JoyeTech Espion Silk Review: Find Out Why this Vape Mod Stands Out

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JoyeTech Espion Silk Review Bottom Line

Whether you’re a seasoned vaper or a newbie, this could be the device for you. The JoyeTech Espion Silk has the advanced feature set that vets will love, the ease of use that newbies will love, and the great flavor that everybody will love. The nice feeling, interesting looking rubber body will also give everyone a lot of satisfaction. Interested yet? If you are, then be sure to check out the JoyeTech Espion Silk.

JoyeTech Espion Silk Background

The JoyeTech Espion Silk ($72.26 from Heaven Gifts) is a brand new vape mod from the mod masters at JoyeTech. We really liked the last JoyeTech Espion model, so we’re really looking forward to this new one. And there’s certainly a lot to look forward to.

The first thing you notice is the unique rubberized body that is a lot different from all of the Best Vape Mods. This more rugged design is a nice change from the super high-tech looking vape mods that are so common these days. Of course, looks aren’t everything, if you want to know how it performs, check out the rest of my JoyeTech Espion Silk review.

JoyeTech Espion Silk Kit

  • JoyeTech Espion Silk mod battery
  • NotchCore atomizer
  • 4 spare NotchCoils
  • 1 spare glass tube + spare O-rings
  • USB cable
JoyeTech Espion Silk kit
L-R: Spare o-rings + glass tube, instruction manual, JoyeTech Espion Silk, spare notchcoils, USB cable.

Key Features of the JoyeTech Espion Silk

  • Compatible w/ e-liquids
  • Rubber, hypoallergenic body
  • Advanced TCR mode
  • Informative OLED screen
  • Wattage output: 1W – 80W
  • Retails for $72.26 from Heaven Gifts
JoyeTech Espion Silk OLED screen
The OLED screen clearly displays all the relevant information you need.

JoyeTech Espion Silk Design

Like I said in the intro, the rubber body really stands out. The only problem is that using multiple pieces of rubber, instead of one big piece, gives it a patchwork look because of the big gaps between each piece. The color selection is pretty good, though. It feels better than it looks, since the rubber is nice and soft. It’s also hypoallergenic, so you vapers with sensitive skin will appreciate that.

It also feels pretty durable—though, I wouldn’t recommend bouncing it off the ground. The tank is easy to fill and the power and +/- buttons are all conveniently placed. Add in the easy to navigate menu on the OLED screen, and you’ve got an intuitive, simple to use device that feels really good to hold.

JoyeTech Espion Silk vape mod
The rubber body panels make the Silk feel very comfortable in the hand.

How to Use the JoyeTech Espion Silk

  1. Remove the tank from the battery, then remove the atomizer from the tank.
  2. Soak the wick with a few drops of your e-juice, then reattach the atomizer to the tank.
  3. Slide open the mouthpiece to reveal the fill port, then fill the tank with your e-liquid.
  4. Close the tank and screw it onto the battery.
  5. Press the power button 5x to turn on the Silk, then use +/- buttons to select the wattage.
  6. Once the wattage has been reached, press the power button while inhaling from the mouthpiece.
JoyeTech Espion Silk tank
Filling up the Silk's juice tank is a very easy process.

Performance and Vapor Quality of the JoyeTech Espion Silk

As long as you stay in the 35 to 40 watt range, the Silk delivers excellent flavor along with some serious clouds. If you go any higher, the flavor starts feeling a little burnt, but stay in the optimum range and you’ll pick up all the subtle flavor notes of whichever of the Best E-juices you’re using.

Aside from the wattage selection, the menu has a wide array of features to select from. You can choose TCR mode, temperature selection for different metal alloys, ohm resistance, and much more. The selection of modes is comprehensive, but might be overwhelming for mod newbies, fortunately, they can just stick to the wattage selection and they’ll be fine. Advanced vapers will love all the customization options though.

You’ll be vaping for a while with the Silk since the battery and the e-juice last for a long time. You’ll get a lot of life out of the notchcoils as well, since you can re-wick them and use them multiple times. The fact that 4 extra coils are included, and that the coils are inexpensive, means that the Silk is one of the more cost-effective vape mods available.

JoyeTech Espion Silk with e-juice
The Silk delivers great flavor no matter what type of e-liquid you use.

JoyeTech Espion Silk Review: Conclusion

The JoyeTech Espion Silk ($72.26 from Heaven Gifts) is a joy to use—pun not intended—because of its amazing flavor, simplicity, and the reusable coils. Despite all the advanced features, it’s a pretty simple device to get the hang of, not to mention that it feels really good to hold because of its rubber panels.

Those panels also make it tougher than other vape mods, in addition to giving it an interesting look. Put all those features together, and the Silk can challenge the Best Vape Mods in the industry. So, if you’re in the market for a new mod—whether you’re a veteran or a newbie—then you’ll want to take a really close look at the Espion Silk.

Thanks for reading my JoyeTech Espion Silk review, this is one of the better vape mods that I’ve tried in a while.

JoyeTech Espion Silk

A rugged vape mod with advanced, yet intuitive, features


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