JUUL Alternatives: Looking for a “JUUL-Like” Vape? Here are the Top 5 options!

The JUUL has been at the top of the e-cigarette game for a while now but it can’t reign this long without some challengers stepping up. That’s good for the industry since competition prevents complacency. It’s also good for consumers since more choices are always great, so if you’re looking for e-cigs like the JUUL, I’ve got some great recommendations for you. Some of these are among the Best E-Cigarettes available so there aren’t any e-scrubs here. Now let’s get started!

Why Get a JUUL Alternative?

If you want to know why this e-cig is so popular, take a look at the JUUL review, if you want to know why it remains relevant, check out the article about the new JUULpod flavors and new color. So why get a JUUL like vape then? Well, the flavors are great but you’re limited to what JUUL gives you because it’s a closed pod system.

Other e-cigs give you more flavors with different nicotine levels and VG/PG ratios to choose from. The JUULpods also can’t be refilled, you need to buy new ones when they’re finished. Some of the other e-cigs on this list can be refilled with whatever e-juice you want. So if you want more freedom, you’ll have to choose a device like the JUUL instead of the real deal.

  • The JUUL retails directly from JUUL Vapor for $49.99
Juul Review

KandyPens Rubi

The KandyPens Rubi has a cool, sleek style, is draw activated like the JUUL, but more reliably leak proof, and it’s an open pod system. That means you can use any type of e-liquid with the Rubi, as opposed to the JUUL’s closed pod system which only uses proprietary, non-refillable JUULpods. That option, and the overall quality, makes the Rubi one of the best alternatives to the JUUL. Check out the Rubi vs JUUL comparison for more details.

KandyPens RUBI with e-juice Review

My Von Erl

The My Von Erl is a closed pod system like the JUUL only bigger in every way, from the e-cig to the pods. The My Von Erl delivers great vapor in a wide variety of flavors like cherry, cafe latte, and bourbon caramel. Its strong nicotine punch and great vapor density make it a good choice for former smokers. The My Von Erl is one of the better products similar to the JUUL and the cheaper price makes it more desirable.


V2 Pro Series 3X

The V2 Pro Series 3X can also vape dry herb and wax , making it one the more versatile JUUL like vapes though the dry herb and concentrate atomizers are sold separately.  You can choose different temperatures, airflow, and e-liquids since the 3X is an open pod system. The 3X isn’t difficult to use but it’s more complicated than the JUUL, it’s much larger and more obtrusive too. If you want a more powerful e-cig that can produce huge clouds then consider the Pro Series 3X.

v2 pro 3x review

VapeDynamics Cora

The VapeDynamics Cora is a dual use vaporizer that uses e-liquids and oil. It has a magnetic connection and uses an open pod system. It’s a little longer than the JUUL but it’s not inconvenient. The main drawback is that filling the pods requires the use of the included custom dropper since the filler holes are very small. Also, the Cora is activated by a power button while the JUUL is draw-activated. If you want an affordable 2 in 1 device, the Cora is a good JUUL like vape.


KandyPens Feather

The KandyPens Feather is an open pod e-cig designed to be used with nicotine salts. The JUUL uses nic salt JUULpods so the Feather is a good alternative. It has an unusual rounded parallelogram shape that’s unique but comfortable and small enough to be stealthy. The Feather can produce huge clouds and is pretty user-friendly, making it a viable JUUL like device.

KandyPens Feather e-cigarette Review

JUUL Alternatives: Final Thoughts

If the JUUL isn’t for you there are several JUUL alternatives available. Whether you want the flexibility of an open pod system or the ability to vape other substances, there’s an e-cig out there for you. The JUUL is still great but it has some respectable company now. For more JUUL like vapes, check out the Best E-Cigarette list.

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