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KandyPens MiNi Review

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KandyPens MiNi Review

8.9 Total Score
KandyPens MiNi Review bottom line

While the MiNi is not the cheapest, it is certainly one of the best Vape Pens I tested. With three temperature levels and a SloBurn Deep "Disc" oven, the MiNi does an excellent job in preserving the THC Concentrate aroma and flavor. It is super easy to use and has all the advanced features you can ever want in a Vape Pen. Great buy.

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KandyPens MiNi Review:

KandyPens MiNi Review

Unboxing, Review, and Hands on usage with the KandyPens Mini

KandyPens just introduced the Mini Vape Pen ($89.95 from KandyPens) as their latest generation of Wax and THC Concentrate Pen Vaporizers. I have previously reviewed other KandyPens products such as the Gravity and the Donuts, both offered superior performance and made it high on my best Vape Pens of this year list. KandyPens is considered the GoTo Brand for High-performance Vape-Pens, which also make a fashion statement. While their products are not the cheapest, they often deliver high-quality vapor, a huge selection of coils and accessories, and they also come with lifetime warranty.  So when I heard that KandyPens came out with the Mini Vaporizer, I was excited to get my hands on one asap. In the following KandyPens Mini Review, I will explain the features and my overall impressions. Read on 😉

KandyPens MiNi Features:

  • Compact: 4.45 inches tall
  • Available in 6 colors
  • Battery: 950 mAh with pass-through tech (vape-while-you-charge)
  • Atomizer: Ceramic Disc SloBurn with No Combustion and an Elevated Airflow system. The atomizer is Coil-Less and has a deep ceramic chamber.
  • Temp Control: 3 levels- 350° (Red), 390° (Green), 430° F (Blue)
  • Compatibility: THC Wax and Concentrates

All Ceramic Chamber:

The KandyPens Mini features a 100% ceramic chamber, which has done an excellent job in preserving the natural aroma and flavor of my THC Concentrates. The Chamber has 2 components- the mouthpiece and the actual heating chamber. The Chamber features KandyPens’s SlowBurn technology, and they claim to have no combustion at all. This turned out to be true as you read in the following paragraphs, the chamber performed outstanding, and there were no burnt hits at all.

kandypens mini vaporizer

Battery and Interface:

The KandyPens Mini features a 950mAh Lithium ion battery; that is temperature controlled. The Vape Pen has one activation button, with 5 rapid clicks to lock / unlock the vaporizer. The LED indicator will provide feedback while charging, locking / unlocking / while changing temperature.

To change the temp, unlock the Mini, and click the power button three times rapidly. The LED will change color (350° Red, 390° Green, 430° Blue). I found the best performance to be on the highest level, and the Mini did not seem to burn my Wax even on the highest temp.

kandypens-miniSub-Ohm Wax Vaping

Sub-Ohm means very little draw resistance. The KandyPens Mini have two air intake holes and excellent air circulation. What that means is that you will not have to pull hard to get a draw. In fact, taking hits from the Mini felt as natural as breathing air. Thanks to the Elevated Airflow System, there was no draw resistance at all which was awesome.

Vapor Quality:

This is where the KandyPens Mini stood out from the crowd. The Vapor quality was Amazing. In general, I do like the Ceramic Donut chamber over the Quartz Rods which tend to produce more vapor but do not preserve the flavor and quality as good as the ceramic ovens. The KandyPens Mini “boiled” my concentrate in a very controlled and consistent manner. This produced clean and flavorful hits 100% of the time. The KandyPens Mini has a 10-second shut-off to prevent you from overheating the device or your material.

I found the best results on the highest temp level (Blue), and while taking hits for 8-10 seconds. Experiment with waiting for 2-3 seconds between pressing the button and taking a draw. Basically, let the wax “cook” in the oven for 2 seconds before taking a draw. That seems to produce a bit more potent hits.

theVape.guide recommend this for:

Both advanced users and beginners will enjoy and benefit from the ease-of-use and powerful performance of the KandyPens Mini Vape Pen. The all-ceramic design is impressive and appealing, and the Deep Ceramic Disc Oven does a fantastic job of preserving the pure aroma from the Cannabis Concentrates.

If you are looking for an easy to use, high-performance vaporizer, the KandyPens Mini should be amongst your first choice. It does come with lifetime warranty on the battery. Overall this Vape is worth every penny in my opinion, I’ve reviewed $150 Vape Pens that are not half as good as the Mini. Great Buy.

Where to buy the KandyPens Mini?

Buying directly from KandyPens is the safest option and will ensure that you get the lifetime warranty. Use Coupon Code TVG25 to save 25% OFF on the Mini. Great price for this little bastard.
KandyPens MiNi Vape Pen

Buy the KandyPens MiNi directly from KandyPens.


kandypens mini review



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