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Loki Vaporizer Review

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Loki Vaporizer Bottom Line

What I liked about the Loki Vaporizer more than everything is how simple and intuitive it is. Some Vapes out there have everything from smartphone apps to a heavy set of settings you need to deal with. The Loki is different. Just plug and play. The vapor quality is still well above the average in this price range.

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In-Depth Loki Dry Herb Vaporizer Review

The Loki Dry Herb Vaporizer has been specially designed to give quality vaping experience to users at an affordable price.  It comes with a sleek finish, sturdy built and a unique retractable mouthpiece. The Loki is a very compact vaping device with smart one button operation.  An overall height of just 3.75 inches makes the Loki portable vaporizer that you can easily carry in your pocket.  It features an anodized heating oven to give you rich flavors without sacrificing vapor production.  The Loki offers the user three preset temperature settings for customized vaping experience.  While the lowest setting delivers premium flavor, at the highest temperature you get thick vapors.  It comes with a very useful equipment kit that includes a cleaning brush, packing tool and three pipes to clean the vapor path.

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loki-weed-vaporierLoki Design

Though the Loki is an affordable vaporizer, it looks very sleek and expensive. The overall finish is smooth and the gray cover on the heating chamber adds to the visual appeal of the vaporizer.  You get easy access to the heating chamber by simply sliding the cover up.  With this feature the manufacturer has addressed two main concerns of vaping enthusiasts – safety and ease of use.  By keeping the heating chamber towards the bottom of the vaporizer Loki ensures the user safety and the sliding lid gives easy access to the chamber.  It also makes the packing very convenient and simple.  I liked the retractable mouthpiece that is operated by a button on the side of the vaporizer.  This feature gives a touch of class to the Loki.  Another thing worth mentioning is the very useful tool box that comes with this vaporizer.  The packing tool in particular proves to be very handy when it comes to loading the heating chamber.  It has a flat hammer like design that allows you to pack your herb conveniently without spilling over.

Using the Loki Dry Herb Vaporizer

I did not face the slightest of problem to use the Loki Dry Herb Vaporizer.  Before using the vaporizer, make sure that it is fully charged.  Then simply slide the oven cover up and pack your material and gently press it with the packing tool.  Put the cover back and you are ready for a quality vaping session. The Loki offers the convenience of one button operation.  To start the vaporizer, push the button three times and it automatically starts heating on the lowest temperature setting.  The lowest setting is indicated by a green blinking light.  When the blinking turns into a full light, it means that you can start vaping.  The Loki offers three temperature settings – green for lowest, blue of medium and red for the highest.  To cycle through the different settings, just push the button once and your go to the next setting.  The mouthpiece is operated by a smart button on the other side of the vaporizer.  Just press it and the mouthpiece pops up smartly from the Loki.

loki-herb-vaporierLoki Vaping Experience

If you are looking for a rich flavor, go to the lowest temperature setting on the Loki and you will feel amply rewarded.  I personally liked it on the medium setting where one gets a mix of rich taste and big clouds of vapor.  You can take long and fulfilling draws and one filling lasts a good 10 to 15 draws depending on the how long your draws are.  On the highest temperature setting you get large plumes of vapor; however the taste tends to fade a bit.  Also, the vapor tends to become bit warmer than the lower settings.  If you are a hardcore vaping enthusiast looking for large clouds of vapor, the top temperature setting works well for you.

What did we like about the Loki Vaporizer?

  • Sleek and Simple Design
  • Easy to Use
  • Anodized Heating Oven
  • Retractable Mouthpiece

Battery & Warranty

The Loki comes with a built-in Li-ion rechargeable battery that is potent enough to give you up to three hours of run time once fully charged.  Make sure you charge the battery fully before starting a session and you will not be disappointed.  The Loki comes with a replacement manufacturer warranty, restricted to normal use.  Both of these features add a lot of value to the overall package.

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