Linx Ares Review

Linx Ares Review
9.4 Total Score
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The Linx Ares is considered as a “honey straw” vaporizer because of how it functions. The Linx Ares has no chamber to load so it uses ceramic heating element to slurp up the extracts directly from the glass jar. Although Ares has only two temp settings – low and high. This temperature provides more flavor and generates better cloud production than any traditional vape pen. A very well-built wax vaporizer that gives a different experience to the user.

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In-Depth Linx Ares Review:

Linx just presented their new LINX ARES ($109.95 from Linx Vapor), a wax and concentrate vaporizer. The Ares is a “honey-straw” style vaporizer which works in a unique way. Using a ceramic heating element, it vaporizes the concentrates out of a glass jar and then sucked into the mouthpiece.

Linx Ares

Rather than loading an atomizer like a traditional wax pen. The Linx Ares can be vape directly from the concentrate container using the device like a straw to slurp up the material.

Overall, the Linx Ares impressed me in terms of vapor quality and production. I loved the fact the there was no chamber to load and that I could inhale the wax right out of the Jar.

In the Box

We have a manual, charger, cleaning brush, extra glass mouthpiece, glass jar, and the Ares Vaporizer.

Linx Ares Design

The Linx Ares is made mostly out of medical grade stainless steel and has a sturdy and stealthy design. The Ares looks like a large pen and will easily fit in a pocket or a bag.

On one side of the vaporizer, is the glass mouthpiece which has a magnetic cover. The mouthpiece can be screwed in and out for cleaning and replacement (Linx include an extra mouthpiece in the box).

The glass mouthpiece has a similar design to the mouthpiece on the rest of the Linx product line and provides a smooth even draw.

The heating element is located on the other end of the Ares, and also has a magnetic cover. The heating element can be screwed out for replacement and cleaning. The vapor travels upwards through the body of the Ares and into the mouthpiece.

The Linx Ares only has 2 temperature settings, low and high. The lower temperature provides more flavor and the higher temperature generates better cloud production.

Honey Straw Feature

Linx Ares Concentrate

Just dip the heating element made from ceramic into your jar of concentrate to quickly get in a draw.

The Linx Ares is a “honey-straw” style vaporizer. What this means is that unlike other vape pens, there is no chamber to load. The Ares will suck the vapor right out of the glass jar. On the tip of the heating element, there is a small pin that will keep the air path elevated, allowing air to flow in and carry the vapor upwards.

Using the Linx Ares

To prepare for usage, place a little wax or concentrate inside the supplied glass jar. Unlock the Ares by clicking the power button five times. Open both covers- mouthpiece and heating element.

Place the heating element inside the glass jar and start inhaling (while holding the power button). The Ares has an automatic cut-off power after 10 seconds of continues vaping.

The Ares has two heat levels- 900 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. To toggle between them, click the power button three times. The Ares will blink once of twice to indicate the level (twice being the higher one).

Vapor Quality

It’s unbelievable, I loved the vapor coming out of this thing. There is something with honey straws unit that preserves the flavor better than ordinary pens. I’ve tried few in the past such as the Vaped Micro Nectar Collector and Dipstick Vaporizer, but none was more convenient to used than the Ares.

Linx Ares Vaporizer

Battery life on the Ares is average, if you are a moderate user you can easily go a day or two without needing to charge the unit.

The vapor was creamy and smooth. Due to the heating chamber located away from the mouthpiece, the vapor has enough time to cool down while traveling upwards. The stainless steel body and the glass mouthpiece did a great job in keeping the natural aroma of the concentrate.

One thing I didn’t like about the Ares

The battery is enclosed inside the body. So to charge it, you would have to unscrew the heating element and screw the charger. While this is not a deal breaker, many vape pens use a more convenient, ordinary Micro USB plug, which is more commonly available.

Final Verdict

The Linx Ares is fun to use, efficient, and supplies top-notch vapor quality. I loved the convenience of not having to fill out a chamber and instead, suck my concentrate right out of the glass jar. The Ares is well-built and gives a different experience than an ordinary vape pen. Seems like Linx nailed a home run with this one and made this unit as one of my best vape pens this 2017.

Linx Ares Vaporizer

Buying from Linx Vapor is the safest option and will ensure that you get the full warranty.



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  1. I bought this product and it quit working after two days. Apparently, resin quickly collects in places that will short the battery out. I feel like your 9.4 rating is misleading. It’s a novel idea, but this unit is a piece of crap that keeps shorting out.

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