JUUL Review: The Best E-cigarette Ever?

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JUUL eCig Review Bottom Line

The JUUL is everything you could ever want in an e-cigarette and for many people it’s the only thing they want in an e-cigarette. It’s combination of intuitive design, strong flavor, and easy portability make it the e-cigarette of choice for users of all kinds. From former smokers to those who have never touched a cigarette, the JUUL’s appeal is universal. It is, quite simply, one of the best e-cigarettes ever made.

JUUL E-cigarette Background

The JUUL ($49.99 directly from JUUL Vapor) is the standard-bearer and trend setter in the e-cigarette business. There have been many, many challengers to the JUUL’s status as the best e-cig but none have managed to unseat it from its perch.

The JUUL’s convenience and ease of use make it one of the best smoking alternatives available and options like the JUUL auto-ship program make replacing JUUL pods simple and easy. Since its release in 2015, the JUUL has remained relevant through various new flavors, colors, and the simple fact that they managed to get everything right on the first try. Find out more of what makes it great in my JUUL review.

JUUL Limited Edition Alert!

JUUL is at it again, after all this time you think they’d be happy with having the e-cigarette that’s the market’s standard bearer. But nope, they’ve up and launched a blush gold JUUL. If you thought the previous JUUL color schemes were too understated, then this one is for you.

The blush gold color won’t just attract attention, it will attract all the attention. It might look like a million bucks but that isn’t how much it costs, in fact it doesn’t cost anything! That’s right, just sign up for 3 months of the JUUL auto-ship program and the blush gold JUUL is yours for free.

Deal of the century? Maybe, after all, you get JUUL’s coolest color yet and a supply of JUUL pods for 3 months straight. It doesn’t get better than that, at least not yet. Make sure you don’t miss out on this offer, I have a feeling these will be going fast.

juul blushed gold

JUUL Update – Navy Blue Color

The JUUL already looks good, now it looks even better. The new navy blue color brings a nice, elegant touch to the JUUL, it’s not too understated and it isn’t loud and garish either. JUUL knows that its users like a touch of class and the navy blue provides that without going over the top. Whether this is your first JUUL or not, you will want to add the new navy blue color to your collection.

JUUL e-cigarette navy blue

JUUL E-cig Kit

The JUUL starter kit contains the following:

  • The JUUL e-cig
  • Four sample JUUL pods – Virginia tobacco | Cool mint | Creme brulee | Fruit medley
  • USB charger

The JUUL e-cig is also sold without the sample pack for $34.99 if you want that option.

juul best eCig 2018
The four flavor sample pack (top) is included with the JUUL (bottom) starter kit.

Key Features of the Juul E-Cigarette

  • Compatible only w/ JUUL pods
  • Draw activated, no buttons necessary
  • Slim, stylish, highly portable design
  • JUUL pods use nicotine salts
  • Retails for $49.99 directly from JUUL Vapor
juul vape review
The JUUL does not use any buttons, simply inhale from the mouthpiece to activate it.

Juul E-Cig Design

The JUUL has one of the simplest and most iconic designs in the vaping world. The slim, rectangular body and easily removable JUUL pods set the standard for practically all e-cigarettes to come. It’s not hard to see why everyone would want to emulate the JUUL’s ease of use, superior convenience, and easy portability.

The only possible downside could be the simple color scheme, which doesn’t stand out when compared to its flashier rivals. However, the addition of new colors changed that for any JUUL users who want their e-cig to stand out a little more.

JUUL Best ecig
The JUUL's slim, highly portable design is simple and iconic.

How to Use the JUUL Smoking Alternative

  1. Attach a JUUL pod to a fully charged JUUL.
  2. Inhale from the mouthpiece.

That ease of use is one of the reasons why the JUUL is such a popular cigarette alternative.

JUUL E-cigarette Performance and Vapor Quality

Another reason the JUUL is a popular smoking alternative is that the JUUL pods use nicotine salts instead of the standard e-liquid used in other e-cigarettes. I won’t go into the science of nicotine salts but I will tell you that many former smokers like them because they can use a high level of nicotine without the harsh throat hit that high nicotine e-liquids give to users. It makes the JUUL one of the best cigarette alternatives.

The JUUL is a closed pod system, which means that the JUUL pods cannot be refilled, they can only be replaced. This can be a drawback for anyone who wants to try a wider variety of e-cigarette flavors. The flavors the JUUL uses all taste—and smell—great, plus they’re constantly bringing out new flavors like Cool Cucumber or Classic Menthol. So, in the unlikely event that someone gets tired of all the available flavors, there will be a new one on the horizon.

The battery life lasts long enough to empty a full JUUL pod and it recharges in about an hour. You can lightly tap on the LED light to easily check the JUUL’s battery status. If you want a convenient charging option then you can try the Hydra JUUL Charging Case. The JUUL doesn’t produce a lot of vapor so if you’re a cloud chaser you’ll be disappointed. However, if you want or need to vape discreetly then you’ll appreciate the lack of dense vapor.

juul pod flavors
JUUL pods come in a wide variety of flavors, the one in the background is mango.

JUUL vs Other Cigarette Alternatives

JUUL vs KandyPens Rubi

So far, the KandyPens Rubi is the closest competitor to the JUUL. It has a similar design and functionality but it is an open pod system so it can use a wide variety of e-liquids and even THC or CBD oil. Check out the KandyPens Rubi vs JUUL comparison for more details.

KandyPens RUBI vs JUUL e-cig

JUUL E-cig Review: Final thoughts

After all this time, the JUUL ($49.99 directly from JUUL Vapor) is still going strong, it’s still one of the best e-cigs available, if not the best. It’s basically the archetype for the entire e-cig industry and one of the best cigarette alternatives available.

That’s because of the innovative JUUL pods that use nicotine salts, which provide a closer sensation to smoking than the majority of e-cigarettes. Add the convenience, portability discreteness, and ease of use and the JUUL is the total package, everything you could ever want in an e-cigarette.

Thanks for reading my JUUL review, whenever JUUL adds a new flavor or color, you’ll get all the details here

JUUL eCig Starter Kit

Buy JUUL and JUULpods directly from JuulVapor.com


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