Hydra JUUL Charging Case Review: The Best Way to Keep your JUUL E-cig Juiced up

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All you JUUL users never have to worry about dead batteries or finding a free USB port again. The Hydra JUUL charging case will recharge your JUUL and keep it safe and sanitary throughout the day. It’s tough enough to survive heavy impacts and convenient enough to have your JUUL at the ready when you need it. Purchase the JUUL charger and dead batteries will be a thing of the past.

Hydra JUUL Charging Case Background

You’re ready to take a much needed puff of your JUUL but you realize it’s completely dead and there’s no way to juice it back up because there isn’t a free USB port in sight. Does this scenario sound familiar? It won’t anymore with the Hydra JUUL charging case ($60 directly from Hydra, coupon code TVG10 to save 10%).

This convenient little case can fully power up your JUUL in a few minutes while serving as a place to store it and an extra JUUL pod. This JUUL charger will finally put an end to all your dead battery woes.

My Hydra JUUL charging case review gives you all the details on the charging case’s kit, design, and performance.

Hydra JUUL charger Review
The Hydra JUUL charging case has convenient compartments for the USB charger, extra JUUL pod, and JUUL.

Hydra JUUL Charging Case Kit

Here’s what you’ll find inside the JUUL charging case:

  • JUUL charging compartment
  • JUUL pod compartment
  • USB charger compartment
  • SIlicon insert
  • USB cable

The silicon insert is medical grade and is where the various compartments are placed. So, you never have to worry about your JUUL getting dirty and contaminated when you’re not using it.

Hydra JUUL Case compartments Review
The silicon insert of the JUUL charger is medical grade and is a more sanitary place to store your JUUL.

Key Features of the Hydra JUUL Charging Case

The best feature of the Hydra JUUL charging case is that it never lets you worry about having a fully charged JUUL again, but here are some other cool features you should know about:

  • Compatible only w/ JUUL e-cigarettes
  • Can store an extra JUUL pod
  • Magnetic sliding drawer gives easy access to your JUUL
  • Tough aluminum shell keeps your JUUL protected
  • Retails for $60 directly from Hydra, coupon code TVG10 gives you a 10% discount
Hydra JUUL charging Case Review
The magnetic sliding tray of the Hydra JUUL charger slides out easily and stays secure while you access anything inside it.

Hydra JUUL Charging Case Design

The Hydra JUUL charging case has an elegant, understated design with a smooth, black anodized aluminum finish. It’s a little smaller than your average smartphone so if you have room for one of them (and I know you do), you have room for the JUUL charger.

The JUUL charging case is tough, so if you drop it, you know that your JUUL is safe. The magnetic drawer is secure and has a smooth feeling action when you open it. It also has a strong catch so it won’t accidentally close when you’re putting anything inside the case.

JUUL charger Review
The Hydra JUUL charging case is slightly smaller than a smartphone, so it can fit wherever a cellphone can.

The silicon insert is medical grade and I’m pretty sure that it’s a lot more sanitary than wherever you were keeping your JUUL before. The compartments are perfectly measured and securely hold the JUUL and its accessories. The compartments never feel too tight or too loose, everything pops in and out easily.

There are four lights above the USB port that indicate the charge level of the case, once they’re all illuminated, you’re good to go.

Using the Hydra JUUL Charging Case

Using the JUUL charger is a cakewalk, just take the following steps:

  1. Charge up the case via the USB cable, charging is complete when all four lights are lit up.
  2. Place the JUUL in the appropriate compartment inside the case, press the Hydra logo beside the USB port to start charging sequence.
  3. Remove the JUUL when it has finished charging.

Simple as that: three easy steps and you’ll have a fresh JUUL ready for you throughout the day.

Hydra JUUL Case Review
The lights illuminate as the Hydra JUUL charging case charges up. The Hydra logo in the center is the power button.

Hydra JUUL Charging Case Performance

The Hydra JUUL charging case has an 800 mAH battery, the JUUL has a 280 mAh battery, some quick math will tell you that the JUUL charger will give you about 3.5 charges before you need to recharge it. That’s assuming you start out with a fully charged case and a fully charged JUUL.

The case charges the JUUL in approximately the same time as the USB charger, so about an hour. The charge time of the case itself is 45 mins to 1 hour depending on whether the JUUL is inside it or not. Yep, you can charge both simultaneously. See, I told you it’s convenient.

JUUL Case Review
The JUUL charger has a smooth, sleek anodized aluminum finish that can withstand heavy impacts.

Final Thoughts: Hydra JUUL Charging Case Review

The Hydra JUUL charging case ($60 directly from Hydra, use coupon code TVG10 for a 10% discount) is perfect for anyone who uses a JUUL, simple as that. Even if you have ready access to a USB port throughout the day, the JUUL charger is a better option.

It offers better storage, protection, and convenience since it doesn’t have to be plugged in to juice up your JUUL. Just drop your JUUL charger wherever and pick it up when your JUUL is ready.

Not to mention that it looks seriously cool as well, something JUUL users are sure to appreciate. So if you’re a serious JUUL user, pick up the Hydra JUUL charging case and get rid of the dead battery blues forever.

Where to buy the Hydra JUUL Charging Case?

Hydra JUUL Charging Case

A great place to charge and store your JUUL


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  1. BUYER BEWARE! Hydra tech warranty only covers their products for 30 days after purchase, and you must pay for shipping to return it. I bought a Juul charging case from them less than 2 months ago and it has already stopped charging my Juul. WASTE OF MONEY!

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