Kanger Katana Kit Preview

Kanger Katana Kit Review

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Kanger Katana (All-in-One) Kit Preview:

One of the most anticipated upcoming kits especially designed for beginner vapers is the Kanger Katana Kit. This vape has no OLED screen, no buttons, and nothing to fine-tune or adjust. Rather, all settings have been pre-programmed for full performance making it the perfect device for first-timers who want a device that will work well straight out of the box.

Like other incoming Genuine Kanger’s products, K-Air and K-Stick, the Katana is made with high-quality materials. The zinc-aluminum body provides durability, solidity, and corrosion resistance while remaining super lightweight. The Kangertech Katana features Pyrex glass tank instead of plastic ensuring an excellent vaping experience. Unlike plastic which tarnishes the appearance of the tank and alters the flavor of the juice, the Pyrex glass tank will not be affected by the acidic environment, hence, a cleaner, purer, and more flavorful hit.

The Kangertech Katana has a built-in high capacity internal lithium-ion battery. This unit can easily be charged using USB charging cable.

Like his other brothers from the Genuine Kanger series, Kangertech Katana was crafted with elegance and ergonomics in mind. The fine lines and curves were designed for the users’ comfortable grip while maintaining the exceptional design of the vape. You would also notice a small window which allows you to see how much juice is left, reducing the guesswork if you need to refill the vape before use.

The Kanger Katana’s atomizer coils are made with premium Kanthal resistance wire, while the wicks are 100% Japanese organic cotton. As a result, you will be able to enjoy a remarkably cleaner, tastier, and truer flavor from the e-juice.

As of now, I don’t have much to say about the performance and vapor quality of this e-cig starter kit. While we, unfortunately, do not have the target release date of this wonderful vape in the market, what we know is that it’s still under extensive research and development to achieve every customer’s satisfaction.

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Stay tuned for my In-Depth Kanger Katana Kit Review


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