Innokin AMVS Review – Starter Kit with the power of Full Mech

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Innokin AMVS Review: Bottom Line

The Innokin AMVS is a very compact and powerful Starter Kit. It has a built-in 3000 mAh battery that will last you a longer vaping time. It also has a power similar to a Full Mechanical tube mod with its battery dependent output ranging from 3.7 volts up to 4.2 volts. This is paired with a Sub-Ohm Tank which is the Crios Tank by Innokin.

Innokin AMVS Review: Background

The Innokin AMVS Starter Kit ($49.99 from Heaven Gifts) is dedicated, designed, and only available in the American market. This is the new and I must say a more powerful version of their previous product which is the Innokin Riptide.

The Innokin AMVS¬†Starter Kit has a similar power to a Full Mechanical Tube Mods with its continuous¬†voltage output, it will depend on your battery’s current state. This is perfect for Beginners who would like to experience the power of Full Mechs.

innokinamvs review background
Starter Kit with power of Full Mech

What’s in the Box?

What will you get on Innokin AMVS Starter Kit?

  • 1x Innokin AMVS¬†Tube (battery)
  • Crius Tank¬†(4ml 0.25ohm coil pre-installed)
    • extra 0.25 ohms coil head
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual
innokin amvs review package

Key Features: Innokin AMVS Review

What are the key features of Innokin AMVS Starter Kit?

Innokin AMVS Tube Mod

  • 3000mAh Battery¬†– This battery capacity of 3000mAh for a starter kit will be enough to last you half to full day of regular vaping. For a compact and small size tube mod it 3000 mAh has so much power.
  • Mechanical Style Output¬†– This is a regulated starter kit, but it is capable to perform just like a normal full mechanical tube mod. It will constantly throw a power depending on the state of your battery, this power will range from 3.7 volts and up to 4.2 volts maximum output. This is the best feature that I really like about this kit.
  • LED Battery Indicator¬† – One of the good things about this simple regulated starter kit is having a LED indicator for an easy user interface, manage and track your battery life. Three dots¬†= 100%-31%, Two Dots = 30% – 11%, One Dot = 10% – 0%
  • Safety Features¬†– This tube mod is dedicated for¬†Beginners, it is packed with safety features like Low Voltage Protectio, Short Circuit Protection, and Low Resistance Protection.

Innokin Crios Tank

  • 24mm Diameter¬†– This kit is paired with a 24mm diameter Tank that will fit snug on Innokin AMVS, you can also use this tank with another vaping device, as 24mm diameter is a regular size for almost all box mods and tubes.
  • 4ml Tank Capacity –¬†4ml for a starter kit is a good start this amount will last you a longer vaping time without dripping again your Favorite E-Liquids.
  • Triple Adjustable Bottom Airflow¬†– It has triple adjustable air holes that you can adjust to your liking from a flavorful vapor and a setting for cloud chasing for blowing huge clouds.
  • 810 Ultem Drip Tip¬†– Having an 810 wide bore drip tip for a Starter Kit like this is a big plus, so you can choose to have a strong vapor if you are into cloud chasing.
innokin amvs review black green
Black and Green color options side by side
innokin amvs review crius rta
Easy Disassembly on Crios Tank

Design: Innokin AMVS Review

The best thing that I really like about the design of Innokin AMVS Starter Kit is the material used in it, it has rubberized finish with a matte texture that feels really good in the hands, it has smooth and nice grip. Large firing button with a good textured design adds a little bit of comfort when firing this device. Color options are also good, I prefer this Green option as it looks like a military color.

innokin amvs review design

Performance: Innokin AMVS Review

As I am expecting performance will be good with Innokin AMVS¬†Starter Kit, it has a potential to have a similar firing power same as a Full Mechanical tube mods, the power output will depend on your Battery state meaning it will depend on your battery’s current life. It can provide from 3.7 volts up to 4.2 volts of maximum output. Vaping with this tube mod will be great by pairing it with a good Sub-Ohm tank which is the Innokin Crios Tank, it can produce a good amount of vapor for a Starter Kit like this.

innokin amvs review performance
It performs really well as a Starter Kit

Innokin AMVS Starter Kit VS Similar Kits

What is the key difference of Innokin AMVS Starter Kit to other Starter Kits?

  • Joyetech Exceed D19 Kit vs Innokin AMVS Kit¬†– These Starter Kits has a similar build, similar look and size. The Innokin will have a big advantage in terms of performance as it has a power of a Full Mechanical Tube Mod and paired with 0.25 Sub-Ohm Tank compared to Exceed D19 with only 0.5ohm coil.
  • iJoy CAPO 100w vs Innokin AMVS¬†Kit¬†– iJoy CAPO is a starter kit but it has little-complicated settings, adjusting wattage etc. while the Innokin AMVS¬†Starter Kit is a very beginner-friendly device with just one button to press.

Final Thoughts: Innokin AMVS Review

I am a Full Mech lover, that is why I got interested with the Innokin AMVS Starter Kit ($49.99 from Heaven Gifts), having a starter kit that has a potential of providing the power similar to a fully mechanical device is a great thing.

You can maximize the power of your battery until its last drop, it will always depend on how much battery life is remaining in your battery. So the question now, can I get the same power compared to Full Mechs? Yes, but for me, its probably only about 75%-80% similar power to a full mechanical tube. The Innokin AMVS Kit can definitely compete with our Best Vape Mod list and probably be ranked as the Best Starter Kit.

Where to buy the Innokin AMVS Starter Kit?

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