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Kandypens Micro DX Review

kandypens micro dx review

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Kandypens Micro-DX Vaporizer is very well built and uses the latest convention technology. It has a fat oven (6-gram capacity) that we liked, other nice features are the temp range from 350-430°F, and a quick heat up time. It is a solid, sexy unit.

In-Depth Kandypens Micro DX Review:

So, what it takes to be a good vaporizer? And what about a great one? Let’s talk about a good one first.  A vaporizer that actually vapes the substance instead of combusting your herbs definitely belongs to the good class. The quality of the material used has to be good as well.  Then comes the vape quality – anything less than great is not acceptable. The new Micro-DX from Kandypens not only meets all these conditions but also offers a reasonable price tag and a high-quality finish.  These are reasons enough to put in the “good” bracket.  The additional features of sleekness and lightweight indicate towards its greatness.

I have tried and tested all sorts of vaporizers but very rarely do I find something that I can praise. I have seen vaporizers claiming to be strong and sturdy simply falling apart in my hands.  The ones that promised great vaping experience actually combusted the herb.  Technically speaking very few of these vaping machines meet the expectations of an enthusiast.  So, whenever I start using a vaporizer, more often than not, my initial euphoria takes no time to turn into a disappointment.  But this one from Kandypens kept the momentum of enthusiasm intact right from the day one and I still have a number of good things to say for the K-Vape Micro-DX.

Look and Feel

The first thing that you will notice in this vaping machine is that it is incredibly lightweight. In terms of dimensions, it is just 13×2.6×2.6cm which makes it a very handy portable vaporizer.  The aesthetics and quality of material used seem nice but can be better.  Another good feature is the LCD monitor that gauges the temperature in real time and gives instant digital readings.  In the box, you also get a cleaning brush and a roll up micro USB charger.

Simple and Easy to Use

The beauty of a portable vaporizer lies in the ease of use.  Going by this yardstick the new K-Vape Micro-DX is a nothing less than a beauty queen.  To start the device, simply click the start button five times and it comes to life.  It gives you the options to choose any temperature between 350 degrees Fahrenheit to 430 degrees Fahrenheit.  You can choose from 80 different settings and once you find your right temperature, just add it the smart memory.  This feature is the coolest in this vaporizer.  Whenever you start your device it automatically gets heated up to your last used temperature.  Setting the temperature could not be any easier in a vaping device, all you have to do is click on the + and – signs near the power button.  The temperature is displayed on the LCD screen that is fairly legible.  I won’t say it is a great feature but still adds to the user’s experience.

Vaping Experience – Far Superior to a majority of Vaporizers

If you are a vaping enthusiast, you will fall in love with the experience the K-Vape Mirco-DXoffers.  It gives good quality vaping clouds that get better with each draw.  I hardly remember any vaporizer producing such think, milky clouds consistently.

k vape micro dx review

The secret behind such incredible performance of K-Vape Mirco-DX is its heating oven which is .6 grams.  This oven size is bigger than a majority of vaporizers available in the marketplace.  While the average chamber size is .25 grams to .3 grams, the capacity of .6 grams is bound to make a huge difference.  Add to this the True Convection technology that vaporizes your herbs to the fullest and you will get an out of the world vaping experience.  This is not the only great effect of this vaping machine, it enhances the length of your sessions without compromising the quality. Just pack the heating chamber of your Micro-DX and enjoy uninterrupted vaping sessions.

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Maintenance and Cleaning

The K-vape Micro-DX does not throw any tantrums when it comes to maintenance and cleaning.  After use, just clean the mouthpiece, tap the device parts and throw out the used herbs.  Then gently clean the chamber with the brush and your vape is ready for a new session.  The fact that it comes with a lifetime warranty is like an icing on the cake.

Where to buy the KandyPens Micro-DX

Buying directly from KandyPens is the safest option and will ensure that you get the lifetime warranty.

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