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KandyPens Donuts Review

kandypens donuts review

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The KandyPens Donuts Wax and Concentrate Vaporizer has a sleek and elegant design and is packed with features such as- 3 temperature settings, a unique chamber that bubbles the wax thus reducing the possibility of combustion. The Vapor was smooth and full with aroma, great Vape Pen for beginners and pros alike.

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In-Depth Kandypens Donuts Review:

The KandyPens Donuts Vaporizer is a temperature controlled oil and wax only pen that bubbles your dab rather than burning it.  What makes it different from other oil and wax pens is that it uses a ceramic disk with a unique SloBurn™ technology.  This innovative feature takes your vaping experience to a new height.  In terms of flavor and aroma, this pen is miles ahead of competition.  Its glossy enamel finish makes it all the more attractive.  The Donuts does not have a wick and thus you feel more at ease and connected while vaping with this pen.  This potent vaping device retails online for $99.95.

kandypens donuts vaporizer reviewDonuts Vaporizer Design

All the products from Kandypens have an element of sleekness about them and this one is definitely not an exception.  The glossy enamel finish enhances the visual appeal of the Donuts and at the same time makes it quite a handy device.  KandyPens is also giving a hard shell carrying case with the Donuts which makes it very easy to carry while traveling.  In the box, you get the Donuts battery, atomizer, a USB charger and a dab tool.  It becomes very easy to load your vaporizer with this tool.  Overall it is a great package that is a treat for your eyes.  The build quality is sturdy and the device does not feel fragile at all.  Even the start button of Donuts makes a style statement of its own – it is designed in the form of the letter “K” and fits well with the device.

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Using the KandyPens Donuts

The Donuts Vape’s sleek design allows you to assemble the device with ease.  Just take out the battery and the atomizer, load the dab in the disk with the dab tool, attach the two parts and you are good to go.   To turn on the pen, just press the start button five times and the devices come to life with the first temperature setting automatically selected.  This pen offers three temperature settings – red (350 degrees), green (390 degrees) and blue (430 degrees).  To cycle through the different temperature settings all you have to do is push the start button three times.  What I liked most about the Donuts is that you can control everything with one button and it is not difficult at all.

kandypens donuts dab vaporizerKandyPens Donuts Vaping Experience

The Donuts Vaporizer features superior SloBurn™ technology that is a great blessing for vaping enthusiasts.  The vaping experience it offers is out of the world, to say the least.  This is because it bubbles your wax rather than burning it.  To verify this claim of the manufacturer I check it for myself by removing the atomizer and I could see the Dab turning to bubbles and giving out rich vapor.  The flavor is great and the quality stays intact till the end of your session.  In comparison to other vaping pens in its class, the vapor quality and flavor of Donuts is a class apart.  What makes it possible is the unique heating chamber of Donuts that heats up evenly and slowly.  Very few vaping pens can boast of such a high-end feature in this price range.

Donuts Wax Vaporizer Battery

The battery of Donuts gives the brisk performance and gives you fulfilling vaping sessions without any interruption.  It comes with a USB charger that gives you the convenience of charging the device on the go.  The best part is that it comes with a lifetime warranty.

That’s why I totally recommend buying the Kandypens Donut directly at Kandypens. To ensure safe warranty and services.

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