KandyPens Rubi vs JUUL At a Glance

KandyPens RubiJUUL
Pod SystemOpenClosed
Battery Power280 mAh200 mAh
Pod Capacity1 mL0.7 mL
Height4 inches3.72 inches

Design Details

KandyPens RUBI vs JUUL e-cig

KandyPens Rubi: The Rubi is a sleek looking e-cigarette with rounded edges that make it easier to slip in and out of pockets. The Rubi is an open pod e-cigarette, which means that it uses a refillable pod. Refilling that pod requires some care since the opening is pretty small. Unfortunately, there is no way to monitor the level of e-liquid left in the pod because there is no viewing portal or similar design feature. 

Instead, you need to remove the pod from the battery or wait till the flavor deteriorates, needless to say, a viewing portal would have been better. The Rubi is available in a wide variety of funky colors that give it some extra panache for those who don’t mind standing out. But, if you want to keep it stealthy, you have some understated color choices as well. 

JUUL: The JUUL is the prototypical e-cigarette and so it has a prototypical design, namely, it looks kind of like a big USB stick. The design is either iconic or outdated depending on your point of view, but it does look similar to many other e-cigs available. The JUUL is very easy to use, which is one of the reasons why it is so popular. Removing and attaching each JUUL pod is simple and easy, which is the main attraction of these closed pod system e-cigs. 

Color selection is fairly limited compared to the Rubi, and the colors available are mostly understated. That’s not great for style, but it is good for covert vaping. Fortunately, the JUUL does have a window that allows you to check the amount of liquid left in each pod. That is the only design advantage the JUUL has over the Rubi though. The design and color selection of the Rubi allows it to stand out or blend in depending on your preferences.

Heating Method

KandyPens Rubi: The Rubi uses a ceramic coil with Japanese cotton. As with wax vaporizers, ceramic material is often used for heating because it can withstand high temperatures and does not affect the flavor of the substance being vaporized.

JUUL: The JUUL uses a standard wick with a nichrome coil. Nichrome is a nickel alloy that is durable, resistant to corrosion, and remains stable at high temperatures. It is commonly used in heating systems because of those qualities.

Substance Compatibility

KandyPens RUBI vs JUUL e-cigarette comparison

KandyPens Rubi: Since the Rubi is an open pod system, it can use a variety of different e-liquids, including nicotine salts. However, it can also use CBD and THC oil extracts, giving it some extra functionality.

JUUL: The JUUL is limited to the official, non-refillable pods sold by the manufacturer. They are available in a decent array of flavors, though the selection obviously pales compared to the different kinds of e-juice that can be purchased. The JUUL pods exclusively use nicotine salts, which is great for users who like that kind of intensity, but for everyone else, they can be a bit much. 

That is likely why JUUL has started selling pods with lower nicotine levels. However, those lower nicotine levels are not available in all flavors. JUUL pods are great and easy to use, but the flavor selection cannot hope to match the standalone e-juice varieties on the market.

Vapor Production

KandyPens RUBI lots of vapor Review

KandyPens Rubi: The Rubi is capable of generating huge plumes of vapor, though that depends in part, on the kind of e-liquid that you choose. Select a low nicotine e-juice and watch the clouds roll in, or rather, out.

JUUL: The JUUL doesn’t generate a tremendous amount of vapor, which is bad for cloud chasing, but is good for more low-key vaping.

Longevity and Reliability

KandyPens Rubi: KandyPens products have proven to be solidly reliable and the Rubi is no different. There isn’t a whole lot that can go wrong with the Rubi so there isn’t really much that anyone has to worry about. But the lifetime warranty should ease any fears owners of the Rubi may have.

Warranty – Lifetime

JUUL: One of the reasons why the JUUL is so enduring is because of its solid reliability. Like most e-cigarettes, it is a pretty simple device so there is very little that can go wrong with it.

Warranty – One year limited

Battery and Charging

KandyPens RUBI vs JUUL e-cig comparison
KandyPens RubiJUUL
Battery Capacity280 mAH200 mAh
Puffs per ChargeAbout 250100 to 200
Charge Time80 minutes60 minutes
Charging CableStandard USBProprietary (costs $10 to replace)

How to Use

KandyPens Rubi Salt e-Liquid Refill

KandyPens Rubi

Using the Rubi requires the following simple steps:

  1. Remove the pod from the battery of the Rubi.
  2. Remove the rubber stopper from the pod, fill the pod with your e-liquid, and replace the stopper.
  3. Prime the Rubi pod. *details below*
  4. Place the mouthpiece back into the battery of the Rubi and inhale from the mouthpiece.

It’s important to prime the Rubi pod before step 4, luckily, it is a very short and simple process. Simply inhale from the mouthpiece 3-5 times before moving on to step 4. Skipping this step will result in dry hits which you definitely do not want. You only need to do this once per Rubi pod. The Rubi works great whether you use MTL (mouth to lung) or DLI (direct lung inhale) vaping techniques.


The JUUL is an easy, intuitive e-cig to use:

  1. Place a full JUUL pod onto the battery.
  2. Inhale from the mouthpiece to start vaping.

That’s it, just two steps. The simplicity of the JUUL means that it is semblable to old-fashioned cigarette smoking. As a result, it’s the ideal e-cig for smokers who are trying to quit. The JUUL works best using the MTL technique. Using the DLI technique could result in getting e-juice in your mouth.

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