Limitless Lux 215w Review

Limitless Lux 215w Review

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The Limitless Lux 215w is a dual 26650 TC box mod that can also be used with 18650 battery. The powerful Limitless LUX is co-designed by Limitless and iJoy. Although, it may probably the biggest and tallest vape mods in the market. The battery life and its versatility and performance will be the reason you will like this device.

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In-Depth Limitless Lux 215w Review:

The Limitless Lux 215W Box mod by iJoy is a big mod, probably one of the biggest I ever used. Not only it is big in size but also big in power. It packs 215 watts and the battery that goes into this device are the big ones – dual 26650 batteries. The big boy temperature control box mod by iJoy says size matters after all.

Dual 26650, Features

The Limitless Lux 215W ($149.90 from VapeSourcing) is a high-powered, dual 26650 mod that can be used also with twin 18650 battery using a battery cases/adapters (18650 battery sold separately). It has huge venting holes, as well as many other protections like PCB temperature overheat protection. It has a whopping power from 5 to 215 watts (the biggest output wattage I reviewed yet on a box mod). Also, this device has an accurate temp control modes that can support Nickel 200, Titanium and Stainless Steel heating materials. Temperature range from 300°-600°F and can fire down as low as 0.06 – 3.0 ohms in TC Mode.


You’re going to need a pair of INR batteries, 26650-sized with a 4200mAh rating required to run the system fully and effectively. Select a pair of smaller batteries, rated at 18650, and reduce your expectations; not a bad thing. Sometimes a vaper with lots of power at his fingertips prefers a mellow day.

Simple Interface and Menus

The 0.66 inch square OLED display screen is conveniently located on the top of the device which is bright and easy to read. You have four different Ramp-up settings; Soft, Normal, Hard, and USER.Limitless Luc TC Modes

Manage the mode of temperature control:

  • Norm Mode: That’s is your current wattage chosen before.
  • Hard Mode: Powerful +30% than your setting before wattage.
  • Soft Mode: Powerful -20% than you’re setting before wattage.
  • User Mode: According to personal like, it allows users to customize working waveband before 3 seconds output wattage.

The Limitless Lux by iJoy has a very simple interface, and it is very easy to learn and use! Five-clicks power the device will ON. Three-clicks once powered ON directs to a simple six-selection screen. Top row is for your TC wires; N – Nickel, T – Titanium and S – Stainless Steel. The bottom row has P – Power (wattage mode), the square icon is for flipping your screen orientation and the bar graph is to select your ramp-up modes. That’s it! Not complicated and straight to the point!

PCB temperature overheat protection

When the temperature of device is too high, the output will shut off automatically and the screen will display “PCB TOO HOT”

  • Low power alert: When battery voltage is below 6.4V , the device shows “LOW BATTERY”
  • PCB Atomizer short-circuits protection: When atomizer short-circuit occurs, the OLED screen will display “SHORTED”
  • No Atomizer: When no atomizer connects, the device will display “No atomizer”
  • Low resistance protection: When the resistance is lower than 0.06ohm, the OLED screen will display “OHMS TOO LOW”. When the resistance is higher than 3ohm, the OLED screen will display “OHMS TOO HIGH”.

Interchangeable Sleeves


If you feel getting a new look for this vape mod, the interchangeable aluminum outer sleeve of Limitless Lux 215W are available to order – available in wood grain and carbon printed design. The interchangeable sleeve is pretty easy to replace; just slide it down and it will reveal the battery tray. The battery tray and the sleeve itself both has 10mm magnet on the bottom and snaps down into place – like loading a clip into a gun! The magnet is so strong it stays in place very well.


ijoy_limitless_lux_dual_box_mod_black1In the box, you will find one Limitless Lux 215W, one user manual, a USB cable for firmware upgrade, a warranty card, two 18650 battery cases/sleeves and two iJoy 26650 4200mAh batteries.

Final thoughts

The Limitless Lux 215W still has minor glitches on its TC modes. Although, this may be addressed/fix on upgrading the firmware this could be a big deal for some consumers. Some may find the Limitless Lux heavy and bulky. But this won’t stop me from loving this device. It’s a pretty nice and well-made vape mod. And the battery life is a major advantage and does provide tons of time for more vaping and less charging! Plus it includes two 26650 cell in the kit. Which we all know that not everyone has 26650 cell batteries, and buying a set could be costly, so to include them and the 18650 adapter sleeves was a very smart decision for iJoy.

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Where to buy the Limitless Luz 215W?

I recommend buying the Limitless Lux 215W from VapeSourcing. They offer great deals and money back guarantee.

Limitless Lux 215W

Buy the Limitless Lux 215W from VapeSourcing




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    Will April 4, 2017 at 8:01 am

    Can anyone help me in installing the firmware for these? I just can’t seem to get it to work. I downloaded the file but it just doesn’t give me the option to click run just saves file.
    Anyone know where I may be going wrong?

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