KandyPens Rubi vs JUUL Comparison: The Ultimate E-cigarette Showdown!

The KandyPens Rubi (Full Review | Buy) and the JUUL (Full Review | Buy) are two e-cigs with some serious similarities as well as some serious differences. They’re both top quality e-cigs that can challenge the Best e-cigs on the market. So, which one is right for you? That’s what this article is all about.

I can tell you that the KandyPens Rubi has an open pod system, meaning that it comes with a refillable pod that supports any type of e-liquid. The JUUL implements a closed pod system, which means that it functions with disposable e-juice pods—exclusive to the JUUL—that need to be replaced when they’re empty. What does that mean for you? Check out the rest of my KandyPens Rubi vs JUUL comparison to find out!

Where to Buy?

KandyPens Rubi

One of the best and most versatile open pod e-cigarettes


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KandyPens Rubi vs JUUL: Design and Features

These two e-cigs have some similar features as well as one significant difference that sets them apart from each other. Let’s take a closer look.


The KandyPens Rubi is only four inches tall and the JUUL is slightly shorter, needless to say, portability isn’t exactly an issue with either e-cig. You can fit each of them pretty much anywhere. The bigger consideration is not with the e-cigs but what medium they use.

You’ll need to account for any extra JUUL pods with the JUUL or any e-liquid bottles for the Rubi. The JUUL pods are so small that keeping track of them sometimes presents a problem. E-liquid bottles are not the kind of thing you usually carry around with you, so making space for them could be a slight issue—as well as simply remembering to refill your Rubi when the ejuice gets low.

Heating System

  • The JUUL uses a standard wick with a nichrome coil. Nichrome is a nickel chrome alloy commonly used in heating systems because it’s strong, corrosion resistant, and stable at high temperatures.
  • The KandyPens Rubi uses a ceramic coil with Japanese cotton. Ceramic coils can withstand high temperatures without affecting the flavor of the e-juice, which is why they’re regularly used in vaporizers.


KandyPens RUBI vs JUUL e-cig comparison
The KandyPens Rubi (L) uses standard, easily replaceable USB cables. The JUUL (R) uses a proprietary charger that costs $9.99 to replace.

The KandyPens Rubi

Rubi Design Highlights
  • Small and highly portable
  • Rounded edges feel good to hold
  • Leak proof
  • Rubi pod is easy to remove

Rubi Design drawbacks
  • Refilling Rubi pod can be time consuming
  • No way to check e-juice level without removing Rubi pod


JUUL Design Highlights
  • Angular design is stylish and ergonomic
  • JUUL pods are simple to remove
  • Battery level is easy to check
  • Can determine e-liquid level without removing the JUUL pod

JUUL Design drawbacks
  • Susceptible to leaks
  • Leaks can prevent the JUUL from working properly

Substance Compatibility

  • KandyPens Rubi – compatible with all types of e-liquids. You can use e-juices with different PG/VG ratios, nicotine salts, or CBD e-liquids.
  • JUUL – compatible only with JUUL pods. JUUL pods use only nicotine salts and come in a variety of flavors.

Vapor Production

  • KandyPens Rubi – The Rubi is capable of producing huge amounts of vapor. You can choose a lower nicotine level e-liquid and take in more air, which results in big clouds.
  • JUUL – the JUUL produces a good amount of vapor, but no more than a standard e-cigarette. Pre-filled pods mean that nicotine levels are always fixed so there’s no way to adjust the amount of vapor produced.

Device Longevity and Reliability

KandyPens Rubi – KandyPens has a good reputation when it comes to reliability and customer service. So, even though the Rubi is brand new, I fully expect them to uphold their reputation. If issues arise with the Rubi—or any other product we test—reviews are updated accordingly.

*Warranty – Lifetime

JUUL – JUULs are pretty reliable and even when some leaking occurs, it’s usually an easy fix (a q-tip swipe to the coil does the trick). If there does happen to be an issue with your device, JUUL’s warranty allows for hassle free replacements within the one year warranty period.

*Warranty – 1 year limited

Battery life and Charging

KandyPens Rubi

  • 280 mAh Li ion battery
  • Lasts for ~250 puffs
  • Takes ~80 minutes to charge
  • Uses standard micro-USB cable


  • 200 mAh Li ion battery
  • Lasts for 100-200 puffs
  • One hour charge time
  • Uses a proprietary charger that costs $9.99 to replace

KandyPens Rubi vs JUUL: Ease of use

KandyPens RUBI vs JUUL e-cigarette comparison
Element e-liquid (far left) can be used with the KandyPens Rubi (second from left). The JUUL (third from left) can only use JUUL pods (far right).

KandyPens Rubi

  • Draw activated – no power button needed
  • Rubi pod is easy to remove
  • Rubi pod refill is easy


  • Draw activated – no power button necessary
  • JUUL pods are easy to remove and replace
  • JUUL pods never need to be refilled

The KandyPens Rubi vs JUUL: Device Differences in Practice

Using the KandyPens Rubi

Using the Rubi requires the following simple steps:

  1. Remove the mouthpiece from the rest of the Rubi.
  2. Remove the rubber stopper from the pod, fill the pod with your e-liquid, and replace the stopper.
  3. Prime the Rubi pod. *details below*
  4. Place the mouthpiece back into the rest of the Rubi and inhale.

It’s important to prime the Rubi pod before step 4, this is a very short, quick process. Simply inhale from the mouthpiece 3-5 times before moving on to step 4. Skipping this step will result in dry hits and you definitely don’t want that. You only need to do this once per Rubi pod. The Rubi works well whether you use MTL (mouth to lung) or DLI (direct lung inhale) techniques.

Using the JUUL

The JUUL is a simple, intuitive e-cig to use:

  1. Place a full JUUL pod onto the battery.
  2. Inhale from the mouthpiece to start vaping.

That’s it, just two steps. The simplicity of the JUUL means that it closely mimics traditional cigarette smoking. As a result, it’s the ideal e-cig for smokers looking to quit. The JUUL works best using the MTL technique. Using the DLI technique could result in getting e-juice in your mouth.

e-Liquid (far left) is not included with the KandyPens Rubi (second from left). The JUUL (third from left) has four JUUL pod samples in it’s starter kit (mint pods shown, far right).

KandyPens Rubi vs JUUL Comparison: Final Thoughts

The KandyPens Rubi (Full Review | Buy) and the JUUL (Full Review | Buy) are well matched. Your choice boils down to whether you prefer the freedom of a refillable Rubi pod or the convenience of easily replaceable JUUL pods. There is no right answer and both systems have their advantages and drawbacks.

The open pod system of the Rubi gives you the choice to use any type of e-liquid you want. This means that you can choose from a wider spectrum of e-juice flavors and types. Filling the pod can be a hassle but it’s less expensive in the long term. You don’t get any e-liquid included in the kit so you need to buy some along with the Rubi.

The JUUL’s closed pod system is far more convenient and simple to use, and if you choose to use JUUL’s autoship program, you never need to worry about replacing your JUUL pod. You get a sample of four different JUUL pods with the starter kit, so you don’t have to make any additional purchases initially.

That’s what it comes down to, convenience vs freedom, once you know your preference, you’ll know which one of these top class e-cigs is the one for you. For more e-cigarette choices, check out our list of the Best e-cigs.

The KandyPens Rubi

KandyPens RUBI e-cig Review
The KandyPens Rubi has a simple, elegant design that feels good whether you’re vaping from it or just holding it.
  • Retails for $49.95 directly from KandyPens
  • Open pod design can use any type of e-liquid
  • Draw activated – no power button needed
  • Refillable mouthpiece can hold 1 mL of e-juice
  • Leak proof and spit back proof
  • Uses easily replaceable micro-USB cables


Juul Review
The sleek design and easily removable, swappable JUUL Pods are appealing features of the JUUL (pictured w/ the Mango JUUL Pod).
  • Retails for $49.99 from JUUL Vapor
  • Draw activated – no power button necessary
  • JUUL pods are easy to replace
  • Closely mimics sensation of smoking
  • Battery and e-juice levels are easy to check
  • JUUL pod samples included in starter kit
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  1. This is a well written review! These two items are both awesome. I will still go with KandyPens Rubi though. I want CBD liquids in different flavors thats why.

  2. Such a great products! I have my kandy penrubi and it works perfectly for me. I really recommend this to my friends.

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