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KandyPens Gravity Review

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KandyPens Gravity Parts

9.4 Total Score
Gravity is the Best Vape Pen of 2016

The KandyPens Gravity is a Wax vape pen crafted to be one of the most advanced yet stylish pens available on the market. The Pen boasts a noir-style finish, comes with 2 atomizers (quartz and donut), and a temp controlled battery. This is my top choice for Dab Vaporizer. Did I mention LIFETIME Warranty?

Best Deal: Buy directly from KandyPens and use coupon code TVG25 to save 25%.

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KandyPens Gravity Review:

The Gravity is the latest wax pen innovation from KandyPens, after releasing the (very) successful almost forever-sold-out Donuts. The Gravity Vape Pen Kit comes with 2 coils-

  1. Coilless Chamber with Ceramic Dish- Features a SlowBurn technology that preserves flavor and aroma. This is more of a gentle, good-tasting type of coil.
  2. Quartz Crystal Chamber w/Dual Quartz Rods- pretty much a coil on Turbo. Produces huge clouds, and the hit is a bit stronger and harsher.

The Gravity is made and crafted to perfection with newest features like Quartz Crystal & Coil-Less Ceramic Chamber. As well as a temperature controlled battery that’s covered under a lifetime warranty from KandyPens. With its sandblasted black finish, the Gravity looks stealthy and sleek.

First Impressions:

Features I like about the KandyPens Gravity

Coil-Less Ceramic & Quartz CrystalWell first, the idea behind KandyPens Gravity is to improved there quartz crystal and ceramic atomizer technology that can be found on their Donuts and Galaxy wax pens and put it into one. That’s why they come up with the Gravity and its:

  1. Advanced Quartz Crystal & Coil-Less Ceramic Atomizer

The Gravity’s Quartz Crystal atomizer, which made from dual quartz rods wrapped in premium titanium coils in a quartz chamber. The Gravity’s Coil-less Ceramic atomizer is completely free of wicks and utilizes SloBurn Technology for those who wants to savor the flavor of their wax concentrates.

  1. Elegant Finish

KandyPens Gravity In Depth ReviewIf you are in the market looking for something that’s not only sleek and stylish but will also keep you hidden from the crowd, then you can’t go wrong with the sexy aesthetics of Gravity which carries a very moody “Dark and Stormy” vibe to it. Its simple yet elegant Sandblasted Black finish brings out its shimmering beauty in a stealthy profile to ensure that you wiil not attract unwanted attention. Thumbs up Kandypens!

How to use:

KandyPens retrofit the Gravity with four different temperature settings:

Tapping the power button three times allows you to toggle between four temperature settings (300, 350, 390, 430°F), each indicated by a different color LED light (Pink for Very Low, Red for Low, Green for Medium and Blue for High) respectively.

Bottom Line:

The Coil-Less Ceramic Chamber is my personal favorite, I felt the vapor quality is robust than the Quartz Crystal Coil but it produces lesser clouds. On the contrary, the Quartz Crystal Coil is going to be a different story; you’ll get decent bigger clouds but the vapor quality and flavor is A-okay. The two Coils has its own PROS and CONS but overall it’s pretty decent as a handheld device for users who is just getting introduce into the wax game.

Kandypens releases their latest generation Wax and THC Concentrate Pen Vaporizer, the Kandypens Mini. click here to see review.

Where to buy the KandyPens Gravity?

Buying directly from KandyPens is the safest option and will ensure that you get the lifetime warranty. Use Coupon Code TVG25 to save 25% on the Gravity and buy it for $97.46. Great Deal.

Kandypens Gravity Vaporizer

KandyPens offer Lifetime warranty on all of their products.


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