JUUL Skins and JUUL Wraps

We already know that the JUUL is one of the all time great e-cigarettes, if not the all time great e-cigarette. Of course, they haven’t stayed on top of the game by standing still. JUUL has given us new flavors and new colors, but for some people that isn’t enough. Dissatisfied with just vaping e-liquid, some people tried creating their own JUUL CBD pods—which is a really bad idea, incidentally—so that they can jump on the CBD oil bandwagon.

Another safer way (thankfully) that people have tried to alter their JUULs is with the use of JUUL wraps, JUUL skins, or JUUL decals. Whatever you call them, they’re basically just wraparound stickers that cover the whole JUUL. Even though we’re fans of the original Plain Jane JUUL and its available colors, this is a JUUL trend we can actually get behind. So, here is a small handful of the many, many JUUL skins and JUUL wraps available.

JUUL General Skins

Honestly, this category is only called general because the others are more specific, you can still give a cool look to your JUUL with these skins.

JUUL Camouflage Skins

JUUL camouflage skins are a pretty popular category since camo patterns tend to look good on anything. You can get skins featuring urban, jungle, winter, or digital camo, all of which make your JUUL stand out more—and, yes, I am well aware of the irony of that statement.

juul skin jungle camo
JUUL Jungle Camouflage Skin
juul skin digital camo
JUUL Digital Camouflage Skin

JUUL Flag Skins

‘Murica, Hell Yeah!!! Yep, we love putting our flag on stuff in this country, so why should our JUULs be any different. I’m surprised more vape companies don’t just include the American flag as one of the default patterns that customers can choose from, I’m pretty sure they would sell like crazy. Until that happens, you have a lot of JUUL American flag skins to choose from. So now the JUUL can match your bedsheets, drapes, shower curtain, clothes, and monster truck. I’m assuming.

juul skins vintage flag
JUUL Vintage Flag Skin
juul skins classic flag
JUUL Classic Flag Skin

JUUL Textured Skins

If you want your JUUL to have a more organic look then these are the skins you should choose. They create an interesting blend of nature and technology and make the JUUL look a lot tougher than it actually is. Yeah, the JUUL is pretty durable but it’s not made of stone so don’t let these textures fool you, or rather fool someone else, into thinking that it’s as hard as stone. Just enjoy the classy, natural look these skins give to your JUUL.

JUUL Marble Textured Skins

Now your JUUL can match your marble floor, marble countertops, and marble statues. Or maybe you just want folks to think that you have marble floors, marble countertops, and marble statues. Whatever the case is, these JUUL marble skins make your JUUL even more chic than it was before.

juul skin black marble
JUUL Black Marble Skin
juul skin modern marble
JUUL Modern Marble Skin

JUUL Wood Textured Skins

The JUUL wood textures are about as natural as you can get. Seriously, these skins are so authentic they make your JUUL look like a piece of furniture. Unsuspecting strangers might even wonder how you managed to carve an e-cig out of wood. Okay, they won’t really wonder that, but they will admire the fine wood grain finish these skins display.

juul skin maple walnut wood
JUUL Maple Walnut Wood Skin
juul skin red mahogany wood
JUUL Red Mahogany Wood Skin

JUUL Designer Skins

The JUUL designer skins are great for those who want to fake it till they make it. They’re also great for those who have already made it. They’re even great for those who are just interested in faking it. Basically, they’re great for everyone, here are some of the high-end designer brands you can show off with your JUUL.

juul skin gucci
JUUL Gucci Skin
juul skin louis vuitton
JUUL Louis Vuitton Skin

JUUL Pop Culture Skins

The JUUL is practically a part of pop culture by now so it’s only natural that the JUUL pop culture skins highlight some of the hottest things people are talking about right now. These are the topics showing up in memes, newsfeeds, online forums, and everywhere people talk about what’s hot and what’s cool. So show everyone that there’s no FOMO in your life with these skins.

JUUL Supreme Skins

Supreme started out as a small brand that sold skateboards and skate accessories. Now they’re a huge brand that sells skateboards and skate accessories. They’ve collaborated with sneaker and boot brands like Vans and Timberland to produce limited edition footwear. They also joined forces with various graffiti artists, photographers, and designers to create limited edition skate decks. Everything they make gets sold out so make sure to grab these JUUL Supreme skins while you can.

juul skin supreme
JUUL Supreme Skin

JUUL Fortnite Skins

Naturally, the biggest game in the world right now has JUUL skins. If you’ve never played Fortnite then you’ve at least heard of Fortnite. If you’ve never heard of Fortnite then you probably don’t exist. Or you’ve been living under a rock. On Mars. Whether you’ve heard of the battle royale game or not, these JUUL Fortnite skins are here to make your JUUL look a lot cooler.

juul skin fortnite
JUUL Fortnite Skin

Rick and Morty Skins

If you’ve never heard of this hit animated show then you might have heard about its crazy fans. If you’ve never heard of those crazy fans then good for you, the internet agrees that they’re the worst. Too bad, because the show’s the best, well one of the best anyway. These JUUL Rick and Morty skins will show that you’re a cool, calm, and collected individual and nothing like the show’s problematic* fanbase.

*I’m being very diplomatic here.

juul skin rick and morty
JUUL Rick and Morty Skin

The Skinny on JUUL Skins

These are a lot of JUUL skins and we’ve barely scratched the surface. There’s probably a skin for anything you can think of and if you haven’t thought of it then there’s a good chance someone else has. That’s okay though, like I said in the intro, these are some of the better, more acceptable ways to mod the JUUL.

They’re all safe and if you get tired of them then you can just remove them. They won’t damage the JUUL or affect your vaping experience in any way, at the most you’ll just get some extra attention while you vape. Even better is that these JUUL skins are pretty inexpensive. So if you love the JUUL but want to better express yourself then try one of the myriad JUUL skins available. You’re guaranteed to find one you like.

A huge proponent of the vaping lifestyle who would love it if everyone who smokes makes the switch to vaping instead. Loves CBD and would like to see it infused into everything. Aside from the world of vaping, he also loves reading, health & fitness, gadgets & technology, and culture, both the pop and regular kind.

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