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KandyPens Special K Review Bottom Line

The KandyPens Special K is still being tested so check back for the full review. Expectations are pretty high because KandyPens has a great reputation for quality. The Special K looks to continue that tradition so the full review is going to be one to look forward to.

KandyPens Special K Background

The KandyPens Special K ($79.95 directly from KandyPens, use coupon code TVG25 for a 25% discount) is KandyPens taking the term “vape pen” almost literally. This vaporizer pen resembles an actual pen, with a pocket clip and everything!

So for users who really value discretion, the Special K is perfect for them. KandyPens makes some of the Best Vape Pens around so you’ll be getting quality as well as discretion. My KandyPens Special K preview gives you an idea of what to expect from this oil vape pen.

KandyPens Special K Kit

  • KandyPens Special K
  • Two glass oil tanks
  • Carrying case + USB charger

You just get the basics with the kit so you might want to check out Amazon for some dab tools and storage containers to complete your oil vaporizer set-up.

kandypens special k preview kit

Key Features of the KandyPens Special K

  • Compatible w/ essential oils
  • 510 threading enables use with compatible cartridges
  • Viewing window allows users to monitor oil levels
  • Three temperature settings
  • Retails directly from KandyPens for $79.95, coupon code TVG25 provides a 25% discount
kandypens special k preview features

KandyPens Special K Design

The KandyPens Special K is 6.25 x 3.75 x 1.25 inches and closely resembles a real pen, so if you don’t mind looking like a nerd (nerds are cool now, so it’s okay!), this is one of the more discreet oil vape pens out there. It has a glossy shiny finish that’s pretty slick looking but the black finish is a fingerprint magnet. If that’s a big concern, you can always get the white finish instead.

The Special K is pretty easy to use with a simple one button operation. You’ll know when it’s time to refill thanks to a handy viewing window that allows you to monitor the oil level. The Special K has 510 thread compatibility so you can use a different vape pen’s cartridge on it—or vice versa. Overall, this is a great vape pen for users who value discretion and quality.

kandypens special k preview design

How to Use the KandyPens Special K

  1. Remove the cover cap then unscrew the cartridge from the battery.
  2. Fill the cartridge with oil then re-screw it to the battery.
  3. Press the power button 5x to turn on the device.
  4. Press the power button 3x to select the temperature.
  5. Once temperature has been reached, start inhaling from the mouthpiece.

KandyPens Special K Performance and Vapor Quality

Coming soon!

KandyPens Special K VS Similar Vapes

KandyPens Special K vs HoneyStick Rippo

The HoneyStick Rippo is also an oil vaporizer that resembles something else, a cigarette lighter in this case. This makes it covert, portable, stylish, and easy to use.


KandyPens Special K vs KandyPens Flacko Jodye Vape Pen

The Flacko Jodye Vape Pen is a collaboration between KandyPens and A$AP Rocky. This wax and oil compatible vape pen has a 510 oil cartridge for extra customization.

KandyPens Asap Rocky vape pen with prefilled 510 cartridge

KandyPens Special K Preview: Final Thoughts

KandyPens set the bar high in the vape pen market so I have every expectation that the Special K ($79.95 directly from KandyPens, use coupon code TVG25 for a 25% discount) will meet or exceed the standard they’ve set. My KandyPens Special K preview is over but the KandyPens Special K review is almost here, so stay tuned!

Where to buy the KandyPens Special K?

KandyPens Special K

A stealthy oil vape pen for the discreet vaper


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  1. What’s the max cartridge width it can accept on this device? Can you use some calipers? Thanks.

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