Loto Labs Legend Review

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Loto Legend Review

The Good: Top-notch vapor quality | Easy to clean and maintain | Induction heating technology means instant heat up, no coils to change | Impressive design

The Bad: Big | Expensive | Requires a wall plug-in

The Bottom Line: I had a great time using the Legend because. It performed in every category, especially the vapor quality. The induction heating worked perfectly and the entire device feels solid and well made. The price tag is not for everyone, but this is the best high-end dabbing rig you can buy right now.

$499 directly from Loto Labs

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Loto Legend Background

The Loto Legend is Loto Labs’ follow-up to the Loto Lux aka the Loto Evoke. The Legend and the Evoke are both induction vaporizers, but the latter vape was far too small to effectively harness that kind of advanced technology, resulting in a very expensive wax vaporizer that couldn’t outperform far cheaper vape pens.

The induction technology used in both the Legend and the Evoke is still relatively new and rare but it’s easy to see its appeal.

About Induction: You can read our post about induction heating, but here is a summary- Induction means using electromagnetism to create a magnetic field, which in turn creates eddy currents in any metal placed within the magnetic field. The result is the metal that’s placed at the center of the magnetic field gets hot rapidly. And since there is no need for a coil or a nail, vaporizers that use this technology are very easy to clean and cheap to maintain since there is no need to replace either of those accessories.

The other big name vape that uses induction is the Dr. Dabber Switch, and we’ll compare the two shortly.

Kit and Accessories

Loto Legend Kit
  • Loto Legend
  • Glass tubes and pipes
  • Rubber grommets
  • Two susceptors
  • Two silicone containers
  • Susceptor holder
  • Carb ring
  • Glass mouthpiece
  • Dab tool
  • Cleaning brush
  • Power adapter

*Note* – The susceptors are located inside the small silicone containers in the kit in case you have any trouble finding them. I know I did.

Compatibility: Wax, shatter, concentrates, extracts, dabs.

Warranty: The Legend comes with 2-year warranty which is more than the typical one-year with other eRigs. But that’s only natural considering it’s high price tag.

Accessories in Detail

Loto Legend Susceptor


These are the stainless steel pieces that sit in the center of the coil. The Susceptor is what actually gets hot. Not even the coil that surrounds it.

The Susceptors (2 included in the box, but only one needed for operation) are made from “Pittsburgh Born Stainless Steel 430”. Loto places emphasis on their website how important it is for them to use high-grade materials.

The Susceptors are corrosion and heat resistant, and you’ll press your dabs against them while using the Legend (using the dab tool). The Susceptor is placed in the glass “Susceptor holder” (see below) and then lowered to the center of the magnetic coil. The magnetic field created by the electromagnets will heat up the Susceptors, which will heat up anything that’s around them in the holder- extracts for example.

Susceptor Holder:

This funnel-shaped glass container is where you place the susceptor before slipping it into the induction coil. The holder is made from glass, and the stainless steel susceptor sits right the bottom of it, allowing to lower the susceptor into the center of the coil.

So to recap: When using the Legend- the Susceptor sits inside the glass Susceptor-holder which places it at the center of the coil. Once it heats up, the dabs are placed in the Susceptor-Holder, where they come in contact with the hot Susceptor, and vaporize.

Optional Accessories

Loto Labs website offers replacements for all of the various glass accessories used in the Legend, as well as additional susceptors should you need more. They also have some conveniece extras, like an accessory stand for your carb ring, dab tool, and susceptor holders. You can also buy a big transport case if you want to carry it around since it is not exactly portable.

Design and Build Quality

Loto Legends Design

Even though the Legend is pretty big, it is not heavy. Since it doesn’t have a battery, the bottom part is “hollow” and only contains the glass airpath. I can easily hold it in one hand but despite the lightness, it feels quite sturdy and balanced.

All the non-glass parts are made from anodized aluminum. The large base is wrapped brown leather, but, it’s not real leather. Loto prides the Legend in being “100% Vegan” and environmentally friendly so they used high-end fiber cloth rather than leather. Overall, the Legend is a very attractive device.

Interface: The Legend only uses a single large dial to control the power and the heat settings, which are indicated by LED lights. The lights communicate which temperature setting is active, and when it’s ready to vape. The Dial is smooth and clicky, reminds me of a volume control dial of a high-end audio device.

Chamber Capacity: The Loto doesn’t really have a Chamber. The part that gets hot is the Susceptor and the Dabs are placed in the Susceptor Holder. During my tests, the Legend worked equally well with large or small amounts concentrate. I didn’t have any problems with leaking or overfilling the entire time I used it.

Smartphone App

The app for the Legend is used to update the device’s firmware whenever a software upgrade becomes available, so you don’t need it to control the Legend, though you can if you want to.

How to Use

Assembling the Legend

Loto Legend Assembly
  1. There is some initial assembly involved, but Loto has a great video walkthrough on to assemble the Legend and prepare for use. After the initial assembly-
  2. Place the susceptor into the susceptor holder.
  3. Place the susceptor into the carb ring, and lower into the coil.
  4. Fill the mouthpiece with water and place it onto the adapter.
  5. Attach the power cord to the back of the Legend.

Vaping from the Legend

  1. Push the dial to turn on the Legend.
  2. Turn the dial to your desired heat setting and wait for it to heat up. Once the LEDs become solid-
  3. Put your extract into the susceptor using the dab tool, making sure that it is pressed against the metal.
  4. Inhale from the mouthpiece.
  5. You can lift the Susceptor older out of the oven to “clear” the vapor that’s in the air-path.

Here is the official manual.

Temperature Selection: Six temperature settings, seventy two watts of power at max setting.

Heat Time: Six seconds.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The Legend is very easy to clean, far easier than traditional dab rigs. You mostly just have to clean the glass mouthpiece and the water attachment. If you need to clean it more thoroughly, the various pieces are easily disassembled, and since they are made from glass, cleaning is quick and easy.

Performance and Vapor Quality

Loto Legend Performance

Using the Loto Legend was a great experience. Initially I was a bit intimated by all the pieces and the big device. But after putting it together and using it a few times I quickly got used to the interface and loading/ vaping procedure. The Legend is surprisingly easy to use and has no “fluffy” settings that no one needs. It is straightforward and it performed well in all categories.

Device Performance

The major selling point of induction vaporizers is that they heat up quickly, and the Legend definitely delivers on that front. It can heat up to 800°F in twelve seconds flat, outpacing traditional dab rigs. Setup is fast and simple and the whole device feels sturdy and well-built.

I found the best vapor quality was at Medium to Low heat settings. High heat settings produces harsher hits with more vapor. But I enjoyed the soft aroma that’s available with low temp dabbing.

Vapor Quality

I’ve tried all sorts of extract vaporizers over the years, and the Legend provides some of the best flavor I have ever experienced. It’s completely pure with a rich aroma, and excellent flavor that goes down smooth. I stuck with the low to medium heat settings and was satisfied for the whole session. Higher temperatures might produce bigger clouds but I wasn’t willing to give up on the tasty experience to find out.

Loto Legend vs Dr Dabber Switch

The Switch is the other big—literally—induction vaporizer and, along with the Puffco Peak, is one of the best extract rigs available. I already did a comparison between the Switch and the Peak, and here is how the Legend fits in-

The Peak is by far the smaller, most portable out of the bunch. And it doesn’t use induction technology, just the same old Ceramic coil, which will need to be replaced once in a while.

The Dr. Dabber Switch is about the same size as the Legend, but it has an internal battery. Versus the Legend which must be plugged in. The Switch is the only one out of the three that can vape Dry Herbs in addition to Extracts.

The Loto Legend is the least portable, but it has the most luxurious design out of the three.

Loto LegendDr Dabber Switch
Compatible withWax
Wax, Dry herb

Heat Settings
Heat Time3 to 12 seconds3 to 12 seconds
Power SourceWall OutletBattery
WarrantyTwo yearsTwo years
Smartphone AppYesNo
Price$499 directly from Loto Labs$399.99 from Dr. Dabber

Bottom Line

Loto Legend
8.1 Total Score
Bottom Line

I really enjoyed testing out the Legend. It performed well in all areas and flavor was outstanding. Loto wanted to make a high-end, practical, great performing dabbing rig and that’s exactly what they did. The Loto is big, requires a plug-in, and it's expensive. But it provides a one of a kind vaping experience, and it has an impressive timeless design.

Who is it for: Tech-savvy stoners with money to spend. At-home dab rig or bong users that are very serious about their dabs. I see this being a great fit for musicians, artists to have in their studio. 

Who is it NOT for: Anyone who wants a portable vaporizer, that is completely out of the question here. Users on a tight budget. 

The Legend retails for $499 directly from Loto, and our exclusive coupon code- TVG100 will get you $100 off.


A huge proponent of the vaping lifestyle who would love it if everyone who smokes makes the switch to vaping instead. Loves CBD and would like to see it infused into everything. Aside from the world of vaping, he also loves reading, health & fitness, gadgets & technology, and culture, both the pop and regular kind.

  1. Good honest review. I for one will not buy this crap. They way they treated us, to finally getting the product that no where does what it claims, and getting hardly any support on it shows you what this company is about. I would not recommend anyone to do business with Loto Labs!!! Buyer beware!

  2. Am I the only person who is actually happy to have received a device from Loto Labs? This thing was crowdfunded, and I’ve had nothing but a series of failures, scams, and disappointments for anything crowdfunded. At least Loto Labs actually fulfilled. And I personally like the Lux for pure concentrate, low temp. Any butthurt crybabies need to get real. It’s hard to create a product, and not only did they do that, but they survived for a long time, and fulfilled. And now, by the looks of it, they’re following it up with the best dab device out there. I actually love the Lux, especially for what I paid for it. And, I’m glad this venture actually SUCCEEDED. Anyone who hates on them at this point is insane or single-digit IQ. I was going to wait to order the Legend, but this review convinced me to pull the trigger. Thank you for your honesty. I look forward to supporting this company again.

    • I’m all up for second chances. And seems like the Legend actually delivers. Not just a gimmick. I’m putting it to the test to see how it I feel about it over time.

  3. I’ve been using this rig for three months. In short, not worth it. I would not recommend this rig at all. My biggest beef is the cheap class they sell at such high prices. They break without effort. The u-pipe chipped while I was inserting it back into device after cleaning just a few weeks into use, 30$+ expedited shipping to replace. A couple weeks later, the susceptor holder suddenly chipped as I put a brush inside it, with a piece of glass just falling out leaving a hole in the side. Another 50$ to replace. The parts are junk, they crumble. And without them you can’t use the rig. So here I am.
    Next, there’s taste. Whoever said this rig produces the best tasting vapors is lying through their teeth. Granted, better than using a torch, but nowhere near an electric nail. This rig needs to be cleaned much more often than average to maintain proper airflow. The dabs are small and the learning curve to use this rig is humongous. If you still are not convinced there are better choices out there and just want this rig, sure. I understand, that’s how I got it. But be ready to spend a huge amount of time learning how to use it properly and a dollar amount equivalent to 2-4g of oil per month that you’d spend on replacement parts instead. Good luck lasting longer than 3 months like that

    • Because of your review of the glass pieces of this device, i just canceled more order. I will not tolerate cheap glass. Thanks for the heads up. Saved me a ton.

    • Hi Alex, thanks for letting us know about these issues and your experience. We’ll do some research to check if other users are experiencing the same problems and if so, we’ll update the review to reflect that. I’ll also reach out to Loto Labs and ask them to address the quality of the parts. Also, I know that they are supposed to come out with a firmware update soon that will do a better job of regulating the temperature and enhance the flavor. I’ll ask about that in my email.

  4. I bought one of these but the app never worked, always crashes. It also leaks a lot of material due to the placements of the air holes near the material when using – this causes leaks and a persistent burned taste. I contacted their support team but they couldn’t help and refused to offer a refund – save your money.

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