JUUL eCig Review: Best Closed Pod Vaporizer of 2018?

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So, what’s the catch? The Juul seems like the perfect e-cigarette from top to bottom but is there anything that would have us believe otherwise? Not that we can think of. It’s intuitive, handsome, affordable, and gives the smoker a practical replacement for any one of their combustive nicotine products. Everybody loves the JUUL e-cig--it's simply enjoyable and won't leave you smelling like--well--anything. Read our Juul review to find out why we love it so much.

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JUUL Vapes Background

The team at Pax has set the bar high with their dry herb vaporizers which always make our Favorite Vapes List. Thus, Pax Vapor has set lofty expectations upon creating an e-cig. The Juul surpasses expectation at every turn from its sleek design, superb vaping experience, and true viability as an alternative to smoking.

It’s no surprise that the Juul e-cig has become such a hot commodity, it provides something that every other e-cig so far has left to be desired. The Juul is everything we could ask for and more, which is why it’s at the top of our list for our favorite e-cigarette of 2017.

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JUUL Update – Navy Blue Color

The JUUL already looks good, now it looks even better. The new navy blue color brings a nice, elegant touch to the JUUL, it’s not too understated and it isn’t loud and garish either. JUUL knows that its users like a touch of class and the navy blue provides that without going over the top. Whether this is your first JUUL or not, you will want to add the new navy blue color to your collection.

JUUL e-cigarette navy blue


In the kit, we have the JUUL, the unit battery, USB magnetic charger and four flavored JUULpod cartridges which are interchangeable and prefilled with 0.7 ml e-Liquid and 5% nicotine each.

With the starter pack, you can see which flavor you like, and then re-up on your JuulPods by visiting JuulVapor. JuulPod cartridges are reasonably priced at $15.99 for a 4-pack with each pod equivalent to about a pack of cigarettes. Juul Pods contain VG, PG, flavoring, nicotine and benzoic acid.

Juul eCig Review

Key Features of the Juul E-Cig

At it’s core, the Juul e-cig is a natural substitute for those who are used to holding a cigarette, rather than a vape, between their fingers. That characteristic is best reflected in its simplicity – the lack of buttons, switches, and other superfluities makes this e-cig almost feel more ‘cig’ than ‘e’.

Intuition from the design team goes a long way here, but the biggest benefit for the end-user lies in functionality all the way. For its size, this device goes above and beyond providing about 200 puffs in one of its tiny cartridges. It’s an impressive amount considering that one pod–or 200 puffs–is about the equivalent of a full pack of cigarettes.

juul pod flavors

Juul E-Cigarette Design

Style matters to the people at Pax, which is evident from the sleek look of every one of their products (e.g, the Pax 3–JUUL’s big brother for dry herb). The Juul e-cig takes sleek and adds a level of cosmopolitan panache that makes it more sophisticated than every other e-cigarette in its class. From its compact stature to its enchanting build, the Juul does a perfect job of balancing discretion and impressive design.

The Juul is easy to keep tucked away because of its size, which makes it a perfect choice for the user that’s on the go. Being an e-cigarette, the Juul comes in handy when confined to a tight setting like a bar or club just be prepared for others to ask what it is and where you got it. Like an attractive but introverted coworker, the Juul accomplishes something unique by being both unassuming and intriguing at the same time.

JUUL starter pack review

Using the JUUL Vape

Lip-sensing technology lets your just pop in the JUUL pod flavor of choice and inhale–no buttons. Enjoy the slight crackling of the oil as you draw your hits. I love all the different flavors–when the mood is right, of course–but I generally use the tobacco flavor and the mango.

JUULpods last a really long time and it’s fun and convenient to have different flavors with you, say, for after dinner or for at the office. Be aware that your friends, family and colleagues will want to borrow your JUUL vape for a quick drag, and could potentially become attached to certain flavors. Keep some extra cartridges in tow and an eye on your JUUL at all times 😉

 Charging the JUUL + Battery Life

To check battery life just slightly double tap the LED light with your finger and it will give you the battery status – Green for full, Yellow for half full, Red for low battery and no LED light at all if it’s drained (Obviously).

To charge the JUUL vape, remove the cap that exposes the USB port. Connect the base of the unit, fitted with strong magnets, to the charger. Plug it into any USB portal and you’re done.

juulpods review

JUUL Performance and Vapor Quality

The vapor was the biggest surprise I’ve experienced with any e-cigarette, especially one of the Juul’s size. This thing packs a punch in a way that makes even the most experienced vapers examine it closely after taking a hit. The flavor varies depending on your pod choice, of course, but the vapor regardless is strong enough to mimic the sensation of smoking.

Juul eCig Review

Final thoughts on the JUUL E-cig

Ten minutes into using the Juul, and it’s easy to see why it’s so widely praised. From start to finish, this device is arguably a simpler and better experience than smoking an actual cigarette. I never thought twice about a premium on this particular e-cigarette because of the caliber of performance it delivers with every use.

If you’re looking for a vape that’s remarkably above the par then the Juul is the answer. Aptly designed for any context where you might need or want to pull out a vape, it fits in better than just about any one of its peers, even on our favorite e-cigs list.

Where to buy the JUUL?

JUUL eCig Starter Kit

Buy JUUL and JUULpods directly from JuulVapor.com


JUUL eCig Review - Innovative eCig by PAX - 4k Video

The Juul eCig from Pax Vapor is a mini micro e-cig that tops every e-cigs on its category with its sleek and innovative features.

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