HoneyStick Sport Review: Is This the Next Level of Oil Vaporizers?

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The HoneyStick Sport is perfect for beginners ready to try out the intensity and big clouds of sub-ohm vaping. It’s also a great device for those already ensconced in that world. The reason that it’s great for both types of user is that it’s pretty easy to use despite the advanced feature set. It also delivers great, intense flavor and looks good doing it. If that sounds interesting to you, give the HoneyStick Sport a try.

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HoneyStick Sport Background

The HoneyStick Sport ($169 directly from HoneyStick, use coupon code TVG18 to save 18%) is a new sub-ohm vaporizer that is meant to ease beginners into the world of sub-ohm vaping. What is sub-ohm vaping? To simplify things, it basically means big-ass clouds. This device might not seem like it’s for beginners at first glance because of how advanced it looks.

But don’t let the high-tech, vape mod-like facade fool you, it’s pretty easy to use. Not as easy as the Best Oil Vaporizers, but pretty simple. My HoneyStick Sport review gives you all the other details you need to know about this oil vape, so keep reading.

HoneyStick Sport Kit

  • HoneyStick Sport Battery
  • 1 Sport sub-ohm vape tank
  • 1 replacement coil
  • USB charger

Key Features of the HoneyStick Sport

  • Compatible w/ THC oil and CBD oil
  • Adjustable wattage/temperature control: 3.4V – 4.2V/200°F – 600°F
  • Replaceable mouthpiece
  • 510 thread compatibility
  • Retails for $169 directly from HoneyStick, coupon code TVG18 provides an 18% discount
HoneyStick sport sub ohm vaporizer logo
The Sport is fully compatible with both THC oil and CBD oil.

Design of the HoneyStick Sport

The Sport battery is 3 x 1.7 x 1 inches without the tank attached. The tank adds a few inches in height, but doesn’t hurt portability too much, so you can still slip it into a pocket or purse. It’s a handsome, classy looking device that, as mentioned earlier, looks like a vape mod, but the leather, carbon fiber patterned grip adds a nice touch of elegance.

The unit is constructed from stainless steel and the parts that aren’t covered by the leather grip feature stylish etchings of the HoneyStick honeycomb logo on one side and the Sport logo on the other. The LED screen provides info on battery life, power/temp settings, ohm resistance, and puff count, so you’re never in the dark about any of that info. The tank has a window to monitor the oil level and the mouthpiece can be removed and replaced with a different one.

HoneyStick sport sub ohm vaporizer LED display
The LED screen clearly displays a lot of vital information.

How to Use the HoneyStick Sport

  1. Unscrew the coil from the vape tank.
  2. Fill the tank with oil to the fill line, then reattach the coil.
  3. Press the power button 5x to turn on the device.
  4. Use the +/- buttons to select your temperature/wattage.
  5. Inhale from the mouthpiece.

*NOTE* New coils should be primed before use. Do this by following the above instructions but wait three to four minutes between steps 2 and 3.

HoneyStick sport sub ohm vaporizer coil
The coil is removed from the tank when it is time for an oil refill.

Performance and Vapor Quality of the HoneyStick Sport

The Sport might be meant as a way to smoothly guide novices into sub-ohm vaping, but veterans will be satisfied by this device as well. It delivers great flavor no matter what type of essential oil you use with it. I tried it with THC oil and with Hemp Bombs CBD Oil and it provided a great vaping experience every time.

I stayed in the recommended 8 to 15 watt range—which is also where beginners should start—and found that the flavor tasted better and lasted longer in that range. Bigger watts deliver bigger clouds, but the flavor doesn’t last as long. There are a lot of cool touches on the Sport, like the way it can break in new coils. You just press the + button when the screen asks if you’re using a new coil and the device slowly ramps up the wattage to gently break in the new coil.

There are also settings for the type of metal the coil is made from, so the Sport is fully optimized to heat each one perfectly. There are settings for nickel, stainless steel, and titanium, so if you know what your coil is made from, you’ll get a perfectly calibrated vape when you use it. The 2000mAh battery lasts for days and charges in 3.5 hours. I shouldn’t forget to mention that the 510 threading means it can work with disposable pre-filled cartridges as well.

HoneyStick sport sub ohm vaporizer
The Sport delivers excellent flavor with all kinds of CBD oil.

HoneyStick Sport Review: Conclusion

The HoneyStick Sport ($169 directly from HoneyStick, use coupon code TVG18 for an 18% discount) is the total package for oil vapers. It provides a more intense experience, and has a much larger feature set, than even the Best Oil Vaporizers. Despite that, it’s pretty easy to use—not as simple as basic oil vaporizers admittedly, but the learning curve isn’t too steep.

This device is great for oil vape users who are ready to take their vaping to the next level. It’s also a good device for veteran vapers because of its advanced features and cool design. So, if you’re ready to take the next step to a higher plane of vaping, give the HoneyStick Sport a try.

Thanks for reading my HoneyStick Sport review, bookmark this site for all the latest vaping news, reviews, and previews.

Where to buy the HoneyStick Sport?

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