Magic Flight Muad Dib Review

The Muad-Dib Concentrate Box by Magic-Flight is one of the coolest vaping devices that you can lay your hands on.  It is stylish, contemporary yet classic, made of fine food and is handcrafted.  What makes the deal even sweeter is its price tag of $119.00.

8.5 Total Score

The Magic Flight Muad Dib is a great Vaping device, but only when used properly.  Looks are great, functionality is simple and easy and the device comes from a reputable company with a lifetime warranty.  Overll, a great package.

magic flight muad dib vapeMuad Dib Vaporizer Kit comes with:

  • One Noir Muad-Dib Concentrate Box
  • Two rechargeable NiMH Glyph Batteries with protective caps
  • Battery charger
  • Felt-lined decorative tin
  • 1.5 ft. Black Draw Whip
  • Loading spoon
  • One Replacement Screen
  • Muad-Dib Flight Guide

The MF Muad Dib vaporizer has been designed for use with concentrates, oils and herbal extracts.  The material used in this device should be very clean and should melt completely on heating.  It works fine on the materials that don’t melt, but you will feel the difference in vapor quality instantly.  So, if you are not into very fine oil extract vaping, this device is not for you.

In-Depth Muad Dib Vaporizer Review:

Quality finish

Magic Flight Muad DibIt is a very simple yet sophisticated vaporizer with a handcrafted Maple hardwood box.  The box is small enough to be carried in your pocket.  What makes the Muad-Dib a highly aesthetic device is its brass finish lid that is fitted with an optical-quality lens.  While the lens allows the user to have a look at the vaporizing process within the chamber, its lid enhances the overall visual appeal of the vaporizer.  The lid opens on the sides which is kind of cool.  In the chamber you get a stainless steel screen supported by two rods. The concentrate is loaded on this rather delicate screen.

The screen of this vaporizer is really delicate and is prone to breaking if you are a rough user.  However, it is replaceable and is not very expensive.  So, if at all you happen to break your screen, don’t worry.

Battery and power

To power the Muad-Dib, you need AA-size rechargeable NiMH batteries with at least 2000mAh capacity.  These batteries take at least a couple of hours get charged when fully drained, so it is advisable to buy an extra set of batteries and a power adapter if you are a regular user.  Once fully charged this battery is good enough for 40 to 50 pulls.  Another interesting feature of this vaping device is that the battery is only used when it is actively pushed in.  On one hand it allows you to optimize your vaping experience and on the other enhances your battery life.

Ease of use

The Muad-Dib has been specially designed with the user convenience in mind.  Just load a tiny amount of concentrate onto the screen, put the lid on and you are good to go.

To easily load the material you are provided with a special loading spoon and a mark on the box to measure the concentrate.  You can either draw directly from the Vaping hole or can use the 1.5 ft black whip provided with the vaporizer.  It is a quality accessory with brass on both the ends to enhance your vaping  experience. Drawing directly can be harsh, so it is recommended that you use the whip to get cool and rich vapor. If your concentrate is not viscous enough to stay on the screen, engage the battery for a split second so that the material sticks to the screen.

A tricky vaporizer of beginners

magic-flight-muad-dib-boxIf you are a beginner, you may find it difficult to get a good response from the Muad-Dib for the simple reason that it has to be used in a certain way for optimum results.  So, if you use it as a regular vaping device you may be disappointed.  To get the best out of this vaporizer, load the screen, close it and start pulling well before you engage the battery.  Once you engage the battery, start drawing faster and you will get  rich and satisfying vapor.

One good draw is enough to give you a rich vaping experience.  So, keep the battery engaged and continue drawing until whole of the material is vaporized.  If  you still find any material on the screen, don’t go for a second draw as it may take away the whole vaping experience away from you. So, simply open the lid, engage the battery an let the residual burn-off.  It may take about 10 to 30 seconds to do so.  Once the screen is clean, your vaporizer is ready for another enriching session.

I recommend buying the Magic Flight Muad Vaporizer at Vape-Smart. Buying from an Authorized Dealers ensures great warranty and services.

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