KandyPens 350 mAh Battery Review

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The KandyPens 350 mAh Battery is a 510 thread "plug and play" battery that is designed specifically for oil cartridges that require a higher output voltage. It has some advanced features such as variable voltage and sesh mode, but it is still very simple to use. A triple coated lacquer paint and an embossed KandyPens logo makes this battery look sleek and luxurious, and it feels solid- inline with other KP products. Simple, capable, this is definitely one of the best 510 batteries around.

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KandyPens 350 mAh Battery Background

The KandyPens 350 mAh Battery ($34.95 directly from KandyPens, coupon code TVG25 provides a 25% discount) is a simple, easy to use battery for all the THC oil and CBD cartridges that are the rage these days. It’s a nice alternative to the dedicated oil vaporizers and it matches up well with any other 510 battery.

What’s in the Kit

  • KandyPens 350 mAh Battery
  • USB charger
KandyPens 350 mah battery Kit
The USB charger and the KandyPens 350 mAh battery are the only items in the kit.

Noteworthy Features

  • Compatible w/ 510 threaded CBD and THC cartridges
  • Designed specifically for oil cartridges that require a higher output voltage
  • Three voltage levels: Green – 3.7V | Blue – 3.9V | Red – 4.1V
  • Sesh mode: the battery can stay active for a short session
  • Solid, luxurious design
  • Retails for $34.95 directly from KandyPens, TVG’s exclusive KandyPens Coupon Code will save you 25% on every purchase
KandyPens 350mah battery 510 threaded
The 350 mAH Battery is compatible with a wide variety of 510 oil and CBD cartridges.


This is a pretty simple battery, but it is exactly what most 510 cartridge users will want, something uncomplicated that they can use whenever they want. It’s small enough to fit into any pocket alongside your favorite 510 cartridges. However, it’s just large enough to make vaping that cartridge feel comfortable when it is attached to the battery.

The Battery has triple coated lacquer paint that makes it feel sleek and smooth, and an embossed logo. It feels just as solid as KandyPens other products and follows their luxurious style.

KandyPens 350 mah battery Black
The simple design of the 350 mAh Battery prizes functionality over flash.

How It Is Used

  1. Screw the 510 cartridge onto the battery.
  2. Press the power button 5x to turn on the battery.
  3. Select the voltage level from one of the presets.
  4. Once the voltage is reached, inhale from the mouthpiece of the cartridge.
KandyPens 350 mah battery with cartridge
The 350 mAh battery is very simple to use with cartridges like the Gold Line 510 CBD Oil Cartridges.

How It Performs

The battery makes a great companion to any 510 cartridge, whether that cartridge is from Hemp Bombs, Sun State, or Gold Line, it works well with all of them. The flavor profiles are distinct and the variable voltage settings provide some nice customization options. Portability isn’t uncommon among 510 batteries, but it is still great that the 350 mAh battery is always there when I need it. It lasts a long time and is just a really solid battery all around.

KandyPens 350mah battery with goldline cartridgeKandyPens 350mah battery with goldline cartridge
The KandyPens 350 mAh battery performs well with any type of 510 cartridge.

The Last Word

The KandyPens 350 mAh battery ($34.95 directly from KandyPens, use coupon code TVG25 to save 25%) is a solid, easy to use battery that won’t let you down. It has everything we look for in a 510 battery- sesh mode, feels solid & luxurious, powerful, and a very fair price tag.

Thanks for reading my KandyPens 350 mAh battery review, whether you’re a veteran 510 vaper or a newbie, whether you prefer CBD or prefer THC cartridges, this is a great battery for anyone that can handle anything. As long as it’s 510 threaded of course.

KandyPens 350 mAh Battery

A solid, reliable battery for THC and CBD cartridges


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