HoneyStick Vpod Review: Is the Refillable Oil Vaporizer Making a Comeback?

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The HoneyStick VPod is an open system oil pod vaporizer, an anomaly in this new world of oil vapes that use pre-filled cartridges. Fortunately, the VPod is a great example of its type, offering the flexibility and ease of use you would want from any type of vaporizer. The terrific vapor quality and density should satisfy any user. If you love the freedom of open pod oil vaporizers then there’s a good chance you’ll love the HoneyStick VPod.

HoneyStick VPod Background

The HoneyStick Vpod ($70 directly from HoneyStick, use coupon code TVG18 for an 18% discount) is a new open system oil pod vaporizer that’s bucking the red hot trend of closed system oil pod vapes. Those are the oil vaporizers that use pre-filled cartridges instead of refillable ones.

In the current market, that makes the Vpod an outlier but some of the Best Oil Vaporizers are open system designs so it’s not exactly in bad company. The Vpod even includes a breakdown kit that can convert wax into oil so it’s at least more versatile than the pre-filled oil vaporizers. Does it have anything else to offer besides versatility? Keep reading my HoneyStick Vpod review to find out.

HoneyStick VPod Kit

  • HoneyStick VPOD
  • 1 Bottle of PEG Proprietary Breakdown Liquid
  • 1 Spatula + 1 Syringe
  • 1 Microwavable Mixing Jar
  • 1 Charging Micro USB Cable
  • Waterproof case

This kit is pretty comprehensive and the addition of a case to hold all of this stuff is a nice feature.

HoneyStick Vpod kit
Clockwise from left: carrying case, VPod unit, syringe, microwavable mixing jar, proprietary breakdown liquid, micro USB cable.
HoneyStick Vpod open system oil vaporizer
The HoneyStick VPod (L) is compatible w/ THC Oil and CBD Oil (R).

HoneyStick VPod Design

The HoneyStick VPod is built for convenience though it suffers from a few of the same problems all oil vapes with refillable cartridges do. First the good stuff, the VPod has a cool, somewhat trapezoidal design that looks good and feels good. It’s small enough to be comfortably portable no matter how you choose to carry it. The cartridge is easily removed when it’s time for a refill and there are lights on the front to indicate the battery level.

The refill process can be a little time consuming since you need to use a syringe or a dropper to refill the cartridge. On the plus side, that means very little mess, however, the stopper that seals the pod can be difficult to remove and replace. The cartridge has a capacity of 1.4 mL so it will hold a lot of oil.

HoneyStick Vpod battery indicator lights
The five LED lights indicate the HoneyStick VPod’s battery level.

How to Use the HoneyStick VPod

  1. Remove the mouthpiece from the rest of the unit and remove the protective tape from the pod.
  2. Remove the rubber stopper from the pod, use a syringe or dropper to fill the pod with oil and then replace the stopper.
  3. Reattach the filled cartridge to the rest of the unit and inhale from the mouthpiece.
HoneyStick Vpod cartridge
The VPod's refillable cartridge is easy to remove and replace.

HoneyStick VPod Performance and Vapor Quality

The VPod produces great tasting vapor along with some serious clouds. The draw resistance is minimal so using it feels completely natural regardless of your experience level. The VPod is a great choice for anyone who prefers the freedom of refillable cartridges because of how simple it is to use.

The battery life is very good too, a 400 mAh capacity is great for a vaporizer this small. It’ll be a long time before it needs a recharge but when it does, it’s recommended that you use a wall adapter instead of a USB port.

HoneyStick Vpod with CBD oil
The HoneyStick works great with all varieties of CBD oil.

In case you’re wondering about the breakdown kit, I never got the chance to try it out since I’ve got my own supply of oil to test the VPod with. Even if the oil resulting from the conversion is high quality, there is a limited supply of the breakdown liquid and HoneyStick doesn’t sell any refills. That means you would have to find more breakdown liquid on your own and the results can be unpredictable.

The taste, vaping experience, and stability (whether the mixture separates or remains cohesive) of wax liquidizers varies greatly. So, if you don’t have a ready oil supply but have access to wax, I wouldn’t recommend the VPod, or any open system oil vaporizer, for you.

HoneyStick Vpod breakdown liquid
The proprietary breakdown liquid converts wax into oil that can be used in the VPod.

HoneyStick VPod VS Similar Vapes

HoneyStick VPod vs KandyPens Rubi

The KandyPens Rubi is technically an e-cigarette but it can use THC and CBD oil as well as e-liquids. It has a smaller battery than the VPod so it won’t last as long.

KandyPens RUBI Review

HoneyStick VPod Review: Final Thoughts

The HoneyStick VPod ($70 directly from HoneyStick, coupon code TVG18 provides an 18% discount) is a great device for anyone who is still into refillable oil vaporizers. It delivers great vapor quality and is as easy to use as these types of vaporizers get. The long battery life is terrific too, especially for a vape this size.

Pre-filled cartridges may be the big thing now but there’s no denying the flexibility an open pod system can provide to users. That’s why many of the vaporizers on the Best THC Oil Vapes list use refillable cartridges. So, if you want a stylish, convenient, long-lasting open system oil pod vaporizer, you should seriously consider the VPod.

Thanks for reading my HoneyStick VPod review, stay on the Vape Guide for all the latest vaping and vaporizer related news and articles.

Where to buy the HoneyStick VPod?

HoneyStick VPod

A simple, convenient oil pod vaporizer that uses refillable cartridges


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