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In the Dr. Dabber Switch review, I mentioned that induction heating could be the future and, lo and behold, we have another entrant into the—rather slim, so far—ranks of induction vaporizers. The Legend is a large e-nail style concentrate vaporizer similar to the Switch and it’s one of the more interesting looking vapes I’ve seen recently (Here is a short video showing actual usage). It’s not out yet, but it’s supposed to ship in late October, so we’ll see if that happens. This is just a quick look to give you a quick impression.

Loto Labs Lux

This isn’t Loto Labs first ride on the induction rodeo, they tried it before with the Loto Lux, an induction vaporizer that even predated the Switch, and was a portable to boot, unfortunately the Lux was far from successful. It was a crowdfunded project that got a lot of excitement at first, when donors got a look at its funky design and advanced technology. The Lux soon suffered the fate of too many crowdfunded projects when it failed to be completed on time, leaving donors high and dry, or rather, just dry.

It was supposed to be a dry herb vaporizer but when it was released Loto Labs said that it was for wax vaping only, making it a huge, expensive one substance vape. When it finally arrived, it was a disappointment, failing to outperform other portable wax vapes that didn’t cost nearly as much. Let’s hope that they have better luck with the Legend.

Induction Heating Technology

I already covered induction heating in another article, but here is a quick refresher. This is a heating method that uses electromagnetism to create a magnetic field, which in turn creates electric currents—or eddy currents—in any ferrous metal placed within that magnetic field. There is also a secondary reaction, called hysteresis, that helps to heat up the metal placed within the magnetic field.

The currents and the hysteresis reaction both heat up the metal but the coils that create the magnetic field do not get heated. This is a desirable heating method in vaporizers because it results in very fast heat times, even heat distribution, and a vape that is not hot to the touch.

How it Looks

The Legend looks a little like a huge, fancy bong at first glance, but on closer examination, you can see how it stands out. It has a *very* large base that seems to be wrapped in leather, with a glass mouthpiece sticking straight up out of it. There is a big button on one side of the base and the wax receptacle is on the opposite side from that button, said receptacle is also where the induction coils are located.

Since it’s an induction vape, there is a metal container where you place your wax before putting it into the receptacle. The inside of that container is likely to be lined with something like ceramic or quartz, so that the wax doesn’t come into contact with any raw metal. The Legend certainly has a unique design, but most importantly, it looks like it will be very easy to use. We’ll find out eventually.

The (Not So) Final Word

Loto Labs has a lot to make up far after the fiasco of the Lux, but it’s looking like the Legend could be the perfect mea culpa for that debacle. The Switch proves that induction heating can work in a nice, big vape, as opposed to a portable. Now we just need to see if the Legend can deliver a comparable—or even superior—vaping experience to the Switch.

Considering what happened with the Lux, and considering Loto Labs’ track record, we would advise you to wait until the Legend actually ships instead of preordering it. We also advise that you wait for the hands-on Loto Labs Legend review when this vape launches, sign up to our newsletter to get notified when that happens.


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