Kozo Herb Grinder Review: How Does this Manual Weed Grinder Stack up to the Competition?

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Kozo Herb Grinder Review Bottom Line

The Kozo is a great 4 piece grinder for vapers on a tight budget or for anyone who needs an inexpensive portable backup. It has some great design features like an ergonomic grip and deeper than average collection chamber. If you need a solid, affordable manual grinder then the Kozo herb grinder deserves your consideration.

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Kozo Herb Grinder Background

The Kozo Herb Grinder ($19.95 from Amazon) is a solid 4 piece manual weed grinder that any vaper on a budget should consider. You already know why you need a good herb grinder, now you want to know if you need this herb grinder.

The Kozo has a lot going for it. For one thing, it’s actually an upgrade to the original that adds a deeper collection chamber that can hold more herb. It still has all the great qualities of the original, like the nice indentations that make gripping it simple. Are all those qualities enough to take on the Best Weed Grinders? Keep reading my Kozo herb grinder review to find out.

Kozo Herb Grinder Kit

  • Kozo 4-piece Herb Grinder
  • Kief scraper
Kozo Herb Grinder kit
L-R: Chamber lid, grinding chamber, collection chamber, kief catcher, kief scraper.

Key Features of the Kozo Herb Grinder

  • Compatible w/ dry herb
  • Indented finger holds make it easier to grip
  • Deep collection chamber holds a lot of herb
  • Strong, secure magnetic connections
  • Retails for $19.95 from Amazon
Kozo Herb Grinder Grip Indentations
The indentations on the surface make it easy to grip the Kozo securely while grinding.

Kozo Herb Grinder Design

The Kozo is 2.5” in diameter and 1.5” tall when all 4 pieces are assembled together, that means that it’s not too tall and can easily fit into a purse or backpack. You won’t have to worry about it falling apart and spilling its contents because it has a sturdy aluminum build with strong magnetic connections. One of the other updates is that now you have a variety of colors to choose from, not just basic black.

The indentations on the grinder increase grip leverage, giving users more torque when grinding. This helps to make the Kozo a little easier to use than other manual grinders. The teeth are trapezoidal in shape and the hole filters are round, which makes it easy for the ground herb to fall into the collection chamber. The grinding chamber has a non stick surface so cleaning it is easy—that is, when you have to clean it at all.

Kozo Herb Grinder Teeth
The Kozo has trapezoid shaped grinding teeth.

How to Use the Kozo Herb Grinder

  1. Remove the top lid, place your herb in the chamber, replace the top lid.
  2. Start grinding by twisting the first chamber back and forth in the opposite direction of the other chambers.
  3. Remove the top two chambers to expose the collection chamber.
  4. Transfer the herb to your vaporizer’s heating chamber.
Kozo Weed Grinder
Magnetic connections make it simple to separate each section when it's time to grind.

Performance of the Kozo Herb Grinder

The Kozo grinds the weed to a nice consistency that works well in all vaporizers. However, it doesn’t quite grind the herb down to the fine, powdery consistency you get with other manual grinders. That is because of the trapezoid shaped teeth, they do a good job but diamond shaped teeth are the ideal in manual grinders.

I still got nicely flavored vapor when using the ground herb from the Kozo with a quality dry herb vape like the Argo. However, the slightly larger pieces mean that I don’t get as much of that vapor as with more finely ground weed.

Fortunately, grinding up more weed when I need it is simple thanks to the indented finger holds. Grinding just feels faster with the Kozo than other manual grinders. The larger collection chamber is also a nice improvement and I like that herb doesn’t get stuck in the grinding chamber.

Kozo Herb Grinder Collection Chamber
The Kozo grinds up dry herb to nice vape-friendly consistency.

Kozo Herb Grinder vs Similar Grinders

Kozo Herb Grinder vs SLX Grinder

The SLX has triangle shaped teeth that grind the weed to a much finer, more powdery texture than the Kozo. It is a lot more expensive than the Kozo, however.

SLX Grinder Review Residue Free

Kozo Herb Grinder Review: Conclusion

The Kozo Herb Grinder ($19.95 from Amazon) is a very good grinder for the price. It’s well made, ergonomically designed, and nicely portable. It doesn’t grind to as fine a consistency as manual grinders with diamond shaped teeth, but it works very well and the weed vapes nicely.

The Kozo is a great choice if you are on a tight budget or if you want a portable, durable grinder that holds a lot of herb. Thanks for reading my Kozo herb grinder review, it’s not as great as the very Best Weed Grinders but it is very good

Kozo Herb Grinder

A quality herb grinder for the budget-minded vaper


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  1. A question. Included with the kozo grinder I just received, there is a thin rubber ring in the bottom compartment. What is this far? Thanks

  2. really like my kozo grinder. it works better th most grinders I have tried. I have a question though. where do I get the nylon ring that goes between the magnet cap and the grinding chamber ?

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