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The KandyPens Crystal is an interesting vape pen with a unique bucket quartz coil that provides excellent flavor and vapor quality. The Crystal is also equipped with a glass mouthpiece and a powerful 900mAh Battery. Add in the ease of use, portable-friendly size, and very low draw resistance, and you have one of the best vape pens on the market. It’s on the more expensive side of the spectrum, but the price is worth the investment.


$134.97 directly from KandyPens

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Vapor Quality
Design and Features
  • Unique spiral Quartz “Bucket” coil produces great flavor
  • Glass mouthpiece keeps vapor pure
  • Easy to load + easy to use
  • Four different voltage choices
  • Powerful battery (900mAh) + long battery life
  • Thick for a vape pen
  • On the pricier side of the spectrum

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KandyPens Crystal Review

KandyPens Crystal Background

The Crystal is another extract vaporizer from the extract vaping specialists at KandyPens, makers of some of the best dab vape pens on the market, so that means it’s great right? You should just go ahead and buy one, no need for the rest of this review? Not so fast reader, first, you should know about some of the features of this vape pen that sets it apart from all the others.

Its unique coil is the main one, if you can even call it a coil because of its coil-less design. Plus, you’ll want to know about its voltage selection, design features, and more. So, there’s lots more to know about the Crystal, and when you learn all about it, then yes, you might just want to go ahead and buy one. But check out my KandyPens Crystal review first.

What’s in its Kit

KandyPens Crystal kit

L-R: KandyPens Crystal instruction manual, black velvet bag, dab tool, KandyPens Crystal vape pen, extra, mouthpiece, USB cable.

  • KandyPens Crystal
  • One extra glass mouthpiece
  • Dab tool
  • USB cable
  • Black velvet pouch

How it’s Designed

KandyPens Crystal

The Crystal has a simple, but elegant design, that’s topped off by the distinct glass mouthpiece.

The Crystal has a simple design reminiscent of most vape pens, the main difference being the glass mouthpiece that gives it an interesting look. The Crystal is only about four inches tall, so it’s pretty portable despite being a little thicker than other vape pens. The Crystal features several air intake holes just below the mouthpiece which help to lower the draw resistance.

It’s pretty easy to operate since it has a one-button operation like most vape pens. Also the mouthpiece and coil are easy to attach and they screw on very securely.

The USB cable used on the Crystal is preferable to the proprietary “screw-in” chargers you sometimes see in these vape pens. Having a USB charger instead of proprietary makes it easier to travel with, as these are available everywhere. The opening of the wax chamber is rather wide, so this is one of the easier wax pens to load. Overall, the Crystal is a handsomely designed, easy to use device, plus it’s 510 threaded, so you can use it with any compatible pre-filled oil cartridges.

How It Performs

KandyPens Crystal wax dab

The unique spiral quartz coil of the Crystal provides great tasting vapor and is easy to load.

Vapor Quality: First of all, the Crystal doesn’t have a traditional coil, it has an all quartz coil, so instead of being a wire coiled around a rod like other coils, it is a bucket shape that heats the wax from below. With this method, the wax never contacts the element, which is more efficient and produces purer vapor. I’m sure by now that you know how well quartz preserves the flavor of wax. I’m equally sure that you know how well glass mouthpieces preserve the flavor of the vapor. So, I’m pretty certain that you can figure out that the flavor the Crystal produces is excellent.

Draw resistance: It also has a low draw resistance which is when the mouthpiece has a comfortable airflow that doesn’t require intense inhalation. A low draw resistance is always desirable, especially when it comes to sub-ohm vaping, which is vaping using coils with a resistance lower than one ohm. Vapers tend to like sub ohm vaping because the high airflow feels comfortable and because it produces big clouds.

So, the low draw resistance makes the vaping even more pleasant with any of the four voltage settings—2.6V, 3.0V, 3.6V, and 4.2V. The Crystal also has a Sesh Mode, a double click of the power button continuously heats up the Crystal for ten seconds of vaping goodness.

Battery: The Crystal has a hefty 900 mAh battery, which is bigger than most in this size range, so it can go for quite a while before it needs a recharge. It also features pass through charging so it can be used while it recharges. The USB port is on the side of the device, so it can stand upright while it charges, which is useful whether you take advantage of the pass through charging feature or not.

The Final Word

The Crystal is an impressive wax vaporizer from a company that is constantly making impressive wax vaporizers, so this is another good one, but it still manages to stand out from the crowd because of its unique coil. The unique quartz coil is easy to load and delivers excellent flavor. When you add in the glass mouthpiece, the vapor gets even better.

The only downside is that it’s also a little on the expensive side, so there’s that to think about as well. But hey, you get what you pay for and this is a top level pen.

You can get it directly from KandyPens for $135, and use our exclusive KandyPens coupon code, TVG25 for a 25% discount.

KandyPens Crystal vs KandyPens Prism vs HoneyStick Plasma GQ

KandyPens Crystal KandyPens Prism HoneyStick Plasma GQ
Atomizer TypeSpecial Quartz CoilDual Quartz + Ceramic CoilQuartz Bowl
Voltage/Temperature SettingsFourFourTwo
Special FeaturesUnique Quartz CoilTwo Coils IncludedCoil-less Quartz Bowl
Price$134.97 directly from KandyPens$97.99 directly from KandyPens $179 directly from HoneyStick
KandyPens Crystal

A vape pen with an interesting quartz coil.



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