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Linx Hypnos Zero is the upgraded and improved version of the original Hypnos yet smaller in size. By the sheer look of it, this device is attractive in anyway. The brushed stainless steel finish makes it strong, durable and the exterior is smooth to touch. The quality of the vapor is smoother and tastier than other vape pens because it uses ceramic dish atomizer. Great taste even at the lower settings but only works with tiny loads of wax. Nevertheless, it’s a must have vaporizer for beginners or stoners alike.

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In-Depth Linx Hypnos ZERO Review:

Linx Hypnos Zero is the upgraded and improved version of the original Hypnos yet smaller in size. Made by Linx Vapor, this wax pen has significant features that make it worthy of your time and consideration if you’re looking for a chic and sleek wax pens. Keep reading to get all the details on the new Linx Hypnos Zero ($79.99 from Linx Vapor).

Linx Hypnos Zero Wax Vape Pen

With only 11 cm in height, the Linx Hypnos ZERO gives justice to its high-quality stainless steel finish.


By the sheer look of it, you can definitely admire the chicness of its design. The overall height of under 11 cm and its attractive brushed stainless steel finish makes it feel like an apple product – strong, durable and the exterior is smooth to touch. I must say that the Hypnos Zero is one of the nicest looking pens I ever own yet.

Most vapers are skeptical about small vaporizers for being flimsy, but the Linx Hypnos proves them wrong since the stainless steel finish of this vape pen helps a lot with its durability.

Also worth taking note, that the Hypnos Zero is a very good option if you are looking for a discrete wax pen. The size is an obvious advantage because you can easily keep it concealed anywhere and carrying it with you on-the-go will be breezy.

Besides the beautiful brushed stainless steel finish, the mouthpiece is actually made out of glass. Because of this, Zero has NO plastic or chemical smell whatsoever and produced very very tasty vapor. Linx Vapor is nice enough to provide you with 2 mouthpieces for your kit so you don’t have to worry about breaking the mouthpiece glass.

Linx Hypnos ZERO Glass

The mouthpiece is made out of glass which helps improve the flavor of your vapor.

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality of the Linx Hypnos Zero is astonishing, to say the least. The flavor produces by Hypnos Zero is definitely much smoother than most other pens I’ve tried, perhaps this is because this pen uses ceramic dish atomizer.

Using ceramic dish atomizer instead of traditional quartz coil makes the vapor smooth and light. Quartz coils tend to provide the purest flavor but can make the vapor a little rough and scratchy when you take a big hit. Although, this technology has existed in vaping industry for a year now. I must say using ceramic atomizers will make your vaping experience more comfortable in most cases.

When loading your wax material, keep it in .08gram, a little less would be better. Some reviews I had read stated it would hold .2grams but in reality, even .1gram is getting close to the air holes which can cause leakage and waste of material (.06 – 0.08gram would be the best).

Hypnos ZERO Chamber

I recommend loading the Ceramic Dish Chamber with .08gram ONLY. Exceeding +.1grams can clog air holes below the mouthpiece and might cause a waste of your material.

Temperature Flexibility

Unlike the other Linx Ares that I previously reviewed which has only two temp settings to play with, this device offers you 4 temperatures to customize your session – current level is indicated by the color of the light. From lowest to highest, the colors are Blue, Green, Yellow, and Red.

Hypnos ZERO Temp Settings

Blue – is the lowest temperature setting, Green – is the medium setting, Yellow – is medium high and Red – is the highest.

The 2 lower temperatures (Blue and Green) focus more on a flavor filled experience, while the 2 higher temps (Yellow and Red) produces larger clouds. Switching temperatures is very easy, just 3 clicks on the power button.

Battery Life Performance

Because of the compact size of the Hypnos Zero, the battery size only limits to 650mAh. While this is a great unit to carry around in your pocket, consider this first especially if you’re an avid vaper who likes playing around on high temps. This device won’t be able to use as much without recharging often times.

How to use and Cleaning

The Linx Hypnos Zero is a straightforward device when it comes to its functionality. To turn it on, press the power button 5 times. To change between temperatures, simply click the power button 3 times. The light of the power button will change to indicate your current temperature setting (Blue, Green, Yellow, and Red).

Next, load the atomizer with your wax/concentrate material. Screw the mouthpiece on and press and hold the power button to enjoy your vapor.

Cleaning the unit is fairly simple, soaking the mouthpiece in some ISO alcohol for a few mins. I’d recommend doing this once per battery charge.

Try to watch the video that Linx Vapor just recently added for a step by step process on how to clean the Hypnos Zero properly.

Final Verdict

Keep in mind that this unit only works with tiny loads of wax. Exceeding +.1grams can clog air holes below the mouthpiece and might cause a waste of your material. Once you get used to the tiny loads it works fine. Great taste at the lower settings – Blue and Green.

Where to buy the Linx Hypnos ZERO?

Buy the Linx Hypnos ZERO directly from Linx Vapor. Buying from them is the safest option and will ensure that you get the full warranty and service.

Linx Hypnos ZERO Vape Pen

Buying from Linx Vapor is the safest option and will ensure that you get the full warranty.


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