iJoy RDTA Box Review

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iJoy RDTA Box Review

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iJoy RDTA Box Review Bottom Line

The iJoy RDTA box comes with a huge 12.8ml e-Juice tank and features a building deck system that is compatible with 10 types of deck, as well as full compatibility with its iJoy Combo RDTA and iJoy Limitless RDTA (classic edition). The versatility and power of the all-in-one iJoy RDTA box 200W is a must-have for all build enthusiasts.

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In-Depth iJoy RDTA Box Review:

In collaboration with VapingwithTwisted420, iJoy just released their newest all-in-one RDTA box mod that has a maximum output of 200W. Yes, you’ve heard it right it’s an RDTA (Rebuildable Drip Tank Atomizer) box mod and it’s probably the first of its kind that I have the privilege to review. In this article, we will peruse why this 200W box mod is so well-built not just in its performance but also its ergonomic design.

Design and Features

iJoy RDTA Dimension

Available in color Red, Yellow, Teal, and Silver. The iJoy RDTA Box has a dimension of 105mm x 55mm x 28mm.

The construction of the iJoy RDTA Box 200W ($79.50 from Heaven Gifts) is quite fascinating. It has a built-in tank compartment with a capacity of 12.8ml. While many all-in-one box mod in the market today uses squonk system like Kanger Dripez, the iJoy RDTA Box goes for an e-Liquid compartment that rest above the batteries, no more spills, and refills needed. While this design makes the mod quite larger than average box mods, this doesn’t bother me at all for I have bigger hands. So the mod is perfectly fit and comfortable to hold. With a dimension of 105mm (Height) x 55mm (Width) x 28mm (Thickness) it is quite nearly as big as the Limitless Lux 215W.

iJoy RDTA box Label

The all-in-one RDTA box mod by iJoy.

At the top of this mod is a refill hole. The hole is wide enough that you can comfortably pour your fave e-Liquid straight out from its bottle without any spills or mess. On each side of the mod are windows to the tremendous 12.8 tank, the tank has a LED light inside that once fired it will lit up and expose the e-Liquid level.


1. Installing the desk is easy 2. Wicking the coil is much easier and 3. Dripping the wick coils with e-Juice. 4. Pouring the entire e-Juice straight from the bottle prevents refill and hassle. Plus the built-in tank is washable.

Speaking of firing, the fire button on this mod is so comfortable to press that I can’t see any issues about it. The battery compartment can be easily open through its hefty battery door. Just slide the battery door downward and it will expose the battery compartment which holds the two 18650 cell (sold separately). The iJoy RDTA box is firmware upgradeable and not meant for charging internally although it has a USB port on its front-end. I recommend charging the mod with external charger with spare batteries. Visit their website often for firmware updates.


Sliding the battery door downward reveal the compartment for 18650 batteries. The RDTA box is firmware upgradeable.

Simple Menu Interface

The 0.96-inch OLED display screen is located in front of the device together with its fire button, adjustable buttons, and USB port. The OLED screen is bright and easy to read. Regarding its menu and functions, you can choose from four different Ramp-up settings; Soft, Normal, Hard, and USER.

  • Norm Mode: That is your current wattage chosen before.
  • Hard Mode: More than +30% of your setting before wattage.
  • Soft Mode: Less than -20% of your setting before wattage.
  • User Mode: According to personal like, it allows users to customize working waveband before 3 seconds output wattage.
Different settings of iJoy RDTA box

Different settings of iJoy RDTA box

The RDTA Box iJoy has a very simple interface, and it is very easy to learn and used. 5 clicks to power the device on. After activation, try clicking 3 times to direct you to its simple menu. It has 6 different settings; N for Nickel, T for Titanium, S for Stainless Steel, P for Power (VW mode), the square icon is for flipping your screen orientation and the bar graph is to select your USER ramp-up mode. That’s it! Not complicated and straight forward!

IMC Interchangeable building deck

More than 10 interchangeable decks to choose from

More than 10 interchangeable decks to choose from. See below image

Adding to the iJoy RDTA Box 200W’s versatility is the wide variety of decks that can be used with it. The company claims compatibility with 10 types of decks, as well as full compatibility with its iJoy Combo RDTA and iJoy Limitless RDTA (classic edition). Whether you prefer single coils, dual coils, or triple coils, the atomizer that comes with this kit should accommodate any build you desire.


What’s in the Box?

In the box, you will have an instruction manual, the warranty card, a micro-USB cable intended solely for firmware upgrades, a cleaning brush, RDTA tools (like screws, O-rings, and Kanthal coils), and the RDTA box itself. IMC-3 (Velocity style deck) and IMC-Coil 3 pre-made coil are also included in the box with silicone cover.

iJoy RDTA Box Kit

iJoy RDTA 200W TC box mod

The Vape Guide recommends the iJoy RDTA box for

The RDTA box has a great and tremendous e-liquid capacity without the use of Squonk system. The kit packs modern features, bold styling, and great deck versatility. I highly recommend this for those who are looking for a high-capacity vaping setup and don’t mind carrying around a large mod. The iJoy RDTA Box 200W is absolutely worth a look. Try also visiting our Best Vape Mods to see other options before buying this mod at Heaven Gifts. They have one of the largest selection of e-cigs and mods with 24-hours shipping and Fast Shipping methods. Customer Satisfaction guarantee.
iJoy RDTA 200W Box

Buy the iJoy RDTA Box from Heaven Gifts. Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

$79.50 $96.00



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  1. Reply
    Marirose November 23, 2016 at 5:09 am

    I bought this mod finally it came i also bought 5 of the pre built coils and not one of them work keeps saying no atomizer the one that came with the kit works just fine. Whats the deal with the pre built coils…frustrated

    • Reply
      Matej December 6, 2016 at 11:46 am

      I just recieved the device today, and have the same issue even with the velocity styled deck. Have you found out something useful about this issue? Let me know, please.

  2. Reply
    John Luu November 25, 2016 at 12:14 am

    What a great device! Dual 18650 and +12ml of juice makes this all I need for the day.

    Do you know if there’s a silicone sleeve available yet?

  3. Reply
    Eddie December 5, 2016 at 9:06 pm

    Looks and feels like a giant piece of Lego. Buttons are okay (a bit janky on mine) but the fire button is large and feels just about right. The battery door kept sliding off. I fixed it by squeezing it by hand for a tighter fit. Huge amount of airflow that you can adjust with the top cap. Not a fan of the drip tip and I haven’t found one I can replace it with that fits. Included tri-coil (.15 ohms) works really well. I did have to re-wick as there was an insane amount of cotton wedged in the coils choking the juice flow. The two post included deck is a breeze to build on. The screen is big and bright and easy to read. Menu is straight forward with no annoying set up maneuvers. Haven’t tried TC but it has a SS mode which I prefer. Overall, ease of use makes this a decent choice but I personally wouldn’t carry it around everywhere because of the size and weight. Paying under $50 made this worthwhile. More and I wouldn’t be too happy.

    • Reply
      Jay April 30, 2017 at 6:26 pm

      I think the wide bore tfv8 style will fit

    • Reply
      Todd Evans December 11, 2016 at 8:37 pm

      if you don’t mind, can you please describe the battery life you get from this mod? I’m a heavy vapor, and would prefer to not have to lug around extra batteries with me.


  4. Reply
    Tj January 3, 2017 at 7:54 pm

    What are the claptons that come with it??? What gauge wires are used and are they kanthol or a mix of different kinds?

    • Reply
      Hayden January 6, 2017 at 11:23 pm

      They are fused captions, which is two pieces of kanthal in parallel and wrapped with what appears to be 32g kanthal.

    • Reply
      phillip January 6, 2017 at 4:29 pm

      not sure the ohm at .15 duel tho

  5. Reply
    Chloe January 22, 2017 at 11:19 am

    Anyone else’s screen doesn’t work? This is my second day using it and the screens gone blank. I was checking the USB to see if it worked because I’ve heard a lot of reviews about it not working apparently and eversince I put it in, it’s messed up my screen! Not happy 🙁

  6. Reply
    jay January 26, 2017 at 11:04 pm


  7. Reply
    mark westfelt January 31, 2017 at 5:31 am

    my screen stopped working too…is it a secret stealth mode or is it a malfuntion….

  8. Reply
    yedi April 17, 2017 at 12:27 pm

    I have trouble with the same problem, my ijoy led gone blank, How to Fixed it’s!!

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