Linx GAIA Review – World’s 1st Dry Herb Vape w/ Quartz Chamber (Worth it?)

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The Linx GAIA is a new dry herb vaporizer with the world's first quartz herb chamber. The Linx GAIA also features a speedy and efficient nearly 100% convection heating system. The sleek, stylish design, simple interface, and impressive vapor quality make the Linx GAIA a dry herb vaporizer to consider. Check out our full review for all the details!

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Linx GAIA Background

The Linx GAIA ($159.99 from Linx Vapor) is a new and innovative dry herb vaporizer from Linx, a company known for making high quality vape pens–like the Hypnos ZERO and the ARES–which have both appeared on our Best Vape Pens list. Even though Linx is new to the dry herb marketplace, they’re looking to make a big impression with the GAIA as it is the world’s first dry herb vaporizer with a quartz heating chamber.

The Linx GAIA is meant for vapers of all experience levels but versed vapers will appreciate the quartz heating chamber as we are already well-acquainted with ceramic and metal chambers and love to try new things! This Linx GAIA review will go in depth about this vape pen’s ergonomics, form, function, and vapor quality.

Linx GAIA weed vaporizer review

Linx GAIA Kit

The GAIA’s package includes everything you need to get your vape session underway:

  • The Linx GAIA vaporizer
  • Linx GAIA magnetic mouthpiece cap
  • Magnetic cleaning tool and brush
  • 2-in-1 Lightning and micro USB charger

You’ll want a good grinder like the Easy Grinder if you want to take full advantage of the GAIA’s quartz herb chamber by maximizing the surface area of your bud. This simple addition to your routine will set you up to better conserve your herb.
Also, the Easy Grinder is an electric grinder, which means that it’s fast, efficient, and will complement the Gaia’s OLED display screen. Next generation vaping: here we come!

Linx GAIA dry herb review

Key Features of the Linx GAIA

When it comes to noteworthy features, the quartz herb chamber is the clear standout since it’s a world first. The sleek exterior of this weed vape is also something that stands out versus the competitors.

The Linx GAIA’s features also include:

  • Dry herb compatibility
  • OLED screen – displays vital information at a glance
  • Variable temperature control – set your preferred temperature
  • World’s first quartz herb chamber for excellent vapor quality and flavor
  • Almost 100% convention heating system – fast + efficient heating
  • Glass mouthpiece – vapor path is clear of unwanted materials 
  • Integrated magnetic packing tool for convenience
  • Sells for $159.99 from Linx Vapor

The Gaia also features a unique air insulation system that cools down the unit using the incoming air. No toxic insulation materials that can be inhaled, and don’t worry, the incoming air doesn’t pass over any of the electronics. The Linx GAIA features impressive performance and design features in a sleek package.

Linx GAIA review
The Linx GAIA has premium features that solo vapers will appreciate, like the glass mouthpiece and OLED screen.

Design of the Linx GAIA

The Linx GAIA has a two button temperature control and a single power button. A large OLED screen on the front of the Linx GAIA clearly conveys the temperature setting and battery level. The Linx GAIA uses a glass mouthpiece that is coverable with a magnetic cap when not in use.

A packing tool is stored magnetically in the base of the GAIA so you won’t need to scrounge for random probing items just to tamp down your herb. Just remember to replace it when you’re done! Despite it’s sleek style, the Gaia can be pretty discreet, at 50 x 24 x 80 mm, it’s small enough to be a true portable. So, if you want to engage in some covert vaping, you can.

The Linx GAIA has a brushed aluminum finish with chrome accents on either end. The GAIA weighs 146 g and feels nice and sturdy when you hold it. The Linx GAIA looks and feels like a high end vaporizer. Actually, it resembles a box mod, which is cool–it looks kind of like the VooPoo Drag Mod–but baby sized. 🙂 We love that innovative touch–pretty cool!

Linx GAIA dry herb vaporizer review

How to use the Linx GAIA

Despite it’s sleek, futuristic feel, the Linx GAIA is an easy to use dry herb vape. To get started;

    1. Remove the magnetic cap and unscrew the mouthpiece to expose the chamber.
    2. Remove the packing tool from the base and use it to pack the chamber with herb.
    3. Replace the mouthpiece and the packing tool – Don’t lose these!
    4. Power on the Linx GAIA by quickly pressing power button 5x.
    5. Choose your desired temperature using arrows below display screen.

Once the temp level is set, just hold down the power button to start the heating process. When the Linx GAIA has finished heating, you’re ready to vape! Drag from the glass mouthpiece while holding the power button to enjoy the vapor. Now, just sit back and marvel.

Linx GAIA dry herb vape review

Linx GAIA Performance and Vapor Quality

I had high expectations for the Linx GAIA because of the quartz herb chamber and the glass mouthpiece; they are both high quality materials that will contribute to vapor flavor and temperature control.

The Linx GAIA surpasses expectations by delivering clean, pure tasting vapor. The flavor of the vapor combined with the minimal draw resistance makes using the Linx GAIA a pleasurable experience.

Also, the long battery life means that you can take it anywhere without worrying about running out of power. Hiking trip? Yep. Music festival? Sure thing. Road trip? As long as you’re not driving and vaping, definitely.

The convection heating chamber also did the job, heating up the herb evenly without the need to stop and stir. You can also take pretty hard draws or draw delicately and the Linx GAIA will accommodate you either way. Overall, the quartz herb chamber is a clear success. If we had to guess, we are pretty sure that we will be seeing quartz heating chambers entering the market.

Linx GAIA weed vape review

Linx GAIA Review: Final Thoughts

After trying out the Linx GAIA ($159.99 from Linx Vapor), I wonder why it took so long for a quartz herb chamber to enter the market. The quality of the vapor it produces is impressive because of the chamber and the nearly 100% convection heating system. Bonus: the quartz chamber is super easy to clean! Veteran and novice vapers will appreciate what Linx has done with this weed vaporizer.

Entering the crowded marketplace of Dry Herb Vaporizers is not easy but the Linx GAIA manages to stand out thanks to the quartz herb chamber, innovative air insulation system, as well as its stylish design, display screen, and excellent performance.

The Linx GAIA is an innovative, sleek dry herb vaporizer that has already entered my regular rotation. Besides, the Gaia is an incredible value for the price, without much competition in this price bracket. While a Pax 3 or a DaVinci IQ are still ahead performance-wise–such premium vapes will set you back nearly 300 bucks. The Gaia doesn’t have a major competitor to speak of at this price, and for that–we really love it.

Where to buy the Linx GAIA?


Hybrid Convection and Conduction Dry Herb Vaporizer with a Quartz Heating Chamber and OLED Temperature Control


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