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The KandyPens Icon is a great e-rig system for anyone who doesn’t want—or doesn’t need—a complete e-rig. That is because the Icon is a 510 threaded e-nail kit that can be attached to any vape mod, as long as that mod can output at least 50W, you’ll be fine. So, the Icon is a great dab rig setup for the frugal extract vaper who wants something more powerful than a vape pen but doesn’t want to spare the expense of a complete e-nail. The Icon is also available in a kit with a high quality vape mod included, so there is an option available for everyone who wants great vapor quality in an affordable package.


$99.97 directly from KandyPens

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Vapor Quality
Ease of Use
  • Can be used with any 510 threaded vape mod
  • Produces great tasting vapor
  • Choice of three different nails
  • Two piece water bubbler is a great design
  • Less expensive than most e-rigs
  • Vape mods can be more complicated to use than standard e-nails

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KandyPens Icon Review

KandyPens Icon Background

The KandyPens Icon is one of the more versatile e-rig setups available because it gives you an impressive level of customization. That’s because it’s available in two different kits. You can get the standalone 510 compatible attachment that only includes the nails and water bubbler. With this setup, you can attach it to any vape mod you want, provided it can output 25W to 50W. So if you already have a hefty vape mod, you can save some cash by only buying this version of the Icon since it costs far less than a complete e-nail.

For those who don’t have a mod, there is the kit that includes the Wismec Reuleaux RX2/3 vape mod. It’s one of the better and more advanced vape mods out there, so it works great with the Icon. This e-rig also comes with a choice of three different nails, titanium, ceramic, and quartz, so you get even more customization. That makes the Icon a great e-rig system for thrifty extract vapers, since the Icon costs less than the fully kitted out e-nails. There’s more to the KandyPens Icon, so keep reading.

Kit Contents

kandypens icon kit

Both of the Icon kits include three nails, L-R: Titanium, Ceramic, and Quartz.

Like I said, the Icon comes in two different kits, the 510 mod kit without the battery costs $50 and the kit that includes the vape mod costs $100. Both Icon kits are available directly from KandyPens and you can use the exclusive KandyPens coupon code TVG25 for a 25% discount.

KandyPens Icon 510 Mod Kit

  • Icon 510 mod kit
  • One titanium nail + one ceramic nail + one quartz nail
  • Water bubbler
  • Magnetic carb cap + magnetic loading tool

KandyPens Icon 510 Mod Kit with Vape Mod

  • Icon 510 mod kit
  • Wismec Reuleaux RX2/3 vape mod
  • One titanium nail + one ceramic nail + one quartz nail
  • Water bubbler
  • Magnetic carb cap + magnetic loading tool

How it is Designed

kandypens icon design

The Icon has a basic e-nail design but with nice touches like LED lights and a two-piece glass bubbler.

The Icon 510 kit is designed mainly for practicality, so it looks just like the top half of any other e-nail, but it does have a few nice touches that separate it from the pack. The first is the LED illumination of the kit that provides nice atmospheric lighting during low light vaping. The more practical touch is that the water bubbler is composed of two pieces, this makes it easier to fill and prevents the water from touching your lips.

Attaching the Icon to any vape mod is pretty simple, the same goes for attaching the nails and the bubbler. If you’ve used e-nails before, then there’s nothing new to learn here, if you haven’t, then you’ll pick it up pretty quickly.

The Reuleaux vape mod is a pretty handsome device that is available in many different colors, each of which goes nicely with the Icon kit. Since it is a vape mod, it is a little more complicated than most non- vape modders are used to, but once they get the hang of it, it’s fairly simple to use. If you’re using it with your own vape mod, well, you know what it looks like.

How it Performs

KandyPens Icon Performance

The titanium nail is the most durable of the three nails, but the flavor produced by the other two is better.

First of all, the Icon can only handle 50W, so you should never go any higher, which means that the Wismec Reuleaux is waaay overpowered for the Icon since it can output up to 200W. So make sure you learn how to properly use it before getting started. Once you do get started, you’ll find that the Icon delivers great vapor quality, though the quality depends on the type of nail you use, since each one provides a different experience, which you can see below:

[vc_table vc_table_theme=”classic”],[14px]Heat%20Time,[14px]Heat%20Retention,[14px]Flavor|[14px;b]Titanium,Fast,Excellent,Good|[14px;b]Ceramic,Slow,Excellent,Great|[14px;b]Quartz,Fast,Low,Excellent[/vc_table]

The quartz and ceramic nails are my favorite because of their awesome flavor quality but the titanium nail is the most durable, though the most frequently used ones will have to be replaced eventually. Selecting the wattage is a personal choice of course, but you should know that the higher settings produce harsh, intense vapor and huge clouds. I prefer the lower wattage settings because the flavor is stronger.

The Reuleaux RX2/3 mod can hold three 18650 batteries, so it can last for a very long time, especially since you won’t be using it anywhere close to its maximum power output. If you’re using your own mod, then I assume you’re already familiar with how its battery performs.

The Last Word

With its versatility and great vapor quality, the KandyPens Icon is a great way for extract enthusiasts to enjoy their wax dabs. The choice of nails is always a great option and the water bubbler is one of the better ones available. These qualities make the Icon a great e-nail for users who want a high quality mod and don’t want to spend a lot of money, since it is cheaper than most full-fledged dab rigs.

Those full-fledged rigs will likely be easier to use than any vape mods, plus they will have temperature, rather than wattage, selection. Nonetheless, the Icon is still a great option for most users, especially those who already own a powerful enough vape mod. No matter which of the kits you buy, you’ll be getting one of the best dab rig setups around. Just don’t go above 50W and you’ll be fine.

KandyPens Icon

A 510 threaded e-nail system that is compatible with vape mods


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  1. Having hard time deciding between the Kandypens Icon 510 attachment, and the Source Vapes 510 attachment. Which of the two would you recommend? I see that based on your ratings, the Kandypens Icon is higher rated and was wondering why?


    • Both are solid e-nails. The main reason I would go with KandyPens is the lifetime warranty. Users have been reporting some e-nails are “burning” the replacement nails quickly. With such a complex product (that involves electricity, water, hear) a lot can go wrong and it is good to be backed up.
      Also, it performs very well and comes with 3 replacement coils.

  2. Afternoon readers,

    I just bought one of these from Kandypens and I am having one a hell of a time using it.

    Firstly, the glass attachment was broken at the neck upon arrival. I called them up, sent over a picture and a replacement was on the way that day!

    Very nice and expedient customer service. However, today, the replacement arrived and it too was broken, just the tip around the glass to glass of the male stem. Once again, Kandypen was happy to send a replacement. Maybe its a manufacturing problem with the supplier, but regardless they’re happy to fix any issue.

    Albeit broken, the glass attachment was still use able. So, eagerly I set up the rig for a small test drive using the small note they give you called ‘instructions’. The instructions that come with the Icon dont give you specifications on what temperatures to use for what nail, just a 50W warning.

    The Reuleaux RX2/3 box mod is what comes with it from Kandypen and they do not give an ideal setting for each nail on either set of instructions. The battery pack gives a TCR range for each nail, but both the ceramic and quartz ranges are not given. The Reuleaux does not have a quartz setting, but CRM1 and Ti could be used? Regardless, this was very unclear and extremely frustrating to figure out what setting might work for what nail.

    I changed the W to 42 watts and temperature to 420 deg to avoid the 50W limit. My ceramic heating element cracked and the nail after 3 heating sessions! (The first two heatings did not melt the dabbing material). I tried the Ti nail next on the Ti setting on the Reuleaux RX2/3 (42W), thinking it would provide a better experience. The box brought the Ti nail temperature super fast and auto shut off, part of the nail got hot but not fast enough to disperse the heat throughout the system. Not giving enough heat to melt the dab material.

    Another issue was the 10s time limit on heating. I found it did not get the nails hot enough in one or two heats and lead to having to reheat again and again to avoid not being hot enough to vaporize the dab. All in all it was 5x wasted dab attempts, 1x broken ceramic nail, 2x broken glass attachments from shipping, and a cracked heating element.

    They really need an instructional video on how to use this and what settings to set the Reuleaux RX2/3 to.(I did RTFM, not a layman) Until they come out with proper instructions and parameters of use, this is the worst smoking investment I’ve made and a waste of money. I’m happy with the way their customer service has handled the broken glass attachments, but the instructions on the use of their product leaves consumers in the dark and susceptible to breaking their devices. Just like I did.

    I do have a question for the writer of the article. What settings did you use to get the best results for each nail? What method was used to prepare your battery packs settings ect ect. Can you give a scientific method on how to program for each nail.

    I am happy to discuss and would love some help troubleshooting.

    This will be useful for future readers who decide to purchase one. I bought one based off the reviews from websites, particularly this one, thinking it would be an awesome, simple, portable rig. People will want to know what to program their battery packs to, in order avoid this problem and breaking their heating elements.

    • Same fucking problems what a piece of shit

    • Thank god you left this comment. It was a toss up between kandypens and CloudV. I have used the cloudv rig lots at a buddies and it works great…only problem so far is the charge base/bottom weight has become loose where it attaches to the battery but it still does its job on keeping it balanced. It can be detached from the base and charged right through the bottom which is really a smart design.

      I have only used CloudV ‘s enail but it is one o f the highest rated on the net and from experience I find it is awesome. Only thing is they need more than black as a color.

      Thanks again!

  3. Question to the author – what settings did you use for each nail on the Reuleaux box heat settings? How did you set it up, how many heats did it take? Detail interaction of the supplied box and the Icon is not provided and has lead to some serious issues in ease of use.

    Long story short, I typed up a huge review about how horrible this thing has been to me, and it didn’t get submitted to this site somehow… I received 2x broken glass attachments, broke my heating element at 42W and my ceramic nail because of a lack of instructions. 42W , 420 deg. shouldn’t break either component, but a lack of help via instructions or videos, leaves consumers liable to break their own product, even on first use. The Ti nail doesnt get hot enough to melt the dabs before the 10s limit shuts you off.

    Wasted 5x dabs, 2x glass attachments, 1x ceramic nail, 1x heating element and 150$ and countless hours trying to figure out how to use this product. Replacements for the glass parts have been sent. Their customer service is awesome, but product instructions are horrible, and leads to people breaking their rigs.

    • So I am a very mechanical person and a bit computer savy. But it was frustrating to decide how to set the Reuleaux RX2/3 settings for this mod setup. Here is what I finally figured out. Step 1. one charged the batterys to 100% . 2. I took the batterys out and let it all cool down. 3. Updated Firmware with my computer . 4. Decided that I dont think this will work right in any Temp mode due to the way it indirectly heats the elemnt for quarts and ceramic and really no coil for the unit to read correctly ( all just a Guess . Maybe totally wrong. ) . Set mine to VW mode ( so only works based off the wattage . At least from what I can tell. I wanted to use the quartz nail so I found that most people had recommended 40 – 45 watts for quartz 40 seems perfect to me. If I find the settings again for Ti and Ceramic I will post them . That was the last step before I took an amazing rip ! ( and tiny bit goes a long way) . and felt the need to share the settings I had used. Please realize I am a complete newb to the 510 box mod . Use these settings at your own risk ( Because I maybe completly Wrong . ) this seemed to me the safe way to set it . If I am wrong would love any feed back . KandyPens Please make a User guide and video for recommended settings ! This is not Easy to setup for a Newb customer .

  4. i have both. source vapes’ atomizers very good but kandypens is a simpler design. both do the dab thing well. SV hs some nice glass (i have the recycler – awesome)

  5. actually, after comparing the two, your review is way off. the SV nail is much better; better, deeper atomizers in quartz, ceramic and type 2 titanium, and you can remove the bucket so as to soak it in iso without having to soak the whole atomizer. you do get a better mod with the kandypens but the versatility that the nail’s larger attys have is crucial for maximum exploitation. the icon’s a nice backup but not as good. as for the nail’s carb cap/dabber, yeah, you’re right: it sucks. it breaks. but it is so cheap i wouldnt use it anyway. frankly, it’s at best a niggling point.

  6. SV on the whole is better i think. it comes down to the attys. with kandypens they are very simple and should last longer. as for the SV nail attys, they have larger reservoirs, have flat bottoms (much better to use) and their reservoirs unscrew for easy cleaning. they are more delicate, however. also, i think you really have to push the wattage with the icon i find to get vapour production comparable to the SV nail. if that’s an issue for you. the icon is solid, tho, and so far works as inended

  7. say, what wattage/temp settings/atomizer setting do you prefer for the icon? there’s hardly any info for it on the web.

  8. Why is this the only review on the Kandypen Icon? I also recently purchased it and have no clue what temperature to set it at.

    Anyone have some tips?

    • What type of concentrate are you using? Do you like smooth dabs or robust dabs? What nail are you using? There is no solid answer to your question. I’d experiment with temps in the 650-700 range if you’re using quartz, maybe 600-650 for Ti.

  9. All I’m going to say to you guys is I got the new version of the sourcevapes Source nail at the end of 2016 it is definitely not for people that are rough with their equipment have to take care of it but if you keep it clean and use it correctly say you have the quartz atomizer on the source Vape use it at about 14 watts I never turn it over that my dab lasts forever and at low wattage it tastes so amazing and the other Plus at low wattage is I’m using the same atomizer for a couple of months now they don’t break near as fast you’re not putting as much wear and tear on them but anyway just go low wattage if everybody would get on the low temp dab thing everybody would be much happier with their stashes and wallets

  10. I just got mine and on the starter card it says to only use it in wattage mode so I set mine to 30 watts with the titanium nail, heated it three times with the 10 second limit , waited for the nail to cool so it wasn’t red and that first dab was pretty sweet. Also you can’t use a lot of concentrate, a little goes a long way with these fuckers.

  11. i used mine today, finally. No clear way to know what the fuck you are supposed to be doing. I couldnt get it to heat up in temp mode , but finally got it going at 46 watts setting with ti nail.
    great rips, still dont know what im doing but at least i got to hit it .

  12. I too was confused at first but after reading the starter card I set it to 50 watts on variable wattage mode and its been knocking em out of the park ever since.

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