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Looking for some coupon codes for the JUUL to get a discount on your favorite e-cigarette?

Well…we have the next best thing: the JUUL Pod Autoship Program. Autoship gives you 15% off and free shipping on a monthly shipment of JUUL pods. Heard a lot about the JUUL e-cig, but don’t know for yourself why its so great? Check out our JUUL review.

If you want to know how to get a deal on the JUUL by taking advantage of the JUUL Pod Autoship Program and get a deal every month on the best ecig there is—keep reading.

Discounted JUUL Pods (…with Autoship)

With the JUULPods autoship program, each month JUUL delivers 4-packs of Juulpods to your door. Choose from these prices and quantities:

$27.18 – Two 4-packs per month = two pods / week
$54.36 – Four 4-packs per month = four pods / week
$108.72 – Eight 4-packs per month = eight pods / week

No JUUL coupon codes? No problem! You never have to worry about re-upping your order since it’s done automatically and your favorite flavors are always on standby.

Customize your shipment based on how much you use your JUUL, the 15% off with free shipping is a great deal.

juulpods review
You can choose to receive any of the flavors from the starter pack using the JUUL Pod Autoship Program.

JUULpod Flavors

All the JUUL flavors are available with the autoship program. JUULPod flavors include:

  • Mango
  • Cool mint
  • Virginia tobacco
  • Fruit medley
  • Creme brulee
  • Cool cucumber (limited edition*)

There’s nothing like your favorite flavors in the mailbox…with autoship and the JUUL discount.

juul ecig review
The flavors in the starter pack from L-R: Virginia tobacco, Creme brulee, Fruit medley, and Cool mint.

The JUUL Starter Kit

This JUUL Starter Kit is not part of the JUUL Pod autoship program, but it is a pretty great deal in itself. Take a look at what you’ll be getting:

  • One rechargeable JUUL battery (device body)
  • One JUUL 4-pack w/ 4 different flavored JUULpods (to get you started)
  • One magnetic USB charger

All for 50 bucks. Only the 4-packs bought separately from the JUUL starter kit count toward the autoship program discount.

Restrictions and Limits to the Program

You need to order the minimum amount to qualify for the JUUL discount, that’s the two 4-packs per month deal— in case you forgot. Also, some states don’t allow discounts or free shipping on tobacco products. 🙁 Yeah, that’s a bummer, so check your state’s laws regarding tobacco shipments before you sign up.

JUUL starter pack review
The JUUL battery (center) and starter flavor pack (bottom right) are included in the starter kit. The mango flavor pod 4-pack can be purchased as part of the autoship program.

Check out the Full JUUL Review

Take a look at our JUUL review to see why this e-cig is King of the Mountain. The JUUL is affordable, intuitive, performs awesomely, and feels good to use. Plus it looks cool. If you want more details, the review is right there—find out why everyone is obsessed with this little eCig.

Juul eCig Review
The sleek design and easily removable, swappable JUUL Pods are appealing features of the JUUL (pictured w/ the Mango JUUL Pod).

An Extra JUUL is Extra Affordable

If you’re always forgetting your JUUL, or if you just want an extra one for the office or the morning commute, then you can order an extra device for a good price.

A solo JUUL (the JUUL – Basic Kit) without the flavor pods only costs $34.99. For that price, a secondary or backup JUUL is a solid investment. You can leave one to charge while you use the other and with all those JUULpods coming in, you’ll be using them a lot!

juul pod flavors
JUUL pods come in a wide variety of flavors, the one in the background is mango.

Final Thoughts

It would be great if there was JUUL coupon code for all their loyal customers but the JUUL Pod Autoship Program is the next best thing, and it really is a good deal. In fairness, the lack of a coupon code might not be entirely JUUL’s fault.

Cities like New York and Providence, Rhode Island have already banned tobacco related coupons.

Clearly, the JUUL Pod Autoship Program is the best choice to get a discount. The JUUL is available for $50 directly from Juul Vapor and you can sign up for the Autoship Program there too. Swing by our JUUL review for all the details on the JUUL. For more e-cig choices, check out our Best e-cig list.

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