KandyPens Ice Cream Man Review

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KandyPens Ice Cream Man Bottom Line

The Ice Cream Man is the smaller brother of the KandyPens ELITE. The main difference is that the ELITE includes two coils- "slow-burn" Ceramic, "aggressive" Quartz. With the Ice Cream Man, only the Quartz is included. It produced huge clouds with effortless inhales, and the vapor was rich and full. Add a lifetime warranty and you get a very appealing and very recommended KandyPens Ice Cream Man.

Best Deal: Buy directly from KandyPens and use coupon TVG25 to save 25%.

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KandyPens Ice Cream Vape Pen Review:

The Ice Cream Man Vaporizer ($99.95 from KandyPens) is a new product from KandyPens, and it has been released with a big brother, the KandyPens ELITE. The difference between the two is the number heat settings (4 in the Elite vs. 3 in the IceC.), and the ELITE comes with two coils- Quartz and Ceramic vs. one (Quartz) with the Ice Cream Man.

KandyPens decided to recreate a device that has much of the same feature and performance as Elite but at a cheaper price point and only uses the Quartz coil atomizer.

My previous review was about the ELITE, and I gave it a very high ranking as it was a powerful and sleek vaporizer, and the Ice Cream Man follows the same lines. The Two are some of the best vape pens released this year, and both didn’t disappoint me.

In The Box:

The Ice Cream Man includes one coil (Quartz) and a temperature controlled battery. Also included are a charger, dab tool, wipes, and an instruction card.

KandyPens Ice Cream Man Kit includes dual-quartz atomizer, air cab mouthpiece, a battery charger, a small box, and a user manual.

KandyPens Ice Cream Man Design:

The Ice Cream Man follows along the same lines of previous KandyPens products such as Gravity and Mini. It is sleek and fashionable. It has a Satin Rubber finish. The exterior is non-slippery and feels very nice to touch.

Another promising device was added to the premium line of the “best vape pens” yet again. KandyPens newest concentrate pen-style vaporizer – Ice Cream Man, which features Leak-Proof/Clog-Proof technology, upgraded mouthpiece with Air Carb, and a Lifetime battery warranty.

The Mouthpiece has an Air Cab holes. Just like the ELITE these holes help free up the draw to make it easy to pull. The cab can be easily covered by your fingers for more thick and intense vapor. The mouthpiece connects to the chamber, which is a dual rod quartz coil (more about that in the next paragraph).


To turn the Ice Cream Man on, click the power button five times rapidly. Open the mouthpiece and drop your concentrate in the chamber. It should be around .1g of wax or oil. Once you drop it, you can click the activation button a few short times to prime the coil and then connect the mouthpiece back to the pen.

Unlike the ELITE which comes with “Slow burn” Ceramic and Quartz “aggressive” coils, Ice Cream Man only comes with the Quartz. If you are into big clouds, this should not be a concern as the Quartz coil is the most powerful of the two and will produce thick and dense vapor even on the lowest heat setting.

Features Dual-Quartz atomizers with three temperature controlled settings (350°, 390°, 430°F).

The Coil has elevated air intake holes which will help prevent leakage. As with other vape pens, you should not overfill, or lay the pen down while the chamber is still hot.

Inhaling through the Ice Cream Man feels natural and draws flow in easily. To toggle the heat settings, click the activation button three times rapidly and you will cycle through (Red-lowest, green, blue-hottest).

The quality, performance, and its vapor production will stoke you like all the previous premium KandyPens products

Bottom Line:

The Ice Cream Man is a simplified version of the ELITE and retails at a cheaper price point. If you are into big clouds more than slow-burn, the Quartz coil will do a perfect job, and you will never miss the Ceramic coil (that is included with the ELITE). Overall this vape performed great and the vapor production was quick and efficient.
If you are looking for a slim and sleek vaporizer to use with concentrates, the KandyPens is it.
Both the ELITE and the Ice Cream Man are available directly from KandyPens Store and be sure to use coupon code TVG25 if you decide to purchase, that will save you 25%.

KandyPens Ice Cream Man

Buy the KandyPens Ice Cream Man directly from KandyPens and save 25% using coupon code TVG25.


Click the Image to visit KandyPens Store.


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