HoneyStick Stinger Review: This Vape Pen is Bigger than Most but is it Better Than Most?

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The HoneyStick Stinger vape pen is great whether you’re a beginner vaper or you’ve been around the vaping block a few times. It’s easy loading ceramic chamber is great for beginners and the high power settings are great for experts. The Stinger is bigger than most vape pens but that just means that there’s more of it to love, also that it’s easier to grip. If you want great flavor in a tough, accessible package, try out the HoneyStick Stinger.

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HoneyStick Stinger Background

The HoneyStick Stinger ( $69 directly from HoneyStick, use coupon code TVG18 for an 18% discount) is a vape pen from the concentrate specialists at HoneyStick. This is a thicker, more rugged vape pen than other Great Vape Pens but you shouldn’t be intimidated by its rough and ready look or its provocative name.

This is a pretty user-friendly vape pen. Experts will love the power and long battery life while beginners (and vets) will love how easy the ceramic chamber is to load and the simple one button operation. My HoneyStick Stinger review tells you what else there is to love about this dab pen so let’s keep things moving.

HoneyStick Stinger Kit

  • HoneyStick Stinger
  • Ceramic atomizer
  • Dab tool + USB cable
  • User manual

Take your wax vaping to the next level with a premium set of dab tools from Amazon.

Key Features of the HoneyStick Stinger

  • Compatible w/ THC concentrates, wax, shatter, crumble
  • Easy to load ceramic chamber
  • 510 compatibility allows users to mix and match mouthpieces
  • Three voltage settings: 10 watts (red light) | 15 watts (blue light) | 20 watts (white light)
  • Retails for $69 directly from HoneyStick, coupon code TVG18 saves you 18%
Honeystick Stinger 510 thread
The 510 threading of the Stinger allows users to use different mouthpieces than the one included.

HoneyStick Stinger Design

The Stinger is 5 inches long with a diameter of 0.77 inches so it’s a little girthier than most vape pens. That extra thickness, along with the steel body, gives it a more rugged look and a sturdier feel than other dab pens. The slightly larger size doesn’t limit portability.

The light indicating the voltage setting that surrounds the huge shield shaped power button is pretty noticeable so you might have to be a little more ninja-like if you want to engage in some surreptitious vaping. That big power button does make operation a pretty simple affair, however. The ceramic wax chamber is easier to load—and clean—than coil chambers and 510 compatibility means you can mix and match mouthpieces with different vapes.

Honeystick Stinger dab pen
The Stinger's power button is large and easy to use though the bright light doesn't encourage covert vaping.

How to Use the HoneyStick Stinger

  1. Unscrew the mouthpiece from the Stinger to expose the chamber, then dab your wax into it.
  2. Replace the mouthpiece and press power button 5x to turn on the device, press power button 3x to select the voltage.
  3. Once the voltage has been reached, press the power button while inhaling from the mouthpiece.
Honeystick Stinger ceramic chamber
The ceramic wax chamber is easy to load and easy to clean.

HoneyStick Stinger Performance and Vapor Quality

The Stinger is one of the better vape pens I’ve tested in a while, the vapor is thick and flavorful and the different voltage settings allow me to customize my experience. I got better flavor from the lower settings and bigger clouds from the highest. The highest setting also vaporized a lot of the wax, leaving little residue behind, something those of you who hate cleaning should consider.

The Stinger feels good to hold and I don’t have a problem with the larger size, if anything I was able to get a firmer grip on the Stinger than on slimmer vape pens. The larger size doesn’t limit portability in any way, I didn’t forget it was there like with smaller vapes, but it wasn’t a burden either. The 1100 mAh battery lasts all day though the 2-4 hour charge time is a little on the long side.

Honeystick Stinger vape pen Review
The Stinger provides better flavor on the lower heat settings and bigger clouds on the highest one.

HoneyStick Stinger VS Similar Vapes

HoneyStick Stinger vs Rokin Cyclone

The Rokin Cyclone is a sleek, tough vape pen that features waterless cooling technology for smoother, cooler hits.

Rokin Cyclone Vape Pen Design

HoneyStick Stinger Review: Final Thoughts

The HoneyStick Stinger ($69 directly from HoneyStick, use coupon code TVG18 to save 18%) is a great vape pen whether you’re a beginner or an expert. It’s slightly larger than some of the Best Vape Pens but don’t let that put you off. Heck, it might be a plus for some users.

You get great vapor from the Stinger and since it’s quick to load and easy to use, you won’t be waiting around to enjoy it. If that sounds like something you might be into then give the Stinger a shot.

Thanks for reading my HoneyStick Stinger review, stick around to check out more reviews and the latest vaping news.

Where to buy the HoneyStick Stinger?

HoneyStick Stinger

A bigger than average, better than average vape pen


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