Innokin iTaste EZ TC Review

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Innokin iTaste EZ TC Review

8.7 Total Score
Innokin iTaste EZ.TC Review Bottom Line

This new Vape Mod from Innokin will be a brand new model from their ever popular iTaste series. With advanced temp control EZTC technology and comes along with Innokin iClear20D Tank, integrated 1500mAh battery. The Innokin EZ TC is definitely a well-rounded device with an A-okay performance. If you're a new to vaping I think you'll really enjoy this device. It's simple to use, nice, compact and smart Vape Mod from Innokin.

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Initial Innokin iTaste EZ.TC Review:

Innokin will be releasing yet another compact Vape Mod in-line with their iTaste series, the Innokin iTaste EZ.TC Mod. Expect that this brand new Vape Mod model will be another blast from Innokin just like its older version series like iTaste MVP 20W, iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro 60W and more.

Innokin EZ TC Design

Depending on your hand size, this vape mod is incredibly small. Personally, I find it a little tiny (I have bigger hands just so you know) but even thou, it is comfortable and intuitive to use.

Innokin EZ TC Mod

The chassis is made of aluminum and is only 3-inches tall (4.5-inches if tank included) and 0.7 inches wide.

The 1500mAh battery of this mod isn’t a lot if you’re an avid vaper. However, if you are an average vaper this little mod could make it through a day of use. The battery can be charged via micro USB and features over-discharge, device overheat, short circuit, low resistance, and firing cut-off protection. Innokin iTaste EZ TC is a simple and a straightforward type of a mod fit for beginners and average vapers-a-like.

At first glance, I was not impressed with it, it feels flimsy and not well made. But for the long run that I’ve tested it, I guess I was wrong. The mod stays in shape without breaking off and the performance of the coil and tank is above average, contrary to my assumption. The chassis is made of aluminum and is available in 7 colors – Green, silver, purple, red, black, gold, and blue.

Innokin iClear20D Tank

Honestly, this tank works great. It performs well like Innokin claims it to be. “It is built with high quality stainless steel wire, organic cotton and Pyrex Glass and has an easy to use top fill drip tips, leak-resistant cover design and dry hit detection & prevention this means if the iCloud20D coils becomes dry, the device will decrease its temperature output and prevents the cotton and coils from burning. It’s an advanced temp control technology that can detect when your coil is getting too hot due to the absence of liquid and it will cut off the power to prevent you from torching your cotton.”

Iclear 20D

The iClear20D Tank is built with high-quality stainless steel wire, organic cotton, and Pyrex Glass and has an easy to use top fill drip tips, leak-resistant cover design and dry hit detection & prevention

Although I have a slight problem with the tank that I really need to mention. Like, they could have made it a 22mm diameter to increase the capacity and make it sit flush with the Innokin EZ TC. However, that is just a small thing that barely matters in the end because like I said, it works great.

*Note: Only for use with SS316L EZ.TC Atomizer & Coils.


The Innokin EZ TC has four temperature settings, ranging from 375°F (190°C) to 465°F (240°C), Personally, I think that setting 3 has the best flavor, while 4 has the most vapor. Speaking of vapor, this little thing surprised me. For being a lower powered temperature device, it puts out an impressive amount of vapor (it’s definitely not stealthy). As for flavor, I’d say it’s about on-par with the Innokin Kroma, though maybe slightly better. It’s not quite as good as if you were to delve into sub-ohm vaping, but it produces the best flavor of all the beginner vape mods I’ve tried.

Final verdict

In the end, this is definitely a well-rounded device with an A-okay performance. If you’re a new to vaping (or even someone just looking for something simple as a backup device), I do think you’ll really enjoy this device. It’s simple to use, nice and compact for people who don’t want to carry around something the size of a box of cigarettes.

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Innokin iTaste EZ.TC Mod

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  1. Reply
    Edward November 22, 2016 at 8:42 pm

    I’m NOT a fan of this product. It leaks, the well is tiny, there is hardly any pull…it’s always loose to where you think you have it assembled wrong. No good. Vito!

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  3. Reply
    Daniel February 3, 2017 at 11:43 am

    My first proper vapour kit well worth the money and big clouds a good entry level vape and you can vape while charging and looks cool and four different vape settings.thumbs up.

  4. Reply
    Katrina Wells August 11, 2017 at 6:20 am

    Mine spurts ejuice from the mouth piece!
    I’ve tried everything to no avail. Not inly did I breathe in the juice, I ingested as well and got a burn on my lip😓😓😓😓😓

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