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The iJoy CAPO Squonker Kit is the perfect vaping device for Beginners who would like to try the benefits of having a Bottom Feeder Kit. A Bigger capacity of e-liquid and a great performance with a maximum output of 100 watts. Houses single 20700 Battery that will provide you a longer vaping time.

Background: iJoy CAPO Squonker Review

The year 2017 is nearly ending but there is a new trend in the vaping scene before the year comes to an end, The Squonk Mods, also known as Bottom Feeders. This is an alternative way to store your e-liquids within your vaping device instead of using RTA (Tanks). It has an advantage of having an additional capacity of up to 10ml of e-liquids.

The iJoy Company has taken advantage of this trend creating the very first Single Battery Squonk Mod that can produce a maximum output of 100 watts. Feel free to know everything from My iJoy CAPO Squonker Review ($66.49 directly from Heaven Gifts). A bottom feeder that can be recommended for Beginners who wants to try Squonking.

iJoy CAPO Squonker Kit Review
Compact and Portable Size that fits in your hands Perfectly

What’s in the Box?

  • iJoy CAPO Squonk Mod
  • Combo RDA
  • 18650 Adapter
  • Squonk Bottle
  • Accessory Bag
  • USB Cable and User Manual
iJoy CAPO Squonker Kit Review Package

Key Features of the iJoy CAPO Squonker Kit

iJoy CAPO Squonker Mod

  • Bottom Feeder – Having a vaping device with a bottom feeder feature has great advantages like having a capacity of 10ml e-liquid in one go compared to a normal RTA (Tanks) with only 2-4ml of capacity.
  • Threaded Battery Cap¬†– This feature¬†makes the iJoy CAPO Squonker much smaller for having a big battery size of 20700, extending the battery cap without extending the 510 atomizer’s height.
  • Large 0.91 Screen Display – Large display screen to monitor your vaping system settings and packed with a Beginner friendly interface
  • 100W Maximum Output¬†– A single battery vaping device with a similar power to a dual battery Box Mod.
  • Compact Size¬†– Portable and compact design

iJoy Combo RDA

  • Spacious Deck – with a 25mm diameter it is easier to do your custom coil builds
  • Sloped Poles¬† – Angled large poles helps you to insert your coils
  • Gold Plated Connections – 24k Gold Plated connections for a lower voltage drop to give a higher performance
  • Adjustable Airholes – Customizable airhole size to suit the need of its users
iJoy CAPO Squonker 100W Kit Review Performance
Large Angled Poles for Easy Coil Rebuilding

Design: iJoy CAPO Squonker Kit

For the overall design of iJoy CAPO Squonker Kit, I will definitely give without any hesitation a rating of 10 out of 10. Just look how awesome it is. I think the iJoy Company did a great job on designing and they took their time on this.

Every angle of the design of this device has a purpose, Extended battery cap to make it smaller, Large firing button for a simple and easy single finger press, Slanted Screen Display to blend with the overall design.

iJoy CAPO Squonker 100W Kit Review Design
Awesome Overall Aesthetics based on my iJoy CAPO Squonker review

Performance of iJoy CAPO Squonker Kit

As far as I know, The iJoy CAPO Squonker Kit is the very first Bottom Feeder Box Mod that can provide a maximum of 100 watts output on a single battery config. In terms of performance, you will not be disappointed on its power.

The iJoy CAPO Squonker houses a single 20700 External Battery that can last you a whole day of chain vaping and up to 2 days of casual vaping. Safety features will also be offered by its internal chipset made by Iwepal.

iJoy CAPO Squonker 100W Kit Review Color Options
Striking Color Options for iJoy CAPO Squonker Kit

iJoy CAPO Squonker VS Similar Kits

What are the key difference between iJoy CAPO Squonker and other similar device?

  • iJoy CAPO Kit VS iJoy CAPO Squonker Kit – These Box Mods has identical performance. A big difference of iJoy CAPO Squonker for having a Bottom Feeder Feature, that will house a larger capacity of E-Liquid. Pairing it with a Bottom feeder Combo RDA which has a bigger advantage to produce more vapor.
  • Wismec¬†CB-60 Kit VS iJoy CAPO Squonker Kit – The Wismec CB-60 Kit is recommended for Beginners who are barely new and just switched to vaping. The iJoy CAPO Squonker is ideal for everyone Beginner, Intermediate, and advanced users.

Final Thoughts on my iJoy CAPO Squonker Review

The iJoy Company definitely nailed it on producing a good regulated Bottom Feeder Kit. I’ll say it again that The iJoy CAPO Squonker Kit ($66.49 directly from Heaven Gifts) has a beautiful overall aesthetics with 6 Color Option to choose from. iJoy CAPO Box Mod has a portable and compact design that will match a wide variety of atomizers.

Before I forgot there is one more special thing about this device, you can use three different single battery which is 21700, 20700 or using the adapter included for 18650 Battery, how awesome is that? As from my iJoy CAPO Squonker Review I can definitely say that it can compete with our Best Vape Mods of 2017.

Where to buy the iJoy CAPO Squonker Kit?

iJoy CAPO Squonker 100W Kit

Get the iJoy CAPO Squonker Kit directly from Heaven Gifts to save 37% off

$66.49 $104.99

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