Innokin BigBox Atlas Review – 200W TC Resin Box Mod

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Innokin BigBox Atlas Review: Bottom Line

The Innokin BigBox Atlas, a Regulated Box Mod with a Full Resin Material Body with Honey Comb design pattern. Power of 200 watts maximum output. This Box Mod has a feature of Temperature Control that support Ni200 Nickel, Titanium, and Stainless Steel. Houses dual 18650 batteries.

Innokin BigBox Atlas Review: Background

The Innokin Company is a well known vaping manufacturer to produce amazing and innovative vaping accessories, where one of those innovations that I previously reviewed, The Innokin LIFT, an S.T.A Siphon Tank Adapter to convert your bottom feeder RDA into an RDTA.

Now, we will take a closer look with their new product which is the Innokin BigBox Atlas ($95.99 from VaporDNA), this is a Full Resin Material Box Mod with a cool honeycomb design, where we usually see in the new trend of 810 Resin Drip Tip.

innokin bigbox atlas review background
Smooth Edges of Innokin BigBox Atlas

What’s in the Box?

What will you get on Innokin BigBox Atlas Box Mod Package?

  • 1x Innokin BigBox Atlas Box Mod
  • Limited Edition 810 Resin Drip Tip
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual
innokin bigbox atlas review package

Key Features: Innokin BigBox Atlas Review

What are the key features of Innokin BigBox Atlas Box Mod?

Innokin BigBox Atlas Box Mod

  • Full Resin Body¬†– It is very rare to see a Full Resin Material regulated box mod, to what I am observing from different vaping devices, their resin materials have a small percentage with its overall material, a possible reason is that it is very fragile. The Innokin manage to integrate a Full Resin Body with the overall design of BigBox Atlas Box Mod.
  • Temperature Control¬†– The Innokin BigBox Atlas is packed with a Temp Control Feature that supports Ni200 Nickel, Titanium, and Stainless Steel. It also has a Fahrenheit Output Range of 300 to 600 degrees.
  • 200 Watts Max Output¬†– The Innokin BigBox Atlas Box Mod has a maximum power of 200 watts that will be strong enough to power up any possible and safe Sub-Ohm resistance builds.
  • Dual 18650 Battery¬†– This Box Mod houses dual 18650 Batteries that will help to have a safe vaping on a strong resistance builds. It will last a whole day of battery life with regular vaping. The Vape Guide recommends using LG Choco on a Regulated Device like this (view on Amazon).
  • OLED DisplayEasy to read and adjust the settings on its included OLED Screen Display, it is user-friendly¬†interface.
innokin bigbox atlas review internals
Internals of Innokin BigBox Atlas
innokin bigbox atlas review 510 connector
510 Connector

Design: Innokin BigBox Atlas Review

Now, Let’s talk about to what I think is the best feature from my Innokin BigBox Atlas Review, the Full Resin Material Body with a nice honeycomb design. This kind of material, specifically the resin is usually found in the current trend of 810 drip tips.

The overall aesthetics of this kind of material is honestly good looking, but what I am worried about is the Resin material is very fragile, one drop and it can easily break. One solution for this is to have an aftermarket silicon case or hard case if available. The Innokin BigBox Atlas has a good smooth edge for a comfortable grip.

innokin bigbox atlas review design
Different kind of Resin Color Combinations

Performance: Innokin BigBox Atlas Review

The overall performance with 200 watts of maximum output will be strong enough to power up any of your custom resistance Sub-Ohm Builds. The Innokin BigBox Atlas Box Mod houses dual external 18650 Battery (view on Amazon) that will be a big help to fire up this Sub-Ohm coils.

Having a dual 18650 on this mod will help to reduce the heat on its body with Sub-Ohm builds, compared to vaping devices with only a single battery powering their mods. But I would always suggest that do not build a very low resistance coils for safety purposes.

innokin bigbox atlas review power
200 Watts Maximum Output

Innokin BigBox Atlas Box Mod VS Similar Mods

What is the key difference of Innokin BigBox Atlas to other Mods?

  • Kangertech Spider vs Innokin BigBox Atlas¬†– These box mods has a¬†very similar performance, both with a maximum output of 200 watts. The only difference between them would be the material used and the overall aesthetics.
  • Lostvape Paranormal 166 vs Innokin BigBox Atlas – Both of these mods are considered as mid to high end according to their price and brand name. The Innokin BigBox Atlas will have an advantage in terms of power that it can produce.

Final Thoughts: Innokin BigBox Atlas Review

In terms of performance with a 200 watts maximum output of Innokin BigBox Atlas ($95.99 from VaporDNA) will be strong enough to fire up any possible Sub-Ohm resistance coils. Then pairing it with dual 18650 batteries to last you a longer vaping time.

Integrating a full body resin material look really good, but what I am really worried about if this would drop and break like a glass. I would probably be keeping this for home use which it is safer. The honeycomb design is really cool it can compete with our Best Vape Mod List in terms of overall aesthetics.

Where to buy the Innokin BigBox Atlas Box Mod?

Innokin BigBox Atlas 200W TC Box Mod

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