Joyetech Ultimo Tank Review

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Joyetech Ultimo Tank Review

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The Ultimo tank features a top-fill design, holds 4ml of e-liquid, and great air flow control. But what makes Ultimo stands out from other sub-ohm tanks in the market is its MG Series Coils. Ultimo is the latest flagship Sub-Ohm Tank from Joyetech, and it lives up to the hype.

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In-Depth Joyetech Ultimo Tank Review:

Sub-ohm Tanks together with various features like airflow control, top-fill and so much more are in our industry for quite some time now. Designs and performances of sub-ohm tanks differ since then, but they have all the same structural design coils – the coil controls everything, even if you have inexpensive or expensive tanks it’s the coil that matters. It’s all about the coil- that’s why you have a good vapor. People!

But today, Joyetech breaks that history by introducing their all new brand of a sub-ohm tank, the Ultimo with NEW MG series coils. These coils are structurally designed for optimal airflow and wicking.

MG Series Coils


The Ultimo measures 22mm in diameter and features a clean and trim design that represent Joyetech’s universally appealing trademark. You can get it either in black or stainless steel, they can hold 4ml of e-liquid. It comes with two drip tips (Stainless Steel and Delrin). It has a top-fill design and great air flow control which are pretty standard features nowadays. But the standout feature of this new Sub-Ohm Tank is its coils and it comes in three coil heads – Clapton Coil, NotchCoil Head and the Ceramic Coil – that’s right a ceramic coil and that’s not all they also gave you a standard configuration RTA Coil.

  • MG Clapton-0.5ohm Head

MG Clapton-0.5ohm HeadThis type of coil can be vape from 40 to 90W with a resistance of .5ohm and it holds a lot of wicking (more wicking I have ever seen in a coil head) has a large diameter airflow and four large holes to get that coil totally soaked with e-liquid with ease.

Overall: This coil is great it offers a better cloud and flavor in general.


  • MG NotchCoil-0.25ohm Head

MG NotchCoil-0.25ohm HeadYou also get a NotchCoil that you can vape from 60 to 80 with a resistance of 0.25ohm. It’s a special coil for you can unscrew the top and re-wick the cotton yourself. This means you can change the cotton with ease. Like the Clapton, it has a large diameter of air flow and four large holes and still a lot of wicking/cotton. It has a pretty interesting design and it worked well while it last – the only problem with this coil is when I try to fire it up with my favorite vape mod it says “check atomizer” so I tried to re-wick it again (this time I assure the cotton will not stick at the base of the NotchCoil) fire it up onto different vape mod and it works again.

Overall: This coil is also great while it last, until the wick is worn out and needs to be replaced.

Note: Just be sure you know how to troubleshoot it before re-wicking. If it says “check atomizer” try to re-wick it or change different vape mod. Otherwise, it’s a bad coil.

  • MG Ceramic-0.5ohm Head

MG Ceramic-0.5ohm HeadThis type of coil can be vape from 40-80W with a resistance of 0.5ohm. It has a wider diameter than any few ceramic coil heads in the market. But what’s different about this coil? Is its long-lasting lifespan, spitting and leakage proof. I’ve tried to use this coil for weeks now straight at its maximum 80W! But no signs of wear off of flavor. It still brings large vapor production with great pure flavor since I first used it.

Overall: This coil is my new favorite yet, it stands out for me above the rest. Truly awesome

  • MG RTA Head (exclusive for standard configuration)

The Ultimo also comes with RTA Head just for you. Featuring a rebuildable structure and the pre-wrapped NotchCoil you can easily customize.

Final Verdict

This Tank is pretty good, a lot of wicks on every coil. And the coils are just awesome in their respective ways. The only thing I notice with the coil is you really have to make sure you screw it tight on the tank. Because a few times I screwed them in, they can have as good at first and then all of the sudden they will not fire. So you really make sure you screw them tightly at the base of the tank before used.

Where to Purchase?

I recommend buying the Ultimo Sub-Ohm Tank at DirectVapor. They have a huge selection of products at a low price.

Joyetech Ultimo Tank

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  1. This is an amazing tank. I use it with a cuboid mini. The two joyetech devices compliment each other. I get great clouds and the taste of my juice is significantly better. The coils arr built well and seem to function better than the standard SSOCC coils I use for my kangertech.

  2. Yes … the flawor from the ultimo is awesome….. but…. it leaks like a water tap … no matter what coil, it leaks, making this tank useless

  3. Will this tank work with a captain rd270? The tank it came with guzzles liquid.

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