of your favorite wax concentrates. This vaporizer was also designed with pass-thru capability so you can use it even when charging.

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Micro Nectar Collector Review:

Micro Vaped and Nectar Collector join forces to deliver a very innovative device. Micro Vaped offers their consumers a portable and affordable version of the Nectar Collector line, the Micro Nectar Collector Kit. The Micro Nectar Collector Kit ($129.99 from Vape-Smart) comes with everything you needed for any types of dabbing experience whether it be a full dab rig or a vape pen for on the go use.

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The Nectar Collector is a nicely made piece of glass that can be attached to a titanium nail tip that can be heated with a torch at the bottom end. The user can then scrape or dip the heated nail tip to a glass dish containing your favorite concentrate, which then delivers massive clouds of vapor through the water-filled glass chamber that diffuses the oil for maximum flavor.


Micro Nectar Collector Kit: Interchangeable glass attachments can fit on either a titanium nail tip or rechargeable battery that can heat concentrates on the go.

The Micro Vaped Nectar Collector doesn’t fit on regular 14mm bubbler adapters. It was solely designed to be screwed on the two included Micro Vaped V3 atomizers, therefore you can only use this kit as a mini bubbler. The kit features a universal and regular 510 threading for its battery, so you won’t need an original Micro Vaped battery. If you want a much more powerful battery, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Micro Vaped V3’s electronic battery can also be attached instead of a nail and a torch. The Nectar Collector can be stored in a carrying case containing all the tools needed for any types vaping experience.


Micro Nectar Collector Kit uses Glass Chamber Attachment and Micro Vaped V3 battery for on the go use.


While I really love the Nectar Collector, I barely use mine the way it is meant to be used, since using it takes a lot of oil concentrates. The Micro Vaped Nectar Collector is pretty damn sexy. The glass parts are very well made and with the highest quality.


Versatility: Micro Vape’s Switch-Hit Technology provides the perfect dab for any occasion. Interchangeable glass attachments can fit on either a titanium nail tip for home use or rechargeable battery that can heat concentrates on the go.

Elegant: The Nectar Collector piece itself is a beautiful work of art that any glass collector would love to have.


Inefficient: The Nectar Collector is a single-hit device and is inefficient for group sessions. And even using the battery provides limited draws before having to reload.

Fragile: The Collector kit comes with several glass pieces including a dish, so practice a little precaution when handling it. Also worth to mention is its titanium nail tip I found it easy to break if its heated too much.

The Vape Guide recommend this for:

Whether you’re looking for an advanced wax and oil pen, with an optional water filter or just a cheap nectar collector. I recommend the Micro Nectar Collector set without limitation. Actually, purchasing a Micro Nectar Collector kit will get you two different products. A Micro Vaped V3 vape pen with a glass mouthpiece and a small Nectar Collector with a titanium nail tip. For only $129.99, that’s a good offer, keep in mind that if you purchase this individually you have to pay around $69.95 for the vape pen and the cheapest Luxury Nectar Collector starts at $240.

Where to buy the Micro Nectar Collector?

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Micro Nectar Collector Kit

Buy the Micro Nectar Collector Kit at Vape-Smart and use the coupon code TVG10 to get 10% off. Free Shipping




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