Innokin LIFT Review – Worlds first S.T.A. Siphon Tank Adapter

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Innokin LIFT Review: Bottom Line

Another innovative product from a well known vaping accessory manufacturer, Innokin Company. The Lift, worlds first siphon tank system that can turn your ordinary bottom feeder Atomizer into an RDTA. This has a capacity of up to 4ml e-liquid with an overall size diameter of 25mm that will fit nicely on any atomizers.

Innokin LIFT Review: Background

I’ve known Innokin Company for creating such a useful vaping accessories¬†from the past, well known with their Innokin UCAN, a device used to store e-liquids that you can carry anywhere.

Now, they have created yet another innovative vaping accessory, which is the Innokin LIFT ($19.99 from Heaven Gifts), a worlds first ever Siphon Tank System. You can now use any Bottom Feeder Atomizer without having a squonk mod, turn your normal RDA (Rebuildable Atomizer) into an RDTA (Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer)

Innokin lift review background
Simple Stainless Steel to match any Atomizer

What’s in the Box?

What will you get on Innokin LIFT Package?

  • 1x Innokin LIF Siphon Tank Adapter
  • Cap
  • 2x Orings
Innokin lift review package

Key Features: Innokin LIFT Review

Innokin LIFT Siphon Tank Adapter

  • Worlds First Siphon System¬†– The Innokin Company is the first or only manufacturer that has been able to produce this Amazing product. This technology will probably be adapted¬†by other manufacturers soon.
  • Convert RDA to RDTA¬†–¬†You can now convert any bottom feeder RDA into an RDTA, adding a tank below to refill or re-saturate¬†your cotton¬†with e-liquids. Simply refill the tank and just connect it at the bottom of your RDA and that’s it, you’re good to go.
  • Effortless Mechanism¬†– Unlike a normal bottom feeder, you need to refill your e-liquid by pressing a squonk bottle of your bottom feeder box mods. With the Innokin LIFT, you can do the same purpose by simply using your LIFT Adapter by normal vaping, e-liquids will automatically go up at the same time when you are inhaling your vapors.
  • Simple Design –¬†The Innokin LIFT Siphon Tank Adapter has a fairly simple design, that will match any Atomizers that your pair with it. It has a standard Stainless Steel Color where almost all the Atomizers has this same material.
Innokin lift review 510 pin
Protruding 510 Positive Pin
Innokin lift review internals
Innokin Lift Internals

Design: Innokin LIFT Review

I am very happy that they keep the Innokin LIFT design as simple as possible, this way all Atomizers that will be paired with this will match perfectly regardless of what the design is. Also keeping it into a Stainless Steel material is also great as most of the time all Atomizers has an SS color option. The overall design is simple and useful, functionality is more important with this kind of product, focusing on the thing on what it can do, rather than making it fancy and does nothing.

Innokin lift review design
25mm diameter that will fit any regular Atomizer

Performance: Innokin LIFT Review

Now, with this innovative product, does it work? Yes, the Innokin LIFT works perfectly fine. Using this adapter is easy, just refill the tank with your e-liquids then inhale the vapor same as vaping normally, e-liquids will go up at the same time to saturate your cotton.

Tip: Do not open your RDA air holes to its maximum size, try to close it about 25-50% to make this adapter work.

Innokin lift review performance
LIFT Up your e-liquid while you vape

Final Thoughts: Innokin LIFT Review

My first impression before doing my Innokin LIFT Review, I thought this system will not work. I was surprised that this kind of effortless mechanism will work just fine.

The Innokin LIFT ($19.99 from Heaven Gifts) is very innovative, this is the best and the only accessory for you to be able to use a bottom-feeding Atomizer to any Vaping Device even if its not a Squonk Box Mod. The Innokin LIFT is very easy to use, just refill the tank and you are good to go, e-liquids will automatically go up while you are inhaling from your Atomizer.

Where to buy the Innokin LIFT Siphon Tank Adapter?

Innokin LIFT Siphon Tank Adapter

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