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Despite being categorized as a portable vaporizer, this device isn’t something you'll be able to throw in your pocket, due to its size, weight, and glass base. Regardless, the Hydrology 9 has an excellent build quality and battery life, and makes an ideal centerpiece for entertaining like-minded guests. The Hydrology 9 is unique and innovative, featuring advanced water-filtration technology and a patented stirring tool - which both elevate the user experience and maximize the efficiency of your dry herb. Cloudious 9 is pushing the envelope when it comes to dry herb vaporizers, raising the bar very high for weed vaporizer competitors.

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In Depth Hydrology 9 Review

This Hydrology 9 review is a pleasure to write because this new vape by Cloudious 9 is one of the most cutting-edge vaporizers currently on the market. Its highly-anticipated release has been a hot topic and as of May 2017 this bud vaporizer is finally available ($250 from Vape-Smart). Cloudious 9 took note of some of the major challenges posed by the vapes available in today’s market and engineered thoughtful elements into the Hydrology 9 that combine to make this one of the best vapes of 2017.

This dry herb vaporizer uses a hydraulic system that produces a full-bodied vapor that is rich and cool to the draw. In addition, the Hydrology 9 vape features a patented stirring mechanism which automatically sifts the bud in the chamber to allow for a better heating distribution – scaling back waste dramatically. Not only does the sifting mechanism virtually eliminate the waste-factor of vaping weed, it contributes to the vapor quality by producing rich, dense vapor clouds.

Hydrology 9 Unboxing

Hydrology 9 unboxing: Feels like Christmas! From the multiple patent-pending features right down to the crisp packaging – everything about this dry herb vaporizer is top-shelf. 

Hydrology9 vaporizer review

  • Hydrology 9 Vaporizer Unit
  • USB cable
  • A/C adapter
  • Loading/air intake adjustment tool 
  • Long + short cleaning brushes
  • Two (2) extra screens
  • Instruction manual

Initially, I was a bit concerned about the ease of use of the Hydrology 9, but I was happy to find that Cloudious 9 did a great job in explaining the operation and features of this device in the manual. It is clear and easy to understand.

Hydrology 9 Design

The Hydrology 9 is as unique in its design as it is in its functionality. For a portable vaporizer, it is on the larger end of the spectrum. The device is 7” tall with a diameter of about 1.5”. While it is considered a portable vaporizer, these dimensions make it significantly larger than smaller portable vapes like the PAX 3 or the DaVinci IQ. However, the Arizer Solo 2 vs Hydrology 9 is more evenly matched in terms of both size and innovative features. All that being said, the Hydrology 9 will not be your number one pick to leave the house with, but will certainly serve as the ideal centerpiece for a party or gathering.

The Hydrology 9 is the most unique premium dry herb vaporizer available right now. With several never-seen-before features and premium build materials, Cloudious 9 has set the bar for its competitors. 

The Cloudious 9 vaporizer’s design is futuristic, refreshing and a welcomed variation of the high-end vapes we are seeing right now. When comparing the Hydrology 9 with its premium vape competitors, e.g., the PAX 3, DaVinci IQ, Arizer Solo II, and Firefly 2, it is clear that Cloudious 9 pulled out all the stops when creating this vape’s visual elements. The glass and water filtration-system paired with the multi-colored LED lights sets a whole new precedent that the Hydrology 9’s counterparts are going to have trouble competing with. Finally, the stirring tool integrated into the oven chamber is an ingenious addition that propels the Hydrology 9 light-years ahead of its competitors.

The modern design is further pronounced by the use of glass and alloy for the device’s built. Due to its unusual design, this water vaporizer has been referred to as a “lightsaber vaporizer” and a “vape bong”. While the Hydrology 9 is not exactly a vaporizer bong per se, this vape is an excellent replacement for people who enjoy the bong-style experience, but want to avoid the harmful effects of smoking versus vaping weed. The Hydrology 9 provides the dense vapor clouds that one might seek from smoking a bong, as well as the distinct ritualistic experience of using the device in general. 

Air intake vents

The dry herb vaporizer has two separate air intake vents which are adjustable to your personal preference. This useful feature not only drastically improves the vaping experience, but it is completely unique to the Hydrology 9.  A simple twist of the vent allows the user to adjust the draw-resistance according to personal preference.

Air intake holes on the side of the Hydrology 9

Water filtration system

The water filtration system implemented by Cloudious 9 is a real innovation in the vaping world. Allowing an unobstructed flow of vapor, the system delivers a smoother and cleaner hit than any other portable vaporizer. The integrated water-filtration technology results in cooler vapor, while lowering carcinogen intake, and ultimately lessens draw-resistance.  Finally, even though the device includes water within the unit, no matter what the movement we made with this vaporizer – it proved that it is completely leak-resistant. 

Built-in stir stick

Definitely one of our favorite features on the Hydrology 9. At the bottom of the vaporizer, the oven includes a built-in, rotating stirrer that allows you to stir your herbs and thus distribute heat more evenly without opening anything up.  

The dial is attached to a small metal hook located in the middle of the oven. Turning the dial when you are vaping ensures you an even heat distribution and total herb vaporization. Cloudious 9 is proving itself a visionary in vaporizer manufacturing with the advent of this feature – it is an absolute game-changer in terms of reducing waste, maximizing vapor quality, and perfecting user experience.

The advent of a swiveling dial inside the chamber ensures an even heat distribution throughout the dry herb material – resulting in superior vapor quality and maximized efficiency of your buds.

In terms of the competition, the only high-end vape that we have seen even come close to the functionality of the stir stick would be the DaVinci IQ’s zirconia pearl within the device’s ceramic oven chamber. While the IQ’s pearl certainly aids in heating the content’s within the IQ’s chamber evenly, it does not match the competence of Hydrology 9’s stirring tool. Read more about the IQ Pearl here.

Magnetic Mouthpiece

The Hydrology 9 implements a magnetic mouthpiece. Its detachable borosilicate mouthpiece (the same premium material used for the Firefly 2’s air path)  has an anti-leak liquid valve for fuss-free cleaning and exceptional comfort. The magnetic mouthpiece is both functional and user-friendly.

How does the Hydrology 9 work?

LED Indicators

Three rapid clicks to the button powers the the device on and off, and once it is powered up, the LED will flash green. Once powered on, the Hydrology 9 takes approximately one minute to heat up to its initial starting temperature – which is indicated with a blue light. Each temperature setting (there are five) is indicated by its own color LED light. After two minutes, heating ceases and the vaporizer reaches the “ready” temperature in the heating progression, indicated with the green light.

The Hydrology 9 features a precise heating progression indicated by a series of alternating LED lights which correspond to the different temperature modes. 

Hydrology 9 review

Hydrology 9’s LED light temperature settings:

  1. Blue – the lowest
  2. Yellow
  3. Orange
  4. Purple
  5. Red – the highest.

Hidden Light Show Cycles

To activate a bonus slow light show cycle, apply pressure to the power button for three seconds while the vaporizer is on but not in the process of heating. Follow the same procedure to end the Hydrology 9’s slow light cycle. For the fast light cycle, press the power button while the Hydrology 9 is on and heating. Do the same to end the rapid light cycle.

The different light cycles truly add an original element to this vaporizing experience – making it an ideal centerpiece to share among friends at your next party or get-together. Cloudious 9 seems to have re-imagined the ritual of passing the bong around, and re-appropriated elements from that experience into this unique weed vape.

Battery Level

LED lights also indicate the battery level with the vape and is prompted by holding the button for three seconds when the Hydrology 9 is powered off. The battery level of the Cloudious 9 vape is indicated in the following way:

  1. Red – low
  2. Blue – medium
  3. Green – full.

The Hydrology 9’s LED lights are not only aesthetically interesting – they also indicate both temperature and battery levels when prompted. 

Besides indicating the different functional elements of the Cloudious 9 vaporizer, the LED lights look pretty awesome in combination with the Hydrology 9’s hydraulic filtration system.

Loading the Hydrology 9


Loading the Hydrology 9 water vaporizer’s chamber is simple. Just remove the chamber cap, insert your ground marijuana, and replace the cap. That’s it!


The water chamber on the Hydrology 9 serves as a water-filtration mechanism which cools the vapor for a more refreshing drag.

Hydrology 9 review

To fill this water vape’s chamber, remove the mouthpiece and load the water chamber with approximately 70% water. Be careful not to remove the slotted insert, and simply pour the liquid inside. Simply replace the mouthpiece and the device is all set.

Hydrology 9 Disassembly instructions

To take the vaporizer apart, just take off the cap and unscrew the mouthpiece. Take out the slotted piece and remove the glass chamber with care. Next, unscrew the water cap and take out the silicone piece. Unscrew the perforated ring. Take off the cap at the bottom which secures the contents in the oven chamber.

All the pieces fit together seamlessly and assembly and disassembly are intuitive. Taking this vaporizer apart and putting it together is basically fool-proof, and allows for fuss-free cleaning and maintenance of the device.

Vapor Quality of the Hydrology 9

Thanks to the water-filtration system and the separate air vents that allow to adjust to your personal preference, the Hydrology 9 offers extraordinary vapor quality. The inhalations are smooth, probably one of the smoothest hitting vapes on the market.

Moreover, the porcelain chamber with precise temperature control via microchip process precisely monitors the oven temperature and makes adjustments within milliseconds to any change in oven temperature.

Hydrology Water Chamber

Hydrology 9 Battery life

The Hydrology 9 vape is furnished with a 2000mAh lithium polymer battery, which fully charges in two to three hours. The battery lasts approximately 15 sessions. The Hydrology 9 weed vaporizer reaches its initial temperature in about 60 seconds, a comparably fast heating time to other portable dry herb vaporizers.


The Hydrology 9 is guaranteed with a 2-year manufacturer warranty when purchased from Cloudious 9.

Hydrology 9 Bottom Line

Cloudious 9 cut no corners when it came to the design, functionality, and efficiency of the Hydrology 9. The superior quality of this weed vaporizer is seen in the premium materials used to construct the device, and the multiple novel and innovative features that it implements to maximize the user experience. The water filtration system provides an unsurpassed vapor quality, and the device itself is simple to use. The patented stirring mechanism integrated into the chamber is a completely novel addition, and raises the bar for the competition. This tool drastically improves the flavor and density of the vapor, and most-importantly, saves the user from wasting their dry herb or needing to manually manipulate the contents in the chamber to achieve an even heat distribution. 

The only foreseeable drawback for certain consumers would be the size and weight of the vaporizer. Compared to the competitors, like the PAX 3 or the DaVinci IQ, the Hydrology 9 is more of an “at-home” vaporizer than a portable vaporizer. In this respect, it is similar to the Arizer Solo 2, that it is an excellent vaporizer, though not particularly for day-to-day use or transporting extensively outside of the home.  It is, however, simple enough for the new vaper, and sophisticated enough for the seasoned user. Finally, it is suffice to say that the Hydrology 9 is on the forefront of a new wave of vaporizer technology. For those vaporizer aficionados and self-proclaimed vape-geeks out there, you will want to get your hands on this weed vape ASAP.

Hydrology 9 Full Feature List:

  • Compatibility with Dry Herb
  • Patent Pending “Tunnel Tube” Built-in Water Filtration System for cleaner & smoother inhalation
  • Anti-Leak and Anti-Rust Spacecraft Grade Aluminum Alloy Body with 360° Leak Protection
  • Magnetic cover for protection against unwanted dust and spillage
  • 2000mAh battery that can last up to 15 sessions with a heat up time of 60 seconds
  • Borosilicate mouthpiece with anti-leak protection
  • Precise Temperature Control with 5 pre-heat settings
  • Built-in rotating stirrer allows you to stir the herb in the oven evenly
  • LED light indicator within the water chamber
  • Even and Efficient Heat Distribution
  • Warranty: 2 years
Hydrology 9 by Cloudious

Advanced Bong-style Dry herb vaporizer,


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