KandyPens Rubi vs Pax Era At a Glance

KandyPens RubiPax Era
Pod SystemOpenClosed
Battery Capacity280 mAh240 mAh
Height4 inches3.3 inches

Design Details

Pax Era VS KandyPens RUBI color selection

KandyPens Rubi: The Rubi has a simple, but stylish, design that is like an update to the typical, rectangular USB stick look of other e-cigs. The Rubi has smooth, rounded edges that feel much more comfortable in your hand, in your mouth, and in your pocket. There is a subtle KandyPens logo on the front that illuminates while you vape, but otherwise, this is a visually discreet device. At least it is if you choose one of the more understated colors, there are some flashier colors available if you don’t mind being the center of attention.

The Rubi is draw activated, so using it is simple, filling it might be a little more complicated because the fill hole is pretty small. The only downside to the Rubi is that it doesn’t have a window for you to monitor the liquid level in the pod. You have to remove the pod from the battery or wait till the flavor goes off. 

Pax Era: The Era has nearly the same proportions as the Rubi, as well as those rounded edges that feel so good. However, the only color available is a drab grey, which is great if you want to keep things covert, but not so great if you want to be a bit more bold. The Era also has the same weakness as the Rubi, namely the lack of any way to monitor the oil level. Since the Era is a closed system that uses pre-filled pods, it is very easy to use. However, despite its simplicity, it has some additional functionality that doesn’t affect the minimalist design. The Era has Pax’s petal logo on the front which lights up in different patterns to give you info on the battery level or temperature selection. 

The smartphone app gives you more granular control of the vaping experience. You can use the app to select a precise temperature, but its best trick might be Session Control. This is a mode that allows you to select your dosage level from micro, small, medium, or large levels. Select the dosage level from the app and after you hit your dosing limit, the Era will shut down for thirty seconds. It’s a smart system because it knows that the same dose at a higher temperature will be consumed faster than it will at a lower temp. So, you always have a good idea of how much oil you’re consuming in each session.

Heating Method

KandyPens Rubi: The Rubi uses a ceramic coil with Japanese cotton to heat up the oils or e-liquids. 

Pax Era: The Era uses a 2mm silica wick that has both ends submerged. This configuration stops the wick from drying out and allows it to be used with oils of varying viscosities.

Substance Compatibility

KandyPens Rubi: The Rubi’s open pod design means that it can use everything from e-liquids to nicotine salts to CBD and THC oil, so it’s a very versatile device.

Pax Era: Since the Era is a closed system, it can only use proprietary Pax Era pods.

Vapor Production

KandyPens Rubi: The Rubi is capable of producing some immense clouds, though that depends on the type of liquid or oil that you’re using.

Pax Era: The Era can output some huge clouds but that is dependent on what strain of oil you are using.

Longevity and Reliability

KandyPens RUBI vs Pax Era comparison

KandyPens Rubi: The Rubi is a very simple device with no moving parts so there is little that can go wrong with it. In fact, there is nothing that has gone wrong with it so far, so reliability is a non-issue here.

Warranty – Lifetime

Pax Era: The Era is a simple device with an anodized shell, so it’s quite durable. And since Pax has a solid reputation when it comes to building quality, you never need to worry about the era’s reliability.

Warranty – One year limited

Battery and Charging

KandyPens RubiPax Era
Battery Capacity280 mAh240 mAh
Puffs per Charge250+200
Charge Time80 minutes45 minutes
Charging CableMicro USBMicro USB
Pax Era VS KandyPens RUBI USB ports

How to Use

Pax Era pod VS KandyPens RUBI pod

KandyPens Rubi

  1. Remove the mouthpiece from the rest of the Rubi.
  2. Remove the rubber stopper from the pod, fill the pod with your oil or e-liquid, and then replace the stopper.
  3. Prime the Rubi pod. *details below*
  4. Place the mouthpiece back into the battery of the Rubi and inhale.

It’s important to prime the Rubi pod before step 4, this is a very short, quick process. Simply inhale from the mouthpiece 3-5 times before moving on to step 4. Skipping this step will result in dry hits and you definitely don’t want that. You only need to do this once per Rubi pod. The Rubi works well whether you use MTL (mouth to lung) or DLI (direct lung inhale) techniques. 

Pax Era

  1. Shake the Era without a cartridge in it to change the temperature.
  2. Once the temperature has been chosen, place a cartridge into the Era’s battery.
  3. Inhale from the mouthpiece.

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