KandyPens K-Box Review: Beginner Mod for Wax (Functionality Unmatched)

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The K-Box is yet another attempt by KandyPens to corner the concentrate vaping market. This time, they bring us a vape mod for wax that is perfect for introductory-intermediate THC extract vapers. It's less complicated than most other wax vape mods, which is nice. This makes it perfect for users who want to transition from vape pens to a more a capable device for vaping wax---though something a bit less involving than an eRig. Ultimately, the KandyPens K-Box is a great starter vape mod that novices will find accessible.

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KandyPens K-Box Background

KandyPens is hellbent on being your only source for wax vaping and the KandyPens K-Box ($74.95 from KandyPens) is yet another step in their attempted domination of the concentrate vaping market. Unlike their most recent products, the Prism or the A$AP Rocky vape pen, the K-Box isn’t a regular vape pen. It’s a seemingly specialized vape mod for THC concentrates!

Vape mods give users more power and control than standard vape pens, which positions them somewhere between vape pens and e-nails (if you are looking for a gauge). KandyPens has practically dominated our Best Vape Pens list—let’s see where the K-Box is going to fit in. Our KandyPens K-Box Review will let you know all about this wax vape mod’s kit, design, and performance.

Best Deal: $74.95 from KandyPens — Use coupon code TVG25 for 25% off!

KandyPens K-Box review
The Kandypens K-Box is a simplified vape mod (for wax!) that beginner/intermediate users won't find intimidating or boring.

KandyPens K-Box Kit

The kit of the KandyPens K-Box comes with all the basics needed to get a dab session going. Here’s what it looks like:

  • KandyPens K-Box vape unit
  • Dab tool and wax container
  • MicroUSB cable

Like I said, no frills! If you want frills, you can pick up a premium set of dab tools and storage containers from Amazon. The tools included in the kit, are fine—but if you’re looking to conserve your extracts, or maintain quality over time, you will want to upgrade your work tools.

KandyPens K-Box vape mod kit
The KandyPens K-Box keeps things simple, while still making sure that out of the box, you're good to go.

Key Features of the KandyPens K-Box

The KandyPens K-Box features customizable power with a one button variable voltage selector. The triple quartz coil in a ceramic dish provides the optimal outlet for that power. The combination of quartz and ceramic is ideal for handling fast, intense heat created by the K-Box. Check out these features allotted by the K-Box:

  • Compatibility with:
    • wax
    • concentrates
    • shatter
  • Single button control – simple and intuitive
  • Triple quartz coil in a ceramic dish – perfect for handling intense heat
  • Four voltage settings: 2.8V | 3.2V | 3.6V | 4.0V
  • Sold by KandyPens for $74.95 (Coupon code TVG25 gets you 25% off)

The K-Box gets you the benefits of a vape pen, intensified due to the high quality materials used in the chamber.

KandyPens K-Box Vape mod review key features
The KandyPens K-Box has simple features that are easy to understand and use, while still allowing for customization.

Design of the KandyPens K-Box

The KandyPens K-Box stands a compact 3.94 inches tall, which makes it perfectly viable as a portable. It’s pretty similar in size to other vape mods and even some dry herb vaporizers, so it is just as portable as other, similar devices.

The K-Box has a pretty simple design that isn’t flashy like some of the other vape pens or wax vaporizers—but it is easy to operate and inconspicuous and we like that. Since the K-Box seems to be made for wax vape newbies/intermediate users, a more straightforward design is beneficial.

KandyPens K-Box Vape mod review
The KandyPens K-Box has a straightforward, uncomplicated design that makes it easy to operate.

There is no fancy digital screen and only one button which controls the power and adjusts the voltage:  very uncomplicated. The KandyPens K-Box is wrapped in a hard plastic shell and uses a plastic mouthpiece, so it feels durable and blends in. You don’t get the style that you know and expect from KandyPens with the K-Box, but the ease of use seems to be the intent here anyway.

How to Use the KandyPens K-Box

Since the KandyPens K-Box seems to be a cross between vape pens and vape mods for wax, it’s easy to use. In fact, it seems like KandyPens is making it easy for vape pen users to transition to a more competent device with the K-Box because it controls similarly to most vape pens. Here is how it works:

  1. Remove the mouthpiece to reveal the coils + dab a rice-sized amount of wax on top.
  2. Replace the mouthpiece then hold down the power button to turn on the K-Box.
  3. Tap the power button to toggle through voltage settings.
  4. Once the K-Box is heated, start your session by inhaling from the mouthpiece.

Whether you are familiar with vape pens or not, you will have an easy time with the KandyPens K-Box.

KandyPens K-Box wax Vaporizer review
A single button control makes the KandyPens K-Box one of the easiest vape mods to use.

Performance and Vapor Quality of the KandyPens K-Box

I found the vapor quality of the KandyPens K-Box to be the best when using lower voltages, since the quartz coils heat up so quickly that the vapor can get harsh at the higher voltages. This is great if you want big clouds but the flavor then becomes susceptible.

The plastic mouthpiece helps to keep the flavor pure, if you’re used to vape pens, then the flavor and clouds produced by the K-Box will be a pleasant surprise. If you’re an experienced vape user, then you’ll likely be better suited to check out our Best eNails if you’re looking for something super powerful. The KandyPens K-Box is likely best suited for newbies to intermediate users and won’t disappoint there.

thc wax toolsKandyPens K-Box performance review
The KandyPens K-Box delivers excellent vapor quality that is best at lower voltages.

KandyPens K-Box VS Pulsar APX

Since the K-Box is more of a my first wax vape (or perhaps second!), it won’t be beating down other vape mods when it comes to options and features. What you can expect, however, is a vape mod that is less intimidating than the other vape mods on the market.

  •  The Pulsar APX Wax is a similar wax vaporizer in the same price range as the KandyPens K-Box. Both dab vapes kind of operate like vape mods for THC extracts. Like the K-Box, the Pulsar APX has a triple quartz coil, so beginners won’t be overwhelmed by advanced functionality and intermediate users will be satisfied with its performance.

The KandyPens K-Box doesn’t have the fancy bells and whistles of more powerful extract vapes—such as eRigs—but it’s a quality device that will perform at a more than acceptable level for most users (especially where simplicity is concerned).

KandyPens K-Box Review: Final Thoughts

Normally wax vapes are either super simple or simple intimidating devices meant for either very beginner or very advanced users. But, KandyPens took a more user-friendly approach with the KandyPens K-Box ($74.95 from KandyPens)—and design something that beginner/intermediate users can identify with. The K-Box is a great starter vape mod for THC wax that won’t scare users away, while delivering in performance.

The K-Box’s simplistic design compared to KandyPens’ other products makes it easy for beginners to get the hang of operating it. The other devices on the Best Vape Pens list don’t have much in common with the K-Box. We love that it looks like a mod, and that it has a triple quartz coil rod in a ceramic chamber—making it powerful and simple too.

Don’t forget to use coupon code TVG25 to get 25% off $74.95 price when buying directly from KandyPens. 😀

KandyPens K-Box Video Review

Where to buy the KandyPens K-Box?

  • Buy from KandyPens and use coupon code TVG25 to save 25%.
KandyPens K-Box

Best Mod for Beginners


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